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Softsoap Apricot Sunshine – Liquid Hand Soap, 7.5 Ounce

Softsoap Apricot Sunshine liquid hand soap – fragrance and formula inspired by nature. Apricot Sunshine is infused with apricot extract to awaken your senses. Escape to a relaxing weekend retreat.

Key features

  • Infused with apricot extract
  • Luscious fruity fragrance
  • Creates a sensorial hand washing experience
  • Trust the clean. Wow your senses.

Honest reviews



purchased because my soap holder was dying :)so served the need. not sure if i adore scented basic scents kinda girlBUT lol the holder is in great shape 🙂

Janna Waterville Valley, NH

Good Soap

This is good soap at a great price. I was not a big fan of the smell of this soap. If you have a choice find a different fragrance.

Lillian Bradford, IA

Afternoon Soap

Soap, nice color, cleans well, and smells good. It doesn’t last long, so I suppose that’s a good thing overall.

Rosemarie Pahrump, NV

sunny and fruit-filled

As another in what appears to me a near-endless variety of liquid hand soaps, Apricot Sunshine brings a super-intense fruit shine scent, “just right” suds, excellent results; container looks good on the counter, too!

Darlene Swanville, MN

Good soap

Not much to say about soap, It had a nice fragrance and lasted a while. Was pleased with the purchase.

Jeanne Glen Rose, TX