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* Size: 5.2”x 2.4”x1.6” * Contents: 1 Pc Eyelashes Curlers

Key features

  • Curling Eyelashes-Nature Curl Style Cute Curl Eyelash Curlers Pink
  • Material: Stainless steel + ABS
  • Make a good style curlers for your eyelashes without hurting them
  • Long time durable use
  • Lovely size one color in pink

Honest reviews



I have very long lashes and this just didn’t work for me. I keep it as a back up only.

Natalie Sleepy Eye, MN

Loved this!

I’ve used many eyelash curlers and this is one of my favorites. It is extremely gentle. I love the pink grips. They are so much better than the comparable metal grips. Amazon presented the product well. It was packaged well and arrived in a timely fashion.

Brandy Emmett, ID

It’s an “okay” eyelash curler

This eyelash curler is surprisingly pretty good quality and works effectively. It is a little cumbersome to use , as you have to be very specific and not random with your positioning when using it on your lashes….but all in all I’m not mad that I bought it.

Germaine Greenfield, MO

great curler

This lash curler is just as good as my old one I had for years that I paid 12 dollars for. Very happy with the quality and the pink rubber grip is a plus.

Nanette Sidney, KY

I love it!

I don’t use it very often. It works well so far. It’s worth it, I mean, it’s only 2 dollars!

Lindsay Bolivar, PA

eyelash curler

It’s okay, it is easy to use and I use it whenever I do my makeup. However the pad thing is only on the bottom and it can curl your lashes weird if you don’t use it right.

Rosella Delphi, IN

Worth the money

I was skeptical about buying this because I wasn’t sure if it would work on not. It actually works alright for the money I spent. The bottom curler is a bit uneven because of the pull of the spring, but evens out when you actually use it. I’ve found that if I angle the finger hook (don’t know what else to call it) I can curl the outer lashes more. This gives a doe-eyed look. The bottom rubber sponge is getting a bit worn out after about a month, but curls normally. I would recommend it to anyone who will occasionally curl. However, if you’re looking for something to use every day, buy one of the Japonesque curlers. This one easily pinches if you’re in a hurry.

Beulah Linden, WI

Its great

i really like this product. Though it comes in the mail really slow. It isnt really a must have item

Pat Milton, TN

Not bad at all

Curler isn’t bad, is a little bit light, but doesn’t feel cheap.Good speed on the shipping from China.When it arrived however, I noticed a large blemish on the bottom of the pink handle.Almost looks like a "oil/paint" smear across the bottom. i wonder if this product has been used before, or if it was mishandled during packaging.otherwise perfect!

Betsy Lees Summit, MO

Works well

This eyelash curler works well. The pink is a fun color. Does not pinch or pull like some will. Nice little product.

Kathrine Byron, MI

shipped and arrived before schedule

it was only 1 dollar and a few cents it came its sturdy it does what it suppose to do im glad no complaints thus far

Annette Cherryvale, KS

Not a bad deal at all!!

Forget the low price, this is the one for you. Forget the negative comments. I have had not one problem with mine. I don’t think you’ll regret this item at all. It does come from China and takes a while to get to you but it will be well worth it for the price. I have no regrets at all. A really good deal!,

Mindy Covington, TX


Right when I got this, I didn’t want to put it anywhere near my eyelids to be honest. The seller is great though. But the curler is flimsy and cheap and stickyish. My sister asked if she could have it and I didn’t hesitiate to say yes! Just gave it two stars though because it curls somewhat, but shipping was too long, even for hong kong, it was flimsy and cheap looking almost as if it would break any second, and it was somewhat sticky. I would suggest going to a local Target and getting a E.L.F. eyelash curler for only one dollar! It works great and by a trusted brand.

Christi Lakeville, PA

Perfect and Nice price

It’s really nice, works well, and came quickly also very reasonably priced! I would definitely buy again or recommend to a friend!

Erika Dobbs Ferry, NY

Works well

I haven’t had any issues that any of the other reviews have mentioned. It wasn’t bent when I got it and seems to be just fine. The only issue is that I can’t get the corners of my eyes with this no matter how hard I try, but maybe it’s just me.

Lawanda Pomona Park, FL

SODIAL(TM) Curling Eyelashes-Nature Curl Style Cute Curl Eyelash Curlers Pink SODIAL(TM) Curling Eyelashes-Nature Curl Style Cu

SODIAL(TM) Curling Eyelashes-Nature Curl Style Cute Curl Eyelash Curlers PinkI love this eyelash curler! Money well spent.I have never owned or even used an eyelash curler before but this one was so easy to use and figure out.

Alexandria Willow Springs, IL