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Soft ‘n Style 8 oz. Spray Bottle Set / 3 Piece Set

Soft ‘n Style 8 oz. Spray Bottle Set / 3 Piece Set.

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  • Soft ‘n Style 8 oz. Spray Bottle Set / 3 Piece Set (B28SET)

Honest reviews


Great Spray Bottle

This is a great spray bottle. I was trying to train my cat not to jump on the table and a friend suggested that I try a spray bottle. Just fill it with a water and when the cat does something it’s not supposed to give it a little spritz. The only problem I’ve heard is that some cats like water so it won’t work. For mine it worked like a charm. With this set of three I was able to leave one in each room (to guard dining tables, dressers, and kitchen counters).

Misty Upatoi, GA

Only one spray bottle works

One spray bottle works properly. The other two spray in all sorts of directions and leak pretty bad, so they’re pretty much useless. I contacted amazon and they are not able to take this product back bc it was sold from another co.Will not be ordering from this co. again.

Mollie Lauderdale, MS

Excellent and versatile

Excellent spray bottles. The nozzles can be adjusted to give off anything from a fine mist to a strong stream. They don’t have measurement markers like in the picture, but I didn’t care about that part. Overall these are much better than I expected for the price.

Leola Mountain Home, NC

Not the best….

The price is good but these bottles are not good for spraying at an angle. For instance. When the water gets half way you can’t tilt the bottle to spray. The nozzle and line just aren’t good enough. When I water my bonsai or house plants I find it difficult to spray consistently.

Leeann Indianola, OK

8 oz Spray bottle set

I really like these bottles. I am using one for vinegar (I use it for cleaning) and one for a homemade insect repellant. They work well and are small enough to store easily yet hold enough so that I don’t have to refill them too often. The sprayer seems to work well and I have not had any leaks. I plan to purchase more of these for our trailer, they are the perfect size!

Martha South Orange, NJ

Great quality

Great quality product, holds up very well. I use it for my hair and add product into it.Good stuff!!

Vicky Warriormine, WV

Some of these work great, others leak

I love the size and shape of these spray bottles, and wish they’d work consistently without developing leaks so they drip more than spray, and spray unevenly after a while. Some of the bottles seem less defective, so perhaps there’s a problem with quality control. They’re pretty good in terms of holding a nice quantity of liquid, fitting well in the hand, and sometimes working perfectly (just not al that consistently well over time).

Lakeisha Dysart, PA

Doggie Discipline Tool

This is a great deal for a few basic spray bottles.We got them to spritz our dogs when they bark, hump or otherwise act up. With 3 you can spread them out throughout the house so you don’t have to search for one when you need it most.They are small, but basically well made for the price and deliver a pretty good stream when squirting on a narrow setting.A very humane and affordable way to condition the behavior of your pups . . .

Monika Potterville, MI

Double check if 8 oz is really what you want

Over the years, I’ve bought numerous spray bottles for water, alcohol, glass cleaners, etc. The ones I buy from like the 99 cents stores or Dollar stores don’t last very long – except one which has a sturdy plastic bottle that is still working great after several years.For these spray bottles, the plastic is sturdy, not soft and flimsy like others. It’s a bit tricky to screw the sprayer on. You need to line it up nicely, hold the sprayer steady with one hand with the bottle sitting on a table, then turn the knob with the other hand. It says 8oz capacity and turns out too little for me. I would have preferred minimally 12 oz for my purpose. So measure how much 8 oz is before you purchase.

Carol Darby, MT

Good travel size

Money well-spent. Worth the price. The bottles come in perfect travel size and are not easily to be damaged. Dropped them a few times on the tiles and they still work well.

Cynthia Land O Lakes, WI

Good for my purpose

I have two new kittens who get into everything and go everywhere and these little bottles are now posted around the house in handy locations for their more serious breaches of etiquette. They are a good size for the purpose and the reason they got a four is because they do tend to come unscrewed with use. I keep an eye on them so the bottom doesn’t drop off and make a mess, even though it’s only water. They do have a nice, long spray arc and now the fur babies just see me pick one up and scoot.

Gladys Adams, KY

Quality product

I purchased 2 sets (6 total) of these spray bottles about a year and a half ago and I have had no issues with any of the bottles.The bottles themselves are hard plastic, and are pretty solid and durable so far. The tip turns so that you can change the spray from a stream or a mist or something in between. The bottle is translucent and doesn’t have the tick marks (the old picture didn’t, but the current one does).I’ve filled the spray bottles with water, homemade body spray, isopropyl alcohol, distilled vinegar/water mix, hydrogen peroxide/water mix, and other cleaning products and I haven’t seen any wear or disintegration or leakage occur on any of my bottles. The small bottles are perfect for my homemade cleaning products because I can use up all the product within 2 months so that I can refill with fresh ingredients, rather than have larger bottles with the cleaning ingredients losing efficacy after being in the bottle for a longer period of time.Beware that the pricing of pack of 2 may be more expensive than the pack of 1 (that’s what happened when I purchased it). I got 2 1 packs for only $9, whereas the 2 pack was $10. Excellent product!

Esmeralda Taylors Island, MD

Great for disciplining a mischievous cat

These spray bottles are made of durable plastic, the nozzle is adjustable, and the spray power is strong. We use these water bottles to discipline our mischievous cat; we squirt her with water when she is doing something bad, like jumping on the table or chewing electric cords!PROS:- Durable plastic.- Great small size.- Adjustable nozzle, spray is strong.CONS:- None that we can think of.Country of Origin: China

Sofia Loranger, LA


These are so handy, I love them. They are easy to grip and handle while doing my daughters hair. I am very happy with my purchase. If your looking for an easy to use spray bottle, this is it.

Lindsey Ocean Beach, NY

Great set of bottles!

This is a great set of bottles. They are sturdy and do not have to be primed a lot in order to make a decent squirt. This was important to me, because we used them in training our puppy. For instance, when we walked with him if he got distracted or barked at something, we squirted the pavement in front of him to get him on task again. Timing is everything in this case. Of course, I think they would be useful for more that dog training. I recommend them, because they are great quality in general.

Cathryn Paul Smiths, NY

Pump is strong and does the job

I use this to spray plants with insecticide. The nozzle has a few settings and hasn’t broken yet. The squirt of the liquid is strong and steady. The liquid part doesn’t hold that much, so only good if you’re spraying limited amounts. I recommend this spray bottle!

Elisa Brownsville, WI

poor quality

I hate these and regret my purchase. I wish I had just paid more and got a higher quality bottle. the handle sticks and the spray mechanism gets stuck.

Trudy West Boylston, MA

very good quality

I only use one and the other two are in the storage room, becasue after I bought them, I found I do not need them. But they are really high quality, I will give them to my friends who need this.

Georgia Roodhouse, IL

Perfect for Naturals

I am natural and I have a cabinet of oils, lotions, etc for my hair. I love these little things because I can put whatever I want in them and they securely fasten and they are small enough to transport. I use these for multiple things (all for hair) and it works great, there isn’t any dripping and drizzles, the caps fit tightly and it just works!

Cortney Mcadoo, TX

Good spray, bad watertightness

Works well but leaks easily. One came without the spill seal and one came with the seal damaged, but even the one that came with the seal intact will lose its contents if laid on it’s side.

Maryellen Amsterdam, NY

These work great!

These bottles work great. I use them for different hair concoctions, and have no issues with dripping…etc. Good quality bottles.

Celeste Castanea, PA


These didn’t work for me. The one I could get to work just dripped everywhere… and another I could never get to spray.

Irene Tuscola, TX

They work

These little bottles are good. They spray only a full stream as far as I can tell. I havent figured out whether they spray any other way or not.

Beatriz Clear Fork, WV


These are just okay. I will need to get something different, though. I was looking for something that would spray a mist and these do not do that. The lightest setting is still a rather heavy spray. I wanted them for a facial mist and they definitely will not work for that.

Roberta Altadena, CA