* 100% brand new, never been used -Suitable for Acrylic False Nails / Artificial Nails / Natural Nails -Different cut styles: Well-cut/ Straight-edge/ Round edge -Smooth cutting blade -Suitable for professional use or home use * Contents: 1 x ACRYLIC UV GEL FALSE NAIL TIP CLIPPER CUTTER

Key features

  • Suitable for Acrylic False Nails / Artificial Nails / Natural Nails
  • Different cut styles: Well-cut/ Straight-edge/ Round edge
  • Smooth cutting blade
  • Suitable for professional use or home use
  • Made of stain steel

Honest reviews


Comes in handy

I was looking for something to cut my nails to avoid the fee at my nail salon and this little clipper came in handy. I paid way less than paying to get my nails clipped every 2 weeks. It works perfectly fine for the price and I would buy again. Thanks

Alexandra Ramsey, WV

very sharp

Tried this as soon as I received it and it was very sharp and cut right through the acrillic nails and did not leave a rough edge.

Katelyn Humphrey, AR

i dont like it

i was expecting better quality clippers, when they arrived it was cheap packaging, the quality is very cheap looking, it does work for the nail tips, just the struture were not what i expected

Chrystal Hale, MO

good cutters

but I had to keep tightening the screws cuz they were not staying in while I was cutting my tips so I just baught 1 from my local store..

Debbie Fallentimber, PA

Just what I needed!

The nail tip clipper is lightweight and works great. I am pleased with my purchase especially for the price compared to department stores.

Alba Five Points, AL

Did not come in pink

I ordered this nail clipper on this website only because of the color pink. the description said it was the color pink and it came red. I was quite disappointing. other then the color it works well.

Margo Crow Agency, MT

so far so good

This also came very quickly! A month before expected date! Came in cheap wrap but does it’s job so far no complaints

Adrian Marshall, CA

Easy to use and cuts like magic

I love love this tip cutter! Very easy to use and it cut the tips very smoothly. I will try it on my other tips soon to see if it will work with a more sturdy nail tips.

Imogene Minersville, UT


I’ve been searching for the perfect acrylic cutter and i finally found it. It’s truly a perfect buy as well.

Connie Oakville, WA

SODIAL(R) Acrylic Uv Gel False Nail Tip Clipper Cutter

Perfect! they are exactly what I wanted and needed to get my tools completed for my in home work for my friends and neighbors. Got here fast and in original box. No complainants.Thanks SF-P

Christy Hebbronville, TX

It’s okay.

It felt a little cheap but what can you expect from the price (which is an awesome deal). I just hope that it doesn’t break when using it.

Josefina Quinter, KS

So So

It’s not a big deal to me because I knew the product wouldn’t be all that great. People, its $4. Not very shape & cheaply made. Doesn’t cut through gel, doesn’t cut clean. But hey, it’s $4 so what do you expect.

Maura Woodward, IA

I love it

It’s a lil small but hey it’s cheap it works well and it’s really is the perfect size !! I love it and I would recommend it!

Latonya Pelion, SC

Did not look like the pic, but did it’s job.

Did not look like the picture. the entire thing was a Pastel pink. (which was fine by me) Was very lightweight.Cut great. Will buy again if i need to.

Shelia Kinston, AL

love it

this Acrylic nail clipper is the best perches . check it out and if you don’t you are missing out..

Laurie Thomasboro, IL

perfection! !

This is exactly what I wanted and I got it for an amazing price! The packaging was good, and the clipper is easy to use. Not hard to squeeze or anything. I practically feel like a pro. It cuts the false tips quick and easy and even comes with instructions on how to get a curved, round and straight edge. Plus it came weeks before the estimated delivery date 😀 I recommend this if you want to try doing your own acrylic nails like me.

Estela Purdy, MO

Better than traditional nail clippers

I read the other reviews and decided to take my chance since I could not beat the price. The product was good, and did what I expected. It does not leave a clean cut, but far better than traditional nail clippers on natural nails. I also had polish on, which may have caused some of the issue. I always file afterwards anyway so this was not a big deal for me. I would certainly continue to use, and order again if needed.

Lindsey Marengo, WI


Cut well. Can do squared or rounded. Even trimmed through acrylic. Good buy! I would recommend. Fast shipping too! Good for professional or at home use!

Leann Dover, ID

Quality is horrid!

I know you usually get what you pay for but this is so horrible in quality…Its flimsy and very rough feeling….almost dangerously bad…I would not recommend buying this…invest a few more dollars and get quality

Ivy Dana, IA

Works fairly well

Nice clipper, however the blade seems to get dull quickly (albeit with a far bit of use) and you can’t replace it with another blade like some models. Overall though, this works very well in most situations–too thick or too thin and it can bend the nail coming off. Also found some thumb nails are too flat to fit in the curved cutting guide but other models have that problem too.

Viola Guild, TN

Great tool! a great tool to have handy if, like me, you love doing acrylic nails. The ease of use stands alone, not to mention a great price!

Beth Lismore, MN


I got this over the christmas break for my stuff and the other day im just now getting them but anyway so far i think theses is really going to do the work plus . . it was a good deal 🙂

Isabel Bethel, DE


This product is very nice and and easy to use. The product I purchased was very pretty and I would recommend this product to my friends because of the cheap prices and on time shipping.

Marla Thetford Center, VT

great shipping

This package came today,10 days earlier than the earliest shipping estimate. My friend tried it on her nails that i did for her a couple days ago and it was a nice clean,even cut. Its a little flimsy but i think that it will last a while.

Nicole Galeton, CO


this product actually works It looks flimsy but it does work on any type of nails…so if you want it get it!

Alta Fiskdale, MA

Just ok.

It’s light weight and built ok, shipping was kind of quick considering it came from China and shipping could take weeks… but when it cuts my nails, they leave an unclean edge. I know I am going to file them anyway, but every other nail cutter I have used created a clean edge when they cut. The price was ok though!

Audra Worthington, MA

Color nice

I don’t know about the quality yet. I will use it in 45 days. It’s strong and hopefully will last.

Ora Picher, OK

Bang for your buck

I got this product for under $2 and it was free shipping. In the stores around me, I would have paid almost $15-20 just for the same product function, so I was ready to "settle" for a sub-par product. However, the nail clippers were a lot better than I thought it would be! It still feels lighter than ones at Sally’s beauty supply, but overall, it does what I bought it to do (clip fake nails). It came within the month I ordered it, so I will say that I’m glad I saved money and was patient.

Sabrina Fallston, NC

I bought 2!

I’m keeping one, and giving the other away as a gift! The blade is sharp, cuts in a snap and there are no ridges; it’s a complete sharp cut and a smooth one.

Francis Castleton, VA

came in a week

I liked that it came in a week and it is very sharp. I love the color. Though it looks like the pictures, there was a defect… it had little bubbles in the handle on one side all over. But,.. it does what it needs to do. Good for the price.

Anne Kellyton, AL