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Soft’n Style Large Butterfly Clamps, 12 Count

Large butterfly clamps which is perfect for separating long or short hair and  great for hot rollers.

Key features

  • Perfect for separating long or short hair
  •  12 clips per bag
  • Great for hot rollers

Honest reviews




Bridgett Plato Center, IL

Soft, like it really says

These are great, I needed more of these to do my hair because it’s getting longer. These are really nice. I didn’t understand what they meant in the description as being "soft". When I got these I could see why. They are made of a soft plastic. Like, boarding on that hard plastic and a plastic bag. The perfect median.They are large and they keep all of my hair out of the way. Really love these. Will buy more in the future if needed.

Gay Adamsville, RI

Performs Well!

This economy and Texas heatwave have me doing more of my own hair care rather than at a salon. Whether deep conditioning treatments or dyeing my hair these clips come in handy for holding sectioned hair in place as I complete the process. Of course they hold well and are great when keeping flat ironed hair in place as I complete the other sections.I also use them when clipping my ponytail twist up out of the way.

Rachelle Briarcliff Manor, NY


These are sturdy little devils. I’ve shared them with family and all think they’re handy. I have three two one more word….

Nan Dayhoit, KY

Just What I Needed

From applying my leave-in conditioner in sections to the application of my curly hair-dressing products, these clips are the bee’s knees. They’ve got amazing, perfect hold. There’s no slipping, falling, breaking, or popping off. I only needed 1 pack. My hair is shoulder-length. The next user may need more. Nevertheless, a must have for anyone who has a lot of regimen ahead of them and no patience for clippies and sticking a comb in the hair.

Yvonne Tarboro, NC

Exactly what you’d expect.

Love them. They’re large enough to hold my hair out of the way when I curl it, but small enough that I can separate my hair into sections.

Wilda Parshall, CO

There Okay

These clips are okay, they were cheaply made and wont last to long but hey they were only like $3.00 right. They wont hold too much hair so they are kind of useless to me unless I am dying or styling my hair. I guess I was just hoping for a good clip that would hold my hair back. They are too small for how much hair I have.

Elena Dyke, VA

these are great

I have to colour just the roots, so this is great to create the right size partitions and keep the sections out of the way till i am ready to colour them. Good quality, and they hold my fine hair too!

Brigitte South Beloit, IL

Good clips

Hey, these clips do what they are supposed to do and are very sturdy. No bells and whistles, just good quality and functionality.

Callie Wallace, WV

soft’nstyle large butterfly clamps

very cheaply made scratches scalp but that is what you get for cheaply made product the price was good but not worth it.

Clarice Plympton, MA

Good clips

They’re strong, durable hair clips that hold tight for any hair procedure. I’m a hairstylist and use them for clipping up any hair texture from thin to thick.

Britney Hamill, SD


For the price they get the job done. They feel a little weaker than others I have had but I still haven’t broken one. I would buy again for the price and think I did get a good deal.

Marcie Avila Beach, CA

They Work Great On My Longish Hair

These hold my hair really well and don’t get stuck in my longish, thick hair. You get a good amount so you can style a smaller amount of hair holding wet hair safely in place. My hair looks great when I use these. I like them much better than clip style hair holders which always manage to fall out of my hair. I used to be a so- so hair stylist on my own hair. With these my hair is held in place till I am ready to dry that portion and now my hair looks professionally styled using these.

Jaclyn Grafton, WI

Great for styling

These are sturdy and I like to use them to section my hair off while blow drying it. My hair has yet to become tangled in them and I am very satisfied with my purchase.

Celeste Weimar, TX

What a buy…

These clips are strong and work well for me. I have coarse thick hair and they work perfectly. These were received on time and packed well.

Meredith Canova, SD

Does the job

Its a great buy for the price and holds hair in place. I like the color choice so, I share it with my baby girl and still keep our clamps seperate 🙂

Leann Sarah Ann, WV


These butterfly clamps holds my hair out of my way very well when I am styling my hair. I like the long length of these clamps

Lupe La Mesa, CA

Very useful

I got these to help style my hair, cause I’ve only got 2 hands…LOL. They are very well made, and seem durable. They stay in place and I’m glad it had only 2 colors. It made my life easier when separating my hair, prior to flat ironing.

Dorthy Alcoa, TN

Great little clips

These do what clips need to do. I use them to hold the sections up when I blow dry or flat iron it.

Judy Hendricks, WV


I own a lot of butterfly chips, more than I can possibly keep up with. I am always buying more and these were great. They aren’t made of as cheap of a plastic as some of the other ones and clean easily.

Liliana Tire Hill, PA

Cheap and effective!

These clips are the bomb for sectioning hair for coloring or styling. They grip securely and stay out of the way. I have very long hair, so I twist a section around in a pincurl before clipping.They work way better than the long alligator clips and I’m delighted with them. The price was great and free shipping with Prime Add On. Brilliant!

Vanessa Bernville, PA

Cheaply made, but does the job. I use …

Cheaply made, but does the job. I use this for my wigs.I bought this on sale, so the price matched quality, but if it’s not,I would try going to a local beauty supply store and see what pricing they have.

Marjorie Dugway, UT

Super fast

Came in 3 days of purchase love it! just what I needed and I’ve seen the ones at sally’s beauty supply in store is pricey but these aren’t!

Lavonne Pennellville, NY

Hair Clips…Nothing more, nothing less.

Well they are hair clips…and they definately work. Definately what i expected, nothing more and nothing less. great for sectioning hair and keeping hair out of the way

Chandra Martinez, CA

Just as advertised

These clips are perfect when sectioning off hair that still wet and so you can work more easily with another section of hair. The white ones are easier to locate if you’re watching movies while doing your hair! *laughs*

Deena Spring Creek, TN

love these

I have mediumish hair and they hold great. I love these clips. I use them for buns, washing hair and half-up hairstyles! Will buy again.

Billie Lamar, OK


These are great! And for the price, you can’t beat it. They don’t leave creases in my hair while I’m styling but they keep my hair put while I section it off. These are a must have!

Lelia Moneta, VA

I’m satisfied!

I am constantly losing my hair ties and clips so its such a relief to just order in bulk. These are regular quality what you would find in the drugstore. They hold up well for me, have had them for almost a year and none have broken. Very pleased!

Sherry Salem, WV

Easy to Use

Just as described and easy to use for separating the hair into sections. This is perfect for long or thick hair in terms of conditions and styling as well.

Fay New Athens, IL

Good for the Price

Maybe they are not premium, but still they are value for money and worth the price. I think I like them, yeah.

Angelique Brixey, MO