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* It will make your hair bun without hurt and easiness. * Get the girls’all time favorite classic chignon bun in less than 3 minutes; * Instruction: * Pull all your hair through the middle of the Bundy with the smooth side facing inward and the ‘comb’ outside; * Holding both ends of the Bundy twist towards the head so that the hair is wrapped up and under into a smooth roll; * When all the hair is firmly in place, simply bend the Bundy and link the hooks underneath to form a perfect bun. * Feature: * Just twist and tuck! As simple as that. * Twist Holder Clip is suitable for making small fancy buns. * Specification: * Length : 8.07 in/20.5cm * Color: Amaranth * Contents: 1 x Double hook plate made

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  • Body Care / Beauty Care SODIAL(TM) Amaranth Twist Holder Clip Bun Hair Twist Braid Tool Bodycare / BeautyCare

Honest reviews


Simple to use but a little difficult with long and thick hair

This item took about a month to arrive, which is expected because it had to ship from China.The quality of the item is the same as something that you would pay about five bucks or more for, but be warned that the instructions are in Chinese.It’s simple to use though, just put your hair in the center and roll your hair around it, surprisingly enough it stays in place too.The plastic nature of the item makes it somewhat stiff and clumsy to use, it can be a struggle especially if your hair is long and thick like mine, that’s why I gave it only four stars.

Elda New Waverly, TX

nota great item

you can get these items in daiso for $1.50. the product is made of cheap plastic. I did not like it much.

Debra Clymer, NY

No English instructions

No English instructions but I figured it out the best way I knew and I came out with some wonderful curls.

Tonia Utica, SD

Don’t waste your money

These babies will simply NOT clip. They don’t work but I had to see for myself. Wasted money. Order yourself he donut instead. I believe this same seller has hem.

Goldie Belleville, AR


With very few attempts to use this hair bun tool, it makes a perfect bun! And the more I use it, the better I get at it. I will tell you it works best on long hair that is all the same length. I gave one to a friend who has layered hair, and she does have to use a hair pin or two, but it still works well. I would happily recommend this tool to anyone.

Brenda Tracyton, WA

um, no

8″L, 1 3/8″W outside, 5.25″L, .75″W inside opening, gives you about 2.5″ diameter when hooked together. if you have really poofy thick hair, maybe, but i can’t see it. i have fine hair but a lot of it, medium-large thick size ponytail that spans back in length but this is just a big no for me. for it’s intended purpose my hair slips out, can’t be rolled (maybe too long for it?) & it certainly does not hold at “hooks” that just pop/slide free. i bought it just to try as an alternative to elastic hair ties, hoping to wrap it around ponytail & clasp it, but plastic is slightly too rigid for that, also too long in length to wrap once and not long enough/too stiff to do twice, plus hooks would NEVER hold. i’ll stick with my pulleez. imo i wouldn’t waste your time or money with this one~ only $5, but it’s $5 in the trash.

Anita Clinton, TN


I have ordered several of these and liked them. they are great items for your hair and as gifts but two of them broke to easily. so even though they were not that much I would not have ordered them had I known they were so fragile

Malinda Gilliam, MO

Does not work.

This does not work at all. I tried to give it to friends and they did not use it either. The plastic flips out and it won’t hold thick hair.

Nicole Blandville, WV

If they work, great idea. Will let you know when hair grows longer.

Havent used them yet; hair not long enough yet; but I am hoping they will work just great. Will let you know later.

Erin Trona, CA

Am I doing this right?

This clip is awesome in concept, but the hooks didn’t lay flat for me, and when I did figure out how to clasp them in such a way that they would lay flat, they just slid right apart. I could easily be using it wrong, but I’ll be sticking with the classic/basic sock bun.

Angelina Sierra Blanca, TX

Hard to use

Still haven’t figured this out. We can do one or two things but we can’t figure out any of the pictures shown, all the directions are in other languages.

Tabatha Cranberry, PA