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Softsoap Liquid Hand Soap Shea Butter Refill, 28-Fluid Ounce Bottles

Soften as you cleanse with delicate beads made from the butter of the African shea nut, a rich moisturizer and natural antioxidant. The luminous and creamy formula is luxurious to the touch and caresses skin with a warm, comforting scent.

Key features

  • With delicate beads made from the butter of the African shea nut
  • Soften as you cleanse
  • Daily treat that leaves hands feeling soft and smooth
  • Fragrances and formulas inspired by nature
  • Trust the clean and wow your senses

Honest reviews


Five Stars

Great product at a great price. Will buy here as long as it is offered 🙂

Joyce Calypso, NC


Great price and great value. There’s not much else to say, it’s soap. It’s normal liquid hand soap and I highly recommend.

Lula Paris, VA


I haven’t purchased the refill for this soap until now! I absolutely love this scent and am so happy I can get ahold of refills instead of continuously purchasing pump bottles all the time!

Mavis Sylvania, OH

Good buy – updated review

Original review: We go through lots of hand soap and this was a good buy. Smells nice, decent price, and known brand name. No complaints. Arrived quickly.Update: Ordered this a second time around and found the packaging was inappropriate. The first shipment had the bottle tops taped for stability. The second time they were not taped. During the shipment, the box must have gotten tossed around and none of the tops were taped. There is a foil lining under the cap, but apparently from the pressure or dropping during shipping the impact must have forced a few of those loose. The shipment arrived with two bottles nearly empty, the box wet and falling apart, and a very unhappy mailman. The product is great, but the packaging for liquids is important and was not acceptable in the second order.

Allie Wells, MN

I almost don’t mind washing my hand at the sink

I love the smell of this liquid hand soap since it really does smell kitchen fresh and since I have a pet, I wash my hands very frequently as I also love to cook. I bought the package of 6 refills and I’m sure to order more in the near future. The Softsoap is more concentrated than the Dial Antibacterial Hand Soap I bought a few weeks ago and thus I like the Softsoap better.

Adela Crestwood, KY

Stops my chapped hand problem

I have used this soap for a couple of years and it solves a problem for me. I get badly chapped hands in the Winter, sometimes to the point of bleeding. Since I started using this soap in the Winter I no longer have such serious chapping. The plus side? It is a really good soap too.

Avis Green Mountain, NC

Truly moisturizing!

Finally a refill soap that is truly moisturizing and doesn’t dry out my hands. Nice scent, although not strong. The white color matches everything too. So you can put into any soap pump dispenser that matches your decor.

Pearl Allen, MD

Great smell

Love the smell and how soft it makes your hands. Hard to find in stores. Found it on Amazon and now order it when I get low.

Tori Saint Bethlehem, TN

Great soap, and doesn’t dry out your hands

I wash my hands a lot, especially during cold and flu season so I run the risk of my skin getting dry. This is my favorite soap. I used to use a lot of antibacterial hand soaps, but I found this works just as well for me, and leaves my hands feeling super clean, but also moisturized. I am a big fan.

Kendra Muscle Shoals, AL

Smells amazing!

This soap lathers well and it smells amazing. Very easy to pour into your hand soap dispenser. Guests have complimented the smell of this soap! Great price.

Janis Green Camp, OH