Soft – 6ml

Product description by Sheriffsoncorp–Al-Rehab is one of Saudi Arabia’s leading perfume manufacturer which creates fine traditional Arabian and oriental perfumes. The perfumes are made of precious natural essences (Oud, Rose of Taif, Incense, Musk, Sandalwood and rare spices). all perfume oils and solid perfumes are alcohol free.

Key features

  • Genuine world famous Al-Rehab concentrated perfume oil made in Saudi Arabia
  • High quality roll-on free from alcohol
  • Its a great gift for loved ones for any occasion

Honest reviews


For lovers of sweet scents

If you enjoy the smell of vanilla or any sugary fragrance, you will love this! It is a long lasting oil and just using a bit will go a long way. It is a mixture of rose and vanilla which is unique. It is light and feminine and it lives up to its namesake.

Gay Waterville, VT


This oil is absolutely lovely! It smells kind of lemony-sugary to me. It smells like Pink Sugar perfume and believe me, it lasts ALL. DAY. LONG!!!!! The scent is gorgeous, it makes a statement but it’s not cloying. It’s very soft and pleasant. It’s the perfect summer fragrance and I will most definitely be ordering this again!! Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carey Brandt, SD

Smells wonderful!

I do not know exactly what fragrance this is but it smells divine. I only hope it has staying power as I do not reapply throughout the day. Extremely economically feasible. Do not let the price fool you into thinking that this is colored toilet water. This oil is top of the line. I do not know how they can afford to sell it so cheaply. UPDATE: The oil has staying power. Lasted the entire day right into the next day without re-application.

Alma Eagan, TN

Vanilla Heaven

The first perfume oil I bought on amazon was vanilla by Auric blends…it did not smell the way vanilla should and I was disappointed because I LOVE vanilla. The first perfume oil I purchased from Crown Perfumes was Jasmin which is wonderful. So I thought I would take another chance and pick another perfume oil from this company. After reading the reviews and seeing the word “vanilla” I decided to try this one next. I’m in love. It’s warm, sweet(but not in a over the top way like some perfumes), and it definitely smells like vanilla. There are other notes in it which seem to enhance and compliment the vanilla but vanilla seems to be the top note(at least to my nose anyway). I want my whole body and my entire room to smell like this.I believe there’s a spray version that i’ll be getting to spray around my room. I hope it smells the same. If I could I would give this perfume 6 stars not just because of the smell but because of the description of the perfume notes at the bottom of the page. I highly recommend that the company put a description of thenotes for EVERY perfume oil(some of them don’t have one). The description of the notes is what was made me decide to buy Soft(and pick out a few others to buy later).

Connie Conway, MI

Nice Smelling!

This reminds me of Pink Sugar. I love this perfume oil and love to smell it on my wrists!The price is amazing and I can carry the little roller in my purse.

Vickie Cornell, WI

A Scent Any Woman Could Wear

This Al-Rehab attar, a concentrated perfume oil in a roll-on bottle is a soft scent for women. It’s a floral fragrance with notes of soft rose, amber and vanilla. This is a lovely fragrance that any woman could wear. You will fall in love with the rose note. Remember that this is concentrated perfume so apply very lightly as the scent gets stronger as you warm up. This strikes me as a day time scent. It is so nice.

Sharlene Seelyville, IN


I received this in the mail, and so nice to see they take the time to put in in packing and its safely brought to me. It smells so soft and wonderful and lasts all day. I put another one of this Brand on yesterday and it lasted til even this am, when my BF snuggle with me and said Gosh you smell soooooooo Good!!!! And trust me, this Man loved it, because he not often mentions my perfumes. So this is a Winner and I have to Praise this brand for its lasting affect and for the shipping that is above Par, and the beautiful Box it is in. I plan of buying this Brand for ALL my Gifts this Year. Thank You Al-Rehab, your really wonderful and I can count on you now!

Nelly Garden City, NY

Great stuff

As others have noted, this is beautiful and long-lasting. Although it is not a dupe, it reminds me of Fantasy or Flowerbomb, even Angel. Just gorgeous! Fantastic bargain.

Beatriz Strong, ME


I purchased this looking for ‘halal’ alternatives to perfume (alcohol free). I like vanilla/sweet/musk scents but not fruity or too sugary – example Victoria’s Secret Heavenly. If you like any of those notes, you’ll love this! It’s definitely vanilla. I don’t get floral or fruit, maybe a little musk but it’s exactly like the name, Soft. Still it manages to be distinctive, long lasting and potent.. I did a tiny half roll on one wrist, rubbed my wrist together, and 4 hrs it hasn’t faded. It’s only warmed. Actually I can’t stop smelling my own wrists!! I would say it’s for all ages, definitely feminine, a more sensual grown up version of vanilla/sugar scents. For the price you can’t go wrong … you’ll be glad you tried it!

Sheri Killington, VT


Am liking the Soft attar I ordered. It also smells like Aquolina BLUE Sugar for Men!!!I added a little amber paste to make it more robust/Crown Perfumes make a fine line of attars with very reasonable pricing and shipping.I became a repeat customer after ordering my first attar from Crown!

Judi New Florence, PA

Soft Perfume Oil

Very nice scent. Concentrated so you only need to use a teeny bit. Smells clean and fresh, kind of soapy in the best sense. I would purchase again.

Anastasia Redig, SD

Definately “Pink Sugar’s”Grown Up Sister.

It’s somehow sweetly “fairy sugar,” but has a more adult, sexier note, somehow (I’m terrible at notes). I don’t smell caramel or rose. Nicer than Pink Sugar, and longer lasting, BTW– This seller is a very prompt shipper.

Gayla Diggins, MO

Not that great

Not that great for me ,I liked the jasmine and rose fragrance from the same brand ,but this one isn’t that great .

Janette Fort Meade, SD

Sweet smell

I like this fragrance very much , it’s very sweet and strong . I think it’s more of a " youthful " type though because it does smell like cotton candy . I’ve had people tell me that they also think it smells like cotton candy.

Inez Rena Lara, MS

Precious Fragrance

I enjoy delicate fragrances more than anything else and I have fallen in love the Oil by Al-Rehab(Crown Perfumes). I have a problem with most perfumes and prefer oils with a musky type scent or one that bestows a mellow fragrance. "Soft" is a delicate fragrance…….just the right amount of sweetness without overpowering your senses.

Tabitha Moss, TN


if you are familiar with the fragrance "pink sugar" this is similar to that just not as intense. very nice "soft" sweet scent in roller ball form. the price is great on this brand. try them, there are many.

Jenifer New Iberia, LA

Very yummy!!

To me this smells exactly like Pink Sugar. The volume is great for the price. Nice roller ball. I also bought Lovely and that scent is fantastic. Not even sure how to describe Lovely but a soft floral.

Annabelle Salida, CO

Love love love the smell~~

Really soft, tender, sweet, delicious, dreamy, and long lasting~~~~Like a shahtoosh shawl “Softly, deftly,…caress youhear it, feel it, secretly possess you…"Will buy again.

Danielle Timberlake, NC

Service excellent – product, so so…

Arrived in very timely manner. Well packaged, and very pretty casing. The roll on is nice for in-purse use. However, it smells like lime/vanilla donuts. It’s vanilla smell stays on, and it is NOT a scent I like. So bear this in mind when ordering. I will, however, buy from this seller one of his other scents.

Priscilla Lenox, TN