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Package Content : 1 x Training Display Finger

Key features

  • Nail Art Practice Training Display Finger Tip Acrylic
  • For false nail trainning and display
  • Good for acrylic, gel and wrap practice.
  • Ideal tool for nail art artists, best for acrylic, gel and wrap practice
  • A nice display for nail art designs and patterns

Honest reviews



i only recieved one, from my understanding, i was thinking i was supposed to recieve 5. thats what it had said!

Nora Nottawa, MI


Seems to be just as good as all other brands …gets the job done and its perfect for what i need!

Kaitlin Hemingford, NE

Thanks! but I wish there was more than 1 like in the picture!!

Literally just got my package and opened it. Good shipping. The estimated date said October 18 – November,17, but today is only the 5th. 🙂 Will admit the picture was a bit deceiving. Thought i was going to get 5 but only got 1. Not that much of a big deal since the practice finger does what it is suppose to, and for only 79 cents each I will definitely order from you all again in the future. Beats the Beauty supply store price by a while 2 dollars.

Eloise Kingsburg, CA


Other than the nail itself being small and the fact there’s only ONE finger. The curve of the nail won’t allow me to Layton nail tip down right so I have to shove it back into the nail to hold it in place. Then I only have a very small portion of the nail to show off my art to friends and family. I’m not complaining too loudly it was only $1

Beverley Spencerville, MD


So it took forever to get here. Finally got it. I bought the finger to practice acrylic on it instead of ruining my own nails. It was cheap so I figured why not. The finger is realllyyyyyy small. I think too small to be able to do what I want with it. I probably should of bought one a little more money, maybe they would of been a little bigger than this one. I’m just disappointed in the size but eh, I’ll see if I can still use it for acrylic.By the way, You only get one finger. I knew that but just thought I’d let other people know since some people seemed to think they were getting more than one since it shows more than one in the picture.

Grace Ruby, VA

Tiny finger

It’s a small practice finger, about the size of a kid’s. That’s not a bad thing for me though, as it makes it easier to move around while I work on the nail art. Overall, it was just as I expected and wanted, so I’m satisfied. Nothing flashy though, as it’s literally…a plastic finger.

Evangeline Ogilvie, MN

Into Nails

I didn’t like this product because when i would put the false nails on them to practice nail art, half of the false nail isn’t painted because it is inside of the false finger.

Marcella Thompson, OH


I bought these to practice applying acrylic nails, but the nail bed area is really strangely raised, so I’m not sure how an acrylic would fit on there without mega gluing it on and then powdering in the gaps under the nail. Not useful.

Rhonda Maple Lake, MN

Great for fake nails painting\nail art

I ordered this and it came pretty fast considering, i got it 2 or 3 weeks later, I love it! it is not as small as people say it is at least not to me its the size of my index finger (I do have petite hands tho) but none the less i like it its easy to glue the fake nails on and then paint and design away, i have done some nail art already on it and its so nice and doesn’t move (it has a sticker on the bottom to keep it sturdy and from moving) however after doing some re-search after i had already ordered it, I found out i could have ordered from a different seller and have gotten 5 fingers for a little more then i payed for only 1 but I’m still glad i ordered it because its just what i wanted and it works great.

Jimmie Black Oak, AR

Small nail

Well it’s good but the nail shape is a little too small for nails.So there’s no way to keep the nail in place. It’s decent butI think I will have to put double stick tape to put nails on thereSo I can practice nail art. So it’s ok.

Latanya Harman, WV

just ok

I was happy when I received it very quicklySince I do my own acrylic nails I wanted to practice so I can get even better,lolBut this finger didn’t help very much when I was usingReusable foils to make tips,when I used regular nail tips it wrkd okay but not what I expected but then again you get what you pay for,you can’t beat .77$ and free shipping

Tracie Mandeville, LA

art finger holder.

i have tried these it works great, it showed a picture of five so thats how many i thought i would get but didnt so maybe redue the listing.thanks

Leeann Nunez, GA


I thought it would be all 5 fingers because it was displayed that way, but I should have read the description better. I thought it would come with a fingernail on it too but it didn’t so I have to finger out how to get a fake nail on there…it does have a sticky bottom though that sticks to the counter so that’s nice. It’s just okay!

Geri Donaldson, AR

i do like this.

i have not had a chance to use it yet. i was a bit disappointed i thought i was getting five of them as they picture showed. yet maybe i missed read the discription. yet i do like it. should make decorating much easier. how much for four more? i recieved them much quicker than i was told.

Marla Apple Creek, OH