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Solano Universal Finger Softstyler Diffuser

The Solano Universal Finger Softstyler Diffuser is designed to fit most professional dryers. Unique finger extenders create softness, enhanced volume and superior styling control. Allows you to dry your hair quickly and gently while eliminating frizz and static. Ideal for longer, curly hair styles. Made in Italy.

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Love the Universal fit and gives me bouncy curls & waves!

I actually own a Solano dryer, and when put on the low heat setting, this diffuser gives me soft bouncy curls – my hair is naturally wavy, but this diffuser adds volume that lasts. VERY HAPPY! Fits on my other hair dryers too – that’s a bonus!

Phyllis Woodworth, ND

works great and fits my blow dryer fine

Since going completely natural with my hair ( I am caucasian). My hair has become very wavy and some what curly. I have been trying to air dry my hair as much as possible, but sometimes it just is not professional to show up to an early meeting with a wet head, or it is just to cold to go outside with a wet head. I will then use the diffuser to give my hair the last minute drying. Wow, to is great and drying without frizzing my hair and it also helps make the curls more defined…I love my diffuser. It fit my dryer which has a more norrow neck…this will not fit dryers with a wider neck…

Corine Green, KS

This is a diffuser that works

I have taken this diffuser traveling with me and it fits every hotel hair dryer I have tried. It will dry your curyl hair beautifully.

Lauri Bay Shore, NY

i had to send it back

the only problem was that it did not fit on my dryer. Otherwise, itwould have been fine and I could have used it.

Bettye Vossburg, MS

Works as advertised

I’ve got extremely fine and thin 2c/3a hair, depending on humidity. I got this because it’s getting cold out and I don’t want to have to walk around with a wet head.One thing I was wondering from the picture is if the fingers blow air onto your head. They do, they get air right under the roots.This clipped just fine onto my Conair dryer. The first time I put it on, I hadn’t pushed it all the way down and it fell off. Now it takes up most of the exhaust tube and stays on firmly.I’m using it as I read to use it. I start with my usual leave in conditioner and some gel, then I hold it against my roots for a few minutes without moving it, working around my entire head. I then gather the length of my hair in clumps into it and dry the ends. This is why I haven’t given it 5 stars: the fingers are not head shaped/rounded enough. I would prefer if I could hold it flat against my scalp and the fingers would all be touching, blowing air under my roots. Maybe my head is especially round, but I usually only get 2-3 fingers touching my scalp, the rest blow off into the air or at any hanging hair.Drying this way takes a while, but my hair isn’t any frizzier than it would be from air drying unless I move it around too much.

Dorothea Anson, ME