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Soft ‘N Style Hair Donut Black, 0.005 Ounce

Use to create buns and up-do’s. Simply pull pony tail through donut and pin hair to achieve the look you want. Easy to use and lightweight.

Key features

  • Simply pull pony tail through donut and pin hair to achieve the look you want
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight

Honest reviews


Great product

I ordered this product last week and it came very quickly (Within 2 days). I’m active duty military and you have to have your hair up if it is longer than your collar. (I have shoulder length hair that is kinda thick.) This product makes it much easier to do that. Its made out of this plastic mesh material that really holds on to your hair. I would reccomend to make a ponytail before you put the “doughnut” on just to give it some extra stability, but I would reccomend this product for anyone.

Rosanne Universal, IN

Better than a sock

My sister got me into “sock buns” a few weeks ago and though I loved the idea of it, the socks just didn’t hold very well. This hair donut however, is awesome. It’s made of this grippy-meshy material that does a much better job of ‘grabbing” my hair. I still had to practice before I was able to make ‘perfect buns’ – but it was well worth it.The trick for me was to:1) NOT look in the mirror because that always messed me up for some reason2) Roll the donut down while making sure to push my hair in the donut to keep it tight3) NOT adjust it while rolling it down – I did this at the end4) Keep rolling when I thought I was done rolling, I rolled it once more5) THEN I would adjust my hair and bring the gap closed…sometimes I need a bobby pin or twoIf my hair acts up, I sometimes run my hand under some water and pull down on my pony tail to lightly wet my hair – this isn’t always needed when my hair decides it wants to behave!I finish the look off with a head band most times.This is a great look when I only want to spend a few minutes on my hair.

Edwina Boswell, AR

Even better than a sock!

Like many of you, I dove right into the Pinterest craze of sock buns and home decor.Considering myself to be adept at traditional ballet buns (i.e. lots of bobby pins), I loved the perfect bun I could (occasionally) achieve with the sock technique.The problem is that not all socks are the same. When I lost my "magic" sock, I found this guy– the Soft ‘N Style Hair Donut Black. I think it might be even better. Unlike the socks (magic or otherwise), this thing actually grips your hair. I should mention that I have fine, straight hair that can be on the slippery side. Also I feel like I can get a much tighter bun with the donut, and so far it hasn’t stretched out at all.To use: pull dry hair into a pony tail, feed tail through middle of donut, slide donut toward end of the tail (leaving a couple of inches), wrap the ends around one side of the donut, and begin simultaneously rolling down and stuffing your hair under. Your hair will typically spread itself around the donut on it’s own as you roll/stuff. Works like a charm!

Ellen Chatom, AL

Simple, comfortable, invisible

I have used these donuts since I was in college – a long time! What I like about them is their ease of use, particularly and the fact that they require almost no pins. I simply pass my hair through the center, wrap it with no particular effort anywhere on the circumference, roll the donut and hair toward my head and then fan the hair out evenly around the circle. Voila! Done.I particularly like it for travelling as I can put my head back without anything sharp poking into my scalp.It is inexpensive, efficient and virtually invisible.What other hair product fits this description?

Cynthia Whitewright, TX

Waste of my Money


Erma Long Prairie, MN

Serves its purpose

This mesh bun serves its purpose well. Its black color ensures that it blends in with my hair, and the material is made in a way that my hair pins can go through it to secure the bun. This bun seems like it will work with any hair type, including my curly/kinky type 3b hair.

Celeste Goodspring, TN

So much better than a sock!

This works SO much better than a rolled up sock in my hair. My hair is extremely fine and silky. It won’t hold curls or even a normal ponytail very well, and it comes down to the middle of my back. This donut made a good size bun for my hair/head but I am into the trendy larger buns (I am a junior in college and got tons of compliments on the bun!) and I have long hair. When I used a sock to roll the bun it took several tries because my hair just kept slipping everywhere, and the sock looked floppy and didn’t sit very tight on my head. The donut material, on the other hand, gripped my hair while I was rolling so I got a beautiful bun the first time, with my hair evenly distributed all around the rung! I put 4 bobby pins in just to be safe but it felt nice and secure. I’ve only used it about 4 times total and it hasn’t shown any signs of wear and tear or stretching or anything so here’s hoping it lasts! It’s true it doesn’t come with instructions but there are tons of tutorials online. I put my hair in a high pony and put the ponytail through the middle of the donut. I then slide the donut up to the end ponytail with about 4 inches (varies depending on if you have layers) coming out the top and my hands holding the donut/hair tight up above my head. I spread the four inches aroung the donut then start rolling the donut down, holding the hair semi taut as I go. I roll until I think I’m done then do one more roll, and spread out the hair if necessary. Then I put another hair elastic around my beautiful bun and maybe some pins. It’s hard to explain in writing but look it up on Youtube! And definitely use a donut instead of a sock to get a perfectly round voluptuous bun!

Louella Montgomery City, MO

Great for military women or other working professionals.

This was a great, affordable and easy to use product.I simply put my hair through the donut and then used a hair tie to secure it. I have blonde hair, and the black donut did not show through. I feel like this is a great tool for women in the military or other jobs that have to keep hair pulled back tightly, because it does not pull as much as hair ties do on the scalp. I love my donut! 🙂

Olivia Bakerton, KY

Too Big just Yet…

My hair is about down to my clavicle and layered. When I pull it up to a pony on the top of my head all the layers even out but this donut is still a bit too big. The picture accurately depicts the size.In case you aren’t sure how this works, you pull your hair into a pony and you can use and elastic or just put your hair through the donut. Once you’ve done that, spread your hair equally and use an elastic over your hair and over the donut to secure under the donut then tuck your hair in underneath or pull you hair out a bit.Soon I’ll get to use this one but for now I bought a smaller one.

Hannah Neodesha, KS


i was excited for this, but when i received it i noticed it was rather large. i have fairly short hair so obviously it wasn’t going to work. but even putting in rather thick and long extensions it still didn’t help at all, the bun was still too big! even on others who all have different lengths and styles of hair it was useless. its pretty much just a useless black donut. ):

Cora Dighton, MA

I don’t know what a sock bun is, but here is how I use mine…

I always like buns. When I want to pull up my hair, I have been wearing my buns for many years. My hair is fine and not super thick, so my buns were always small (sort of like a tennis ball) and required lots of pins. I always wanted those big pretty buns, but couldn’t figure it out. I remember my mom having “rats” around, so I knew they existed, but never knew how to use them correctly. Then I saw this!It is really nylon netting fashioned into a donut shape. Sort of like the same material those poufy body wash bath things are made from. So I knew they would have some “gripping power”.What works best for the style I want is:1. Make and secure a pony tail. Usually at the high back for me, but low near your nape is nice too (or anywhere you want!) I secure mine with thosesilicone “jelly” hairbands.2. Pull your ponytail through the hole in the donut. I usually put it close to my head an reach into the hole with two fingers to grab the ponytail. Make sure your ponytail is all the way through and push the donut against your head.3. (Here is my twist) Split your pony tail into two halves. A top and a bottom half. Drop the bottom half down and lift the top half. Back comb the topside of the top half. You don’t have to TEASE (unless you want a ginormous bun.) I need this step to make sure my hair covers the donut. just let it stick there while you go to step 4.4. Back comb the bottom of the lower half of your pony tail. Just a few combs is enough for me. If your hair is thinner or super slippery, you may need more. If your hair is thick, you probably won’t need to back comb anything. What you are doing is LEAVING the middle most part of the pony tail the smoothest (that is what will show) and backcombing the part that sits on the donut.5. Start to wrap. I am left handed and do this on myself so I go counter-clockwise. I push the top part up around where 12 would be on a clock and start wrapping towards 11. With my other hand, I start to wrap the bottom half around the number 6 on a clock towards 5, then 4, etc. Just keep wrapping even if you feel your hair is all on there…sort of like closing a jar lid. This will smooth the part you see and ensures that you don’t have a naked donut sticking out anywhere.6. Run your finger around the “seam” where the bun meets your head, to see if you left out any random strands. I use 3 or 4 bobby pins in places just so it stays like that all day.That’s it!! I realize there are different styles of buns, and some people like them looser or less tidy, and you can experiment with the donut to see what YOU like. I just wanted to post how I get a nice (big) traditional bun with this.

Sherry Limestone, ME


I bought this for my granddaughter and she doesn’t really like it. She said it’s more for people who have straight hair when her’s is curly. Oh well, didn’t lose too much money. I would try it if I was you. Not much of a loss if it doesn’t work well.

Beatriz Carlstadt, NJ



Katheryn Virgin, UT

Stink odor

Very good price, but the material has a strong PVC chemical like odor. I have to let it air out for a week to get rid of this smell.

Vivian Gray Court, SC


i can make that perfect bun on my head now that i see all the time! thanks so much guys! 😀

Juanita Franklin, OH


I like this sock bun a lot. It makes the bun look beautiful. Its pretty big also. You could put bobby pins through it and NO damage at all, great quality.

Susanne North Haven, CT

ok, didnt work well for me…

this is very simple, took a long time to receive it, it is made pretty well though I guess, but it didn’t work well for me, mabey I was doing it wrong, I am going to give it to my sister to try, and see if it works better for her, if so I will update…however like I said, this might work for you, if you use or have used similar ones to this before than im sure this will work pretty good for you and would recommend it for someone like that, if not, there is not any instructions, and it just did not work. I may be wrong in saying it would work for others that are used to these type of products because mabey it is the product itself, im not sure as this is the only one that I have and that I have tried to use…

Brandie Sheep Ranch, CA

Great and soft.

I love the texture of it, it isn’t super hard and makes it easy to make a great looking bun.

Miriam Luxemburg, IA

I don’t know how to use this

I can’t knock the product what you get is what it says it is . Either my hair just is not long enough or I just can’t figure out how to use it . I wish it came with directions or something , I looked some Videos up online of how to use it but failed miserable . I’m only out under a buck so big deal

Gabriela Richmond, CA

Love Love

This came in proper time and works well with my layered long hair. I would suggest this product to anyone of my friends and family.

Alfreda Hamlet, NE

Love this!

Very easy to use. I have thin hair so I have to spend a little extra time to make sure you can’t see the donut, but I can’t help that my hair is thin.

Ann Vacherie, LA

Love it

They fit well and make a quick bun easily. Everyone love my buns and they think it took a long time when it didnt. The price is great also.

Mamie Newcomerstown, OH

Not for curly hair of any hair cutitcle thickness unless you go straight first

Not for curly hair, regardless of your hair cuticle texture. I have very fine, thin hair that just happens to spiral curl, and thought that perhaps since my hair is not coarse I could still make this item work for me. It really doesn’t. If I were to flat iron or blow dry my hair, I suppose I could have more luck with it, but I shy away from such heat intensive curly hair abuse and definitely won’t sacrifice the healthy of my hair just to try to better accommodate a hair accessory.So, if you have straight hair: kudos to you, this item should work well for you, and is well constructed to last and give you a quality result (tried it on a gal pal with straight hair after my abysmal failure to launch this look on myself).If you like to convert your curls to straight and then do an updo/bun style, try it out, but I have no results to report to you.If you’re like me, a curly girl who won’t go straight, then save the $$ and just buy the super long Conair bobby pins (not those old fashioned straight roller pins that we grew up calling bobby pins…they’re not the same thing) as 2 or 3 of those criss-crossed in my hair worked exponentially better at holding my bun in place than this did.

Gwen Amagon, AR

Love it

Easy to use. Color is black, I believe is the larger size of hair donut, wish I could purchase the smaller sizes. Even though its black it blends well enough that hair color does not make a difference. I would recommend this item. I bought 2 and gave the other away. Price is just right and shipping too.

Angie Lime Springs, IA

Works for sew ins!

Isn’t just good for natural hair, but whenever I have a weave I can use this as well. I never knew how to make my own sock, which to me is just a hassle.

Dana Ponce De Leon, FL

sprunge sprunge~

Great little nifty for making a PERFect bun. If you don’t know how to use one, go on Youtube! I originally bought one but it was fat and a little too large for the delicate volume of my hair. This is around a small/medium sized bun maker for hair 3-4 inches past your shoulder, and medium to fine courseness works best. Anything more course and long, get a larger one because this one will not work well! I love the strange texture of these thingies too~

Pansy Culbertson, NE


I got this for my little cousin because she’s in gymnastics and has to have her hair up during it she said she likes it when she got a hang of it

Cathryn Plano, IA


really cool concept- makes it really easy to create the sock bun look- no sock required. really affordable and a must have!

Jodie Brodhead, KY

Took awhile to arrive, but love the product

Very pleased with the product, holds better than most. The size is larger than I expected, which is helpful. Took awhile to arrive, but worth the wait.

Margaret Glen Dale, WV


Exactly what I wanted and the look is so fab. It’s really cute and looks great with many outfits, so in fashion.

Nicole Schiller Park, IL