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Soft ‘N Style 60 Piece Rubber Rod Set

Zippered carry case includes: 2 Packs of Purple (7/8″), 2 Packs of Grey ( 3/4″), 2 Packs of Orange ( 5/8″), 1 Pack of Blue ( 1/2″), 1 Pack of Red ( 7/16″), 1 Pack of Yellow ( 3/8″), 1 Pack of Green ( 1/4″).

Key features

  • Each pack contains six 8″ rubber rods of each color.

Honest reviews


This is really good

I really love this. It worked perfectly on my natural hair. I am black and my hair is natural has to be done and this product is perfect. If you want to see how i use the product watch my youtube video and subscribe, if you have any question ask me on the comment section […]

Tracey Matthews, NC


We have not used these yet, but we are very excited to use them. My daughter and I have gone natural and can not wait until summer to try new styles.

Lois Cass, WV

Worth buying

All of then work great, except the purple an grey ones, but the others work great, theres enough of them for my whole head to make small to medium size curls. A lot better then using heat or sleeping with huge rollers.

Ida Channing, MI

The best buy I’ve made

Im so in love with this product, came quickly, and stores great. The curls form nicely and i loved that i got a nice amount of all the different sizes instead of buying them individualy, great pricing, and a great find

Francis New Providence, IA

Great Value

It comes with 1 set of the 4 smaller sizes and two sets of the orange, grey, and purple; so if you wanted very tiny curls, this is not for you. I tested all the rods and they all bend. This is the best price that I’ve seen for them ($40 for 60 was the lowest before this) and they seem to be very good quality material.

Melanie Westtown, NY

Soft N Style 60 piece rubber rod set

I like this set because it’s fun, easy, and fast! I love it! And it’s enough for my hair as well!

Kayla Hilton, NY

Great price for this!

I was going to purchase tone pack from Target which only consisted of 15 rods for $15. I searched and found these on Amazon for an incredible price. Loving it!

Adrienne Liberty Lake, WA

Rubber rod set

This came in brand new. It was awesome i love it. I use it a lot for when I’m about to got to bed. The next day i wake up with my hair wavy without using the wand. Thank you for this great deal.

Catalina Avon Park, FL

Worked well

I got my rod set on time, and had no problem with any them bending. They worked perfectly, I can’t keep my daughter from them, I will have to order her some also.

Jewel Staples, TX

its ok purple dont work

purple don’t work, hasn’t for a few months now, but every other color works. love these for easy curls with no heat

Mable Saint Joe, AR

Great Product

I love all the different sizes. I am 1- year newly natural and purchased this set for when my hair continue to grow and I get length. The purple and gray rods are the largest so they don’t bend as easily or more flexible as the smaller rod do–but they DO bend. Worth the money cost me $21 (I waited until the price went down again from $35) because if bought the packages individually it would have been expensive.

Christi Mcdonough, GA

Must Buy

I was very leary about buying these rods because of my last experience. But I’m glad I did, not only are they a great price but they work AWESOME. I love how they come in all different sizes.

Meagan Indian Lake, NY

No Complaints from me but just a tiny forewarning for those with shorter/medium length hair!

Firstly I will say these rods had No funny smell and then bend just perfectly despite what some people have reported they are great! However if you have medium length (shoulder) and less you will need to purchase more of the smaller rods I needed more blue was perfect my for current hair length.. if you have a lot of hair! Easily done of course, this set has a lot of BIG rods for people who have long hair for nice curls, that is my only warning to you. Love them and my curls come out flawless! I HIGHLY recommend!

Kris Chunchula, AL

worth the money

It’s good quality and it curls my hair quite nicely. I used the ones all the way at the bottom and they were great in the drying and even for overnight use. I recommend this pack to anyone. I also like how it comes with all different sizes

Frances Rienzi, MS