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SoftSheen-Carson Let’s Jam Custard Flexible Hold Cream Gel

Flexible Hold Cream Gel

Key features

  • Americas #1 Conditioning Gel Brnd
  • No alcohol. No Mineral Oil. No Petrolatum
  • Ideal for smoothing and controlling ponytails and fly-aways without weighing hair down

Honest reviews


Youtube recommendation

I haven’t used it yet but I bought four. I hope you can understand as a natural, products are everything with wash and goes or styling.

Susana Baltimore, MD

I am steadily reaching for this custard more often than I would with other hair gels

What can I say about this custard that hasn’t been said earlier. It does provide a soft hold. You do have to play around with it to figure out what amount will work for you. In my case, in order for me to slick my hair back, I need to dampen my hair a little bit, apply a somewhat generous amount, comb my hair back (no brushes since brushes tear my hair something awful), tie down a satin scarf, and in about 15 to 30 minutes, my hair is slicked back. I haven’t tried it for twist-outs since I already have something that I swear by that gives me awesome twist-outs (which incidentally is made by the same company) so I can’t vouch for its effectiveness on that. It does keep my hair “wet” for a couple of day but most likely I used too much initially. I would definitely recommend to a friend and I will repurchase in the future. I plan to catch it on sale like my other standby.

Lottie Cawood, KY

Bought Two Bottles soon as I saw it and left..Pleased

OF course I saw this review on Mohoganycurls on Youtube. From reading and researching I decided I was tired of the gels that I couldn’t do much with my hair after it dried. I tried this twice and the first time was a bust but the second time was on the Money. For some reason I was so hesitant to use it on my hair alone, that’s why I putNothing But Curly Puddingin my hair to moisturize and keep it conditioned. But this last time I did it, I only used the lets jam and my hair it is still conditioned, I am currently rocking my first wash n go and I am on day 4. I have been all natural since January 2012 and I had transitioned since last may 2011 to January 2012. I love it, it’s a keeper and I’ll keep on purchasing it. Now that I see that I wasted lots of money with other products I am now trying to get rid of everything else I have that I haven’t used in months. Any of you relaxed ladies or transitioning ladies or natural ladies, let me know if you’d like free products. I’m tired of em! Contact me through here if interested and we’ll discuss the next step. Oh, BTW the price on here is not right but if your in a crunch to have it, then purchasing it on here will suit you but really it’s not worth the price on here and I am sure the seller is aware of that, SMH @ them. Hope this review helps.

Essie Langeloth, PA


I use this with eco styler to control my natural hair, an it works great. Doesn’t get crunchy or flaky but still has a great hold. Will be buying again.

Hannah Saint Libory, NE

It works well

It’s a very nice holding product. It keeps my curls in place without drying my hair out and my hair stays put for days. However, this $13.99 price is outrageous. Go to Walmart or Walgreens and it’s anywhere from $3-$5. I’ve found it online at for $4.99 but their shipping is $12 so you’re still better off just taking a drive to the store.

Deidra Indian Head, PA