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Softsheen Carson Optimum Amla Legend Relaxer Kit

An easy no-mix, no-lye cream relaxer kit that ensures an easier relaxing process for unified results and superior respect for hair fiber integrity.

Key features

  • Our oil infusion technology is fast acting and long lasting
  • The amla fruit or the indian gooseberry fruit, has for thousands of years been renowned for it’s numerous health benefits
  • Lemon-scented, this super-fruit is rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins and anti-oxidants, which nourish and revitalize the scalp and hair fibers

Honest reviews


Carson Optimum Relaxer Kit

My friend swears by this and since she lives in NY and never has time to shop because of work I have gifted her this product for xmas. she is not a minority but has extremely wavy hair and was spending $100 every month to keep her hair straight. This works. Stated it is not harsh but very gentle and effects lasts for 3 months.

Earnestine Melrose, NY

Soft and Shiny Hair…happy with the results

I bought this product before read these reviews but I am very happy with the outcome.I have a very sensitive scalp and my hair is medium length, coarse and brittle after relaxing.I’ve been relaxing my hair for several years now and I normally use Dark and Lovely with Shea butter – regular.I purchased Amla Legend relaxer at Wal-Mart for about $9.00 because they were out of Dark and Lovely and the box stated it’s a no mix formula.Although I’ve a lot of experience with home relaxers, I read and followed the instructions very closely. I used the pre-treatment which I love and I parted my hair in four sections. I started at the nape of my neck as instructed and worked my way through all sections covering the new growth.It began to tingle almost immediately and I started to get nervous. The tingling continued as I quickly smoothed all sections. I did not leave it on for the full recommended time because I was concerned that my scalp would burn and I’ve have scabs to deal with in the morning.I washed my hair using the entire bottle of neutralizer, applied the conditioner with a conditioning cap for about 15 minutes(10 minutes longer than recommended), applied the moisturizer and then dried my hair.I was pleasantly surprised. My hair is extremely soft, full of body and bouncy.I’m satisfied and will use Amla Legend again.

Evangelina Rowena, TX

There really needs to be a class action lawsuit!

I take good care of my hair. I now have damaged hair that varies from bra strap length to two inches clumps in some areas to bald patches in others. My hairline looks like Naomi Campbell’s. I didn’t think the damage would be this great because I have used optimum no lye relexers for years but my hair fell out in clumps beginning about 1 week after retouching with this relaxer and it continued to fall out until it is now ready for a new retouch (9 weeks later). I literally had visual black burns and scabs around my hairline immediately after. I’m afraid to wash my hair because of how much hair I will see going into the trash and drain.Rio hair didn’t even cause as much damage as this relaxer did to my hair. I don’t understand how it is still on the shelves!

Helena Somerdale, OH

super results

I have relaxed my hair for over 30 years and I was truly wowed by this one!First off, I love the fact that there is NO MIXING. It comes pre-mixed and I was able to use as much (or as little) as needed.Secondly, the time I left it on was considerably less than other relaxers I’ve used in the past. This may be because it’s for ALL hair types. It was tingly within the first 5 or 6 minutes, so I rinsed it out and was amazed at the results. I have curly hair and I only use relaxers to take some of the loose curl out.Now, mind you, this may not be the relaxer for everyone because everyone’s hair is different. But I can tell you, this one really worked for me.After I read some of the other reviews for this relaxer, some people described burning and bald spots. Like with any home relaxer, always use with caution and rinse out at the first sign of tingling. Also make sure that your scalp isn’t irritated before applying, because it is, after all, a chemical.

Alfreda Fedhaven, FL

The New “RIO”

Don’t be alarmed that I don’t have "Amazon Verified Purchase" under my heading. I did NOT purchase this relaxer from Amazon. However I HAVE purchased it, twice. I have lost $20 ($10 for each box) and a good portion of my hair. If not purchasing through AMAZON is a problem, please see the other reviews.(1) I am not a wealthy woman. My usual routine is to purchase a relaxer from a store and apply it myself. Wanting a relaxer that did NOT need to be mixed, I bought this one. Also, I had heard about Amla oil and its many benefits. My sister uses Indian/Ayurvedic products on her hair and she has been given great results. My feeling was that my hair had a new friend when I purchased this relaxer.(2) MY HAIR FELL OUT IN CLUMPS immediately following the application of this relaxer. It has continued to fall out steadily since. I believe it is only through the effectiveness of the supplements I take & the superiority of the other products I use on my hair that I HAVE HAIR at all.(3) In the past months I have not taken excellent care of my hair, but it was reasonably healthy. In the summer months (several months before I bought these in November), I used a keratin treatment. It was okay but I found it time-consuming and was not fond of the minor stinging. I ASSUMED my hair loss was due to this growing out/being washed away. This is the only reason why I made the horrible mistake of purchasing another box of this (which I have not applied)(4) When I bought this relaxer I did look up the reviews. There were none it seemed, anywhere. Now when I happened to look there are hordes of them everywhere, even on hair blogs, mostly negative.(5) I am not sure if the issue is with the relaxer chemicals or a bad batch of Amla oil, or whatever. But I would sincerely advise SoftSheen Carson to look into these matters. If they correct the issues, they desperately need to redo this and then market it differently and even change the packaging. Only the adventurous would try to use something in the same vein again…(6) True story: In the early 1990s I saw the many "Rio" commercials. I ordered it and it never came. I even got my money back. I was never able to order it again. Then, all the testimonials came out about women losing their hair. Well, this is history repeating itself, only in my own case, I managed to get hold of the product.Does anyone know where I can return this? I will be sending it to them. Maybe I won’t get my money back but I need to let them know how I feel.—-Mark’s wife

Polly New Ringgold, PA