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* With the Magic Styling wand, you’ll do French twists, buns, the Top Spider, and a dozen updated trendy styles in seconds. * So simple to use!! It likes a flexible hair roller; ends of hair are tucked in and rolled around the comfortable lightweight wand until the wand is hidden in your hair. * The added narrow opening helps hold layers as you roll hair into a style. * And it’s special inside wire holds the hairstyle in place all day long. * Contents: 2 large with 2 small hair sponge

Key features

  • Body Care / Beauty Care SODIAL- 4pcs Magic Foam Sponge Clip Hair Styling Donut Bun Former Maker (2 Large+2 Small…

Honest reviews


Not great for medium length hair

I think this product would work best for people who have very long hair. Since my hair is layered and a few inches past my shoulder it did a very poor job of holding the bun together. It took so many bobby pins to help keep the hair in place and even then the sponge clip was showing. I prefer my hair donuts 10x more.

Ila Birney, MT

I have too much hair

Seems that it would work if I had about a foot less hair. But I have hair down to my butt and I can’t get this thing to hold and it barely wraps around the bun when I do get it in.

Inez Stuyvesant, NY

spong clip

sponge styling hair clip. easy to use. convenoent. small enough to pupt in your purse or pocket. bun never easy tod do

Tammi Pitkin, CO

Soft on hair

I used this couple of times, my hair is long and silky, hence I had little difficulty to keep this bun in place for more than 4/5 hours, but if you pin it good and spray hair, should stay intact for longer than that. Good part is I got 4 pcs to use, happy about that 🙂

Herminia Seaside Park, NJ

Cheap, cheap, cheap.

You get what you pay for here. I was curious about whether I would ever use something like this so I ordered a set for a really cheap price. I was so glad that I did. I found out how hard these are to use. They break easily, they were to short for my hair, and it’s very hard to get all of your hair into it evenly so that you can roll it up. Part of the reason for the low score is that when you put your hair into the wrap you have to bend it out of shape to fit your hair into and then when your hair is in, your have to somehow reshape the wrap to wrap your hair. Very hard. Then after my hair was wrapped there was not enough wrap to twist to secure is so the wrap was useless to me.When I took the wrap out I had to reshape it again and it broke. Will not buy again.

Kayla Carlton, OR

Friggin Awesome

$2 PLUS Free shipping! Is this the deal of the century?Okay – you have to go to youtube if you don’t know how to use these – search for EXACTLY – Magic Sponge Hair Updo Accessories Tool Twist Curler Roller and it is a two minute concise video.You don’t need an entire foot of hair, but you do need shoulder length or better.LOVE IT!

Lynnette Errol, NH

it’s okay

I bought this for my daughter she loves to do her hail and this is simple and easy to use.

Inez Jonesboro, TX