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Soft N Style Fine Mist Spray Bottle, 5 Ounce

Soft and Style Fine Mist Spray Bottle, 5 ounce (B44)

Key features

  • Mist spray
  • Light in weight
  • Durable

Honest reviews


Great sprayer bottle

This is just what I needed and it works great. I have a few liquid things I can put in it and it does the job!

Britney Gladys, VA

Perfect Mist

I needed a new bottle for my hairspray. I love this little bottle. It is easy to handle, easy to store and sprays a fine mist on my hair and not a stream that leaves marks. This is a great bottle and I will use it from here on out to pour my hairspray into since my store bought bottle seems to squirt out in big streaks. This is a great little bottle and arrived all safe and sound.

Cynthia Malden, IL

Great Spray Bottle

This is a great spray bottle. It’s the perfect size for traveling. Great for taking along some of your favorite perfume in a smaller, easier to deal with container. The nozzle doesn’t get clogged either.

Socorro Saint Robert, MO


I bought these to use my homemade hair products in after a failed attempt with other spray bottles. These are great! They spray my homemade spray hair gel very nicely and evenly without feeling like I’m being zapped in the head.

Graciela Emeryville, CA

Great Little Misting Bottle

This bottle has a very fine mist and has sprayed with no trouble so far. I like that it is clear too, so you can easily see what is inside.

Tanya Pineville, MO

Nicer than I expected..~!~

These are really nice, they’re thicker than I thought , nice for spritzing oil on body ,or for some hair products if not to thick..good deal..~!~

Winifred Belvedere Tiburon, CA

Descent product. Could be even better

The product arrived missing a sprayer lid, but the sellers has been helpful in terms of the refund.The product is a descent one. The bottle feels like hard plastic instead of the cheap soft ones. You can travel with it easily. I plan to use it for toner when I travel because my toners are in 300ML to 500ML bottles.The only downside with it is that the mist from the sprayer is not as fine as I was expecting. The spray bottles of brand name toners definitely work better if you want really fine mist.

Meghan Adams, TN


This is the perfect spray bottle for my use! It puts out the perfect mist and DOES NOT LEAK like so many other spray bottles! They made this one RIGHT!! I highly recommend!!

Pat Falls Church, VA


They don’t leak out and they’re very functional. They work just as I expect and I’m pleased. Sometimes, it’ll want to shoot a stream out instead of a mist, but it’s not the end of the world and it’s fine.

Kimberlee Boomer, WV

Nice fine spray and looks sleek

perfect for rubbing alcohol to spray makeup and tools for cleaning and sanitizing. very clear appearance to the bottle looks nice. fin mist.

Jesse Sterling, PA