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Soft ‘N Style Applicator Bottle with Angle Tip 8.5 oz.

Soft ‘N style applicator bottle with angle tip 8.5 ounce, coloring bottle with measuring scales and angle tip-cap for easy application.

Key features

  • Coloring bottle with measuring scales and angle tip-cap for easy application
  • Soft ‘n Style applicator bottle with angle tip / 8.5 ounce
  • Softer tip

Honest reviews


fantastic bottle

I LOVE this bottle, I use this when I am oiling my hair, which is 3X a week,the bottle is amazing it has measurements on the side of the bottle which is a plus, especially if your going to mix anything in it, but the tilted sput, I have not seen that before, and it makes this bottle fantastic, you can get to the scalp without leaking or dripping oil all over the rest of your hair, it is nice, its a great handy bottle, which I can’t be without now! If you switch to a bottle like this, watch out because it will spoil you, you won’t want any other type of bottle.

Kelly Hewett, WV


I didn’t receive the product as yet, but I had this type of bottle before and it work.What I like about this bottle is the fact that if you are wearing a protective style like a wig,weaves, or braids it will help you to give your hair a even display of oil or any type of moisture you would like to put in your natural or textured hair.And I will recommend this product to anyone.

Kim Big Indian, NY

Great buy!

The hole in the nozzle is great and really allows an ample amount of liquid to come out.I use this mainly for cleaning my scalp in the shower and also for oiling my scalp and hair and as a bottle for my ACV + WATER conditioner… Love it. I will buy two more probably because I keep reusing this one bottle I bought for multiple things.

Tonia Bargersville, IN

Perfect for Hair application

Love the angle tip of this product helps evenly distribute product. I use to apply conditioners and other hair treatments. good for quick processes also.

Blanca Carrsville, VA


It’s an applicator bottle, what is there to review? It served it’s purpose. The angle tip was nice. Reason why I docked a star is because it didn’t have a cap. It didn’t advertise a cap either, I’m just saying having a cap would have made this bottle a 5 star product and VERY useful!

Jerri Rensselaer, IN

Better then applicator in hair color

this works well its big enough to fit more then one bottle of hair color. It is easier to squeeze out the product too. The only downside is washing it but well worth the price. Glad I bought this applicator.

Cristina Milo, ME


for real! This bottle keeps the contents in even if it tips over….it has to be squeezed for the contents to come out. The plastic is good quality. Will buy again if needed.

Polly Bessemer, AL

Bad Idea

You lose way too much product in this applicator, most of it is stuck in the bottle, get a bowl and brush applicator.

Cathleen Visalia, CA

Good applicator

This product would be a little better if the applicator tip had a stop/cover. I have to ensure it is standing up but aside from that it is a very effective applicator.

Kerri Surry, ME

not worth the price

These bottles were super flimsy! I will not be purchasing these bottles again and no I do no recommend them to anyone

Mari Vida, MT