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Softsoap Naturals Moisturizing Liquid Hand Soap with Milk & Honey, Pump – 7.5 fl oz

Indulge Your Skin With The Goodness Of Milk. Gentle Cleansing: Softsoap® Brand Naturals gentle cleansing formula helps eliminate the dirt your family encounters.  Softsoap® Naturals Moisturizing enriched with the natural extracts of Milk & Honey, helps leave your hands feeling soft and moisturized. Easy Refilling: For best results, refill only with Softsoap® Naturals Milk & Honey Liquid Hand Soap, available in convenient refill sizes. Made in USA

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  • 7.5 oz

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on the church kitchen counter…

“Moisturizing Liquid Hand Soap with Milk & Honey”Exodus 33:3a “Go up to a land flowing with milk and honey…”Milk and honey is a sign of the fullness of God’s reign in justice and righteousness. Flowing honey and surging milk begin with fertile land and rivers of usable water. Ample milk means abundant cattle grazing on luxuriant grass, bovines that bear healthy calves–and that fertilize the ground. Bees make honey; bees pollinate fruits and flowers. Dairy, beef, honey and harvest mean nourishment for farmers, families and community, with overflowing everything to sell at market or barter and trade in order to get whatever you cannot grow.Another in Softsoap’s extensive line of liquid hand soaps, this particular one is symbolically and realistically perfect for washing hand before helping prepare community dinner at church or elsewhere. It feels good, smells good, lathers well, and rinses off properly.

Mavis Mount Hermon, LA

Softsoap Is The Best Hand Soap

Softsoap Milk Protein and Honey is my favorite hand soap by Softsoap. I wash my hands at least 20 times a day. I am a germ freak. I don’t get sick that often, because i always wash my hands. Softsoap is the best hand soap there is. This is my favorite kind of brand. I won’t buy any other brand of hand soap. Softsoap always gets my hands clean.

Dolores Terra Bella, CA

hand soap for the picky people

I would recommend this to any one. It smells great and also softens my hands. I can’t wait to order more. definitely five stars.

Summer Westerly, RI

Much better than the bar soap falling down the garbage disposal.

This pump hand soap is very handy in my kitchen and smells great. Of all the kinds they had in stock this was the best. This leaves my hands very soft. I’m reviewing the product not the online price.

Desiree Seminary, MS

Evening Soap

Its a strange color but then it is Milk Protein & Honey. Smells good and works great…for a soap that is.

Kristie La Fontaine, IN

Great product; don’t hesitate

Needed to get rid of the ugly bar soap in both the bathroom and kitchen. Figured I’d give this a try as it is suppose to be a moisturizing hand soap. I love the size of the bottle, the pump is large enough so even a man can use it easily vs. those skinny, narrow pumps on many other products.I’m not sure about the moisturizing part because my hands are always dry and the skin on my hands always feels tight but in all honesty, my hands are in water all the time. With 6 dogs, cooking, cleaning, and gardening I am always washing my hands so I don’t know if the soap is helping or not.I got the 2-pack: one Aloe Vera (kitchen) and Milk/Honey (bathroom). My original idea was to use all the bath gels and bath lotions I’ve gotten over the years as gifts as refills when these are close to empty but I like the Milk/Honey scent so well that I’ve decided to get Soft Soap refill in that scent and find another use for all those ‘gels and lotions’ sitting collecting dust. The Aloe Vera scent is almost non existent so if you prefer a scent you can actually detect, go with the Milk/Honey choice.A little of this soap goes a long way. It is a thick, rich, creamy soap out of the dispenser that lathers quickly and easily and, a big plus for me, rinses easily and quickly. Don’t know why I waited so long to do this but now that I’ve found it, I’m never lettin’ go!!!!

Rosanne Waltonville, IL