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Soft Touch Sectional Pelican Clips 6/pkg

Slip resistant Tongue in groove design features unique soft touch material 6 clips in package: 2 each of purple, teal, and maroon

Key features

  • 6 clips in package: 2 each of purple, teal, and maroon
  • Slip resistant tongue
  • In groove design features unique soft touch material

Honest reviews


A Classic “You Get What You Pay For” Moment

Yeah, these do not really hold my hair up very well at all. I wanted these for sectioning my hair while straightening, and they do not work very well at all. If i tilt my head to the necessary side, I can make do. (Pun).

Abbie Bellaire, TX

Great product!

My girls have long hair and this makes managing it much easier after washing and conditioning. Definitely a life saver! lol

Effie Lost Creek, PA


I’ve ordered a few packs of these, and generally like them They hold a good amount of hair, and stay secure. The only problem is that they only last a few months, and then break. The smaller underclip snaps off, and makes the clip useless. Since I’ve lost about 5 clips this way, I’ll probably purchase another kind…kind of a waste of money.

Tessa Harrods Creek, KY

Basic hair clips

There is nothing overly fancy about these clips, but they do just what I needed them for: to hold my hair in sections while styling. These are a durable, sturdy construction, and do a great job holding moderately large sections of hair as needed. Now I just need another package…

Melva Entriken, PA

Do not buy this product!

I am a Caucasian female with wavy/straight, long, and thick hair. I bought these clips to hold up the upper layers of my hair while I straighten it and I figured that for the price they were a good deal. These did not work AT ALL. The clips just slid out of my hair and when I tried to clip up individual sections of hair on top of my head the hair just came flopping down again. Not only that, but the metal clips caught in my hair and were painful to remove. I did not use these clips more than once.I realize that these hair clips are inexpensive but they are a complete waste of money.

Rae Hesston, PA

Not for Me

I’m bi-racial, with thick, curly hair. I don’t use these on a regular basis, since I try to avoid heat-styling as much as possible, but I felt like these held my hair in place well, which says something. However, whenever I use them, no matter how gentle I am, I always feel like the tiny teeth are dragging across my hair whenever I put them in or take them out, causing some breakage. I try to open them as wide as possible before doing either or, but there’s usually a snag at some point. Of course, there aren’t any problems when my hair is straight. So, this may be better for people with straight or wavy hair, rather than curly/coarse/fragile hair.

Reyna Welda, KS


These clips work ok as long as you don’t try to pin back a lot of hair with them. I had to use all 6 of them to hold back my hair. I do have long hair but it isn’t super thick.

Lydia Fleetwood, NC

Soft Touch Sectional Pelican Clips

I just got my Sectional Pelican Clips, By Soft Touch. I love these there allot easier to Use then the aluminum ones that I had used before. I have Shoulder Length Hair that is very, very thick. I often do Vintage inspired Hair Styles. or if I am Lazy I just Curl them. these Clips do not get caught in my hair, nor does it pull my hair. what is very Nice I like how easy it is to grip my hair. high Quality of the plastic so it helps treat my hair not damage my hair. haven’t been able to clean them yet, but I am sure I will be able to clean them easier also!!! Amazon you are amazing thank you again. I am sure I will order from you again. your Shipping and Packaging is always over the top Like always. I for sure will be a return customer… your Shipping is always allot earlier then you say it will be but that’s fine I am not complainingxoxo,Sara-

Marguerite Glenwood, MO

Soft Tough Pelican Clips

Great for the hair, does not break the hair off. Came in set of six which isplenty when conditioning hair. Arrived quickly and in good condition, verywell wrapped.Thank you!

Alyssa Kaiser, MO