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Soft ‘N Style Applicator Bottle, 8 oz

Applicator bottle with measuring scales and yorker top. Holds 8 oz. The product is manufactured in USA. Burmax is the manufaturer of the product.

Key features

  • Applicator bottle with measuring scales and yorker top
  • Holds 8 oz liquid
  • Made in USA

Honest reviews


It didn’t work right, and it wasn’t what I was looking for

I used this product to hold hair oil that I wanted to use on my scalp and it was able to hold the oil nicely but it didn’t spread the oil evenly as I wanted, the oil just went everywhere. In addition, there was no hole for the the oil to come out when I first received it, and I thought applicators already came with a hole so any contents placed into the applicator were able to get out. I discontinued using the product, because it was too messy. I brought the applicator because I was looking for a product that would make it easier to apply oil to my scalp without making a mess and it ended up making more of a mess than just plain using my fingers. I was extremely disappointed because this product was pricey. I also didn’t like the sticker for price was blacked out, which made me feel that I was extremely ripped up in someway if the seller had to hide the original price of the product. Furthermore, I wasn’t sure if the product was used or not because it didn’t come in a wrapped plastic casing that you expect new products to arrive in.

Francis Redwood, VA

It does what it’s suppose to do

It works just fine. It doesn’t leak and it comes with a cover for the tip. I use mine to apply watered down apple cider vinegar directly to my scalp before co-washing my hair to help remove any build up from my scalp.

Kaitlyn Creighton, SD

tiny nozzle hole made it a two star

I bought this with the purpose of wanting something to use for my natural hair cleansing remedies I use to make sure I never leave the shower with a semi dirty scalp still. while the bottle looked nice it didnt meet my expectations with the nozzle. the hole has to be punctured and it never had a nice steady stream no matter how I poked it. I also didn’t enjoy how much it clogged up while using it and I filled it with ACV and water so the clogging was highly unnecessary…

Sasha Garrison, MO

Great product( wish I had purchased more)

I ordered this bottle to that I could mix up my bath oils. When I got the bottle I realized I should have purchased more becuase I can you if for my my hair rinses as well. The red top for the bottle is nice and thick so it should wear out too easily.

Madelyn Wilton, WI

Perfect for Hot Oil & Prepoo Treatments

I am natural and I have to do a lot of maintenance on my hair and I have used just about every jar, spray bottle and plastic around my house and nothing was ever really good enough until I thought about getting an applicator bottle and I am so happy that I did. I can squeeze the cap right through the parted sections of my hair with the hot oil or prepare my scalp for a prepoo treatment. Before I felt like I was just coating the hair and not the scalp and because I have really thick hair, it was really hard for me to reach my scalp but not any more! You can actually place this bottle in the microwave and the little red top is perfect to keep oil from spilling all throughout my cabinet.

Sarah Newburg, WV

markings wear off easily

My only true complaint about this is that the numbers wear off quite quickly. It really defeats the purpose of having a bottle with marked measurements. It performs well outside of this but made it inadequate for my needs. I would spend a bit more to have better measurement markings for mixing.

Henrietta Trail, OR