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Soft ‘N Style 12 All Purpose Duck Bill Hair Clips

The box contains 12 duck bill clips. They are 3 1/2″ in length. All stainless steel. Stainless steel all purpose duck bill clips.

Key features

  • They are 3 1/2″ in length
  • All stainless steel
  • Stainless steel all purpose duck bill clips

Honest reviews


Exactamente lo que esperaba

Estos clips son muy resistentes, usualmente los uso cuando seco mi cabello con la secadora, me ahorra mucho tiempo en las mananas.

Maura Modena, NY

It’s a Clip

It’s a clip. It does what it is supposed to do. No more, no less.Don’t know what else to say, but 5 more words were required to submit my rating. 🙂

Shari Damascus, PA

Does the job

I purchased these to help me style my hair in the old-fashion waves. I wish it would fit more snug at the top.

Valerie Valley View, PA

Great Clips

I used it to separate my hair into sections while curling/straightening it. It holds the sections well and it doesn’t pinch the hair when pulling out. A lot of other clips hook onto the hair, making it painful to remove. No problem with these!

Myrna Washington, NC

Work Great

These work great! They hold the hair very well – remind me of ones used in the salon. Also, a great price!

Deidre Coffeyville, KS

How did I live without you!?

I’ve been straightening my hair for YEARS, I used to use elastics to section my hair but using these makes life so much easier! They’re good quality, I have pretty thick hair that’s past my shoulders and I got away with using just 1 to hold up everything in a neat bun. Awesome. Wish I hadn’t waited to long to purchase these. The seller was fantastic as well, I got these very quickly. 🙂

Elda Elko, MN

Wow, great buy!

I was a little hesitant on these clips but because of the great reviews I bought them. I am so happy I did. For the great price I was afraid they may be too thin and flimsy. These feel like salon type that are much more expensive. I need to section my hair for styling, these make a fast job of it. They hold well, can be used to part your hair, and I have no doubt they will last forever. Great product at an amazing price!

Dona Gray Hawk, KY

Good quality and cheap

This is probably the cheapest hair clips on the market. However, its quality is superior. There are 12 of them but I only need to use 3. Highly recommended for those who are finding good hair clips

Marianne Calvin, WV

Great Deal!

I thought these were a great deal. I had them sitting in my cart for a while (waiting to spend 25$) and finally got them. I have really long hair, and these clip it back perfectly so that I can style my hair. They are a great size/weight/material.

Mary Mount Olive, NC

Good hold, but the hinge can pull out your hair!

PROS:- Holds my silky, slippery hair.CONS:- The hinge part pulled out my hair when I removed a clip. I don’t want to lose any hairs! I’m a little afraid to use them. Considering my hair is smooth and straight, it wasn’t like my hair was all over the place and got caught in a freak accident.OVERALL:Since they hold, and I already have them, I will try to use them carefully. But you know, when you’re styling and reaching around awkward parts of your head, you can’t always be careful. I’d rate these as second best choice, seeing as the hold is good. (Try to find best choice!)

Clarice Flat Top, WV


I just needed these to hold my curls in place until I was finished curling my whole head. These work great, are very affordable. I am pleased and shipping was decently quick.

Noemi Sand Creek, WI


Okay, they’re duck clips. They work perfectly for what they are designed for. I’ve no problems with this product at all.

Fannie Nelson, NE

Kept hair up, but pulled it out too

These did the job, but seemed to pull out my hair more than other ones that I have used. Probably wont buy again.

Angel Great Bend, ND

Just what you expect

These aren’t any different than the clips you buy 3 or 4 in a pack, for much, much more!Honestly, I feel I paid what I would expect to pay for such a clip – YAY!! I’m glad they made them available at a reasonable price.Maybe your stylist uses them, or maybe you have a stray one here or there, these are the same ones!

Clarissa Camp Verde, AZ

Perfect assistance while styling

These are just as advertised. I use the butterfly clips more, but these come in handy when my hairs straight or dry and I need to section off while working on my hair.

Helena Maple Mount, KY

Not so great for bigger sections of hair

The clips are well-made and work well on smaller sections of hair. I got them to use for styling and hoped that it could hold up half my hair. Unfortunately no matter how I tried to angle it, the clip wouldn’t hold my hair. My hair is not too long–about two inches below shoulder-length. They work well with smaller sections, though, so I just split my hair into quarters and do that. A little annoying, but can’t beat the price!

Gwen Rector, PA

Great Clips

Great to use when straightening hair. Keeps the straightened hair out of the way of the untouched hair. Better to use these clips instead of bands.

Tara Locust, NC

Good Clips

Work well for holding curlers or holding your hair up while styling. Works well on my thick, thick hair 😀

Lea Okanogan, WA

Fantastic Duck Bill Hair Clips!

The Duck Bill Hair Clips are great, they hold a decent amount of hair (I have very 26inches of straight thick hair) … product is as described! Glad I purchased these!

Kathryn Glenwood, AL

one was bent in the bag

do the job thats needed but one was bentjust use it for holding hair and when flat ironing and curling

Sandra Burkett, TX

Great for thick semi-course hair

I’ve never been able to use these kinds of clips because my hair is so thick that it falls out of them, or I have to use at least 10 clips to hold up half my hair while drying. These clips were amazing, I only need a couple to put up my hair for an at home blowout! I use them constantly, when doing house work, when I’m cooking & need hair out of my face, when I’m washing my face. They’ve almost completely replaced my claw clips! These are definitely a steal!

Sasha Red Wing, MN

Good for styling hair

These duck bill hair clips have made styling/curling my hair a lot easier. Same as the ones my hairdresser uses.

Anne Higgins Lake, MI


these clips are extremely durable. they don’t hold a lot of hair so you have to use a ton of clips and I have very fine hair- but they do what I want them to do.

Rosalie Newcastle, WY


Easy to use clips . I never had them just though it was time to buy them and much cheaper online

Earline Allison, IA

Work great!

These work great and you get plenty to use for hair cutting or coloring or even to do different hairstyles.

Shauna Creston, WV

good clips

I use this style of clip regularly. They are difficult to find in drugstores so I was glad to find them on Amazon. These hold well and are well made. I recommend them.

Alexandria Tabor City, NC

Do the Job

These do the job but I think smaller ones would have been easier to work with. People with fine hair or short hair should look for the smaller version.

Cynthia Palm Harbor, FL

Just right

These clips are useful for so many things. They are the right size and are made very well. The edges are smooth so your hair doesn’t get caught in any rough areas and the tension is firm but not overly tight. Simple, well made product.

Candy Bombay, NY

Great for all purposes!

These clips are excellent and holds extremely well, does what its supposed to do. The only con is a few strands of my hair would always get caught in them and have to spend some time to gently remove the clips.

Lindsay Redwood City, CA