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So Beauty Nail Art 300 Pieces Gold & Silver 3mm Round Metal Studs for Nails, Cellphones

*** Nail Art 300 pieces Mix Gold & Silver 3mm ROUND Metal Studs for Nails, Cellphones *** ***Quantity : 300 Pieces ( 150 Gold+ 150 Silver)

Key features

  • Color: 300pcs studs
  • *** Nail Art 300 pieces Mix Gold & Silver 3mm ROUND Metal Studs for Nails, Cellphones *** ***Quantity : 300 Pieces ( 150 Gold+ 150 Silver)

Honest reviews



These things look so cute in a nail when I saw them but in real life the are annoying! They are hard to make stick to the nail and they fall off easy. I don’t know it I was doing something wrong but I wouldn’t waste my money on them again.

Rose Redcrest, CA

nail studs

I’m still waiting for my product. Ebay has these sam studs for only a dollar free shipping and for 1000 pieces

Christian Betterton, MD


idk i guess you get what you pay for not sure what i was hoping for, doesnt seem even half of 300 but i didnt count them. def going to stop buying nail art products online, as well as makeup. bad luck in both areas via amazon sellers. lesson learned.

Henrietta Round Lake, IL

Great product

Arrived very quickly and just as advertised. Very easy to work with, and look great on the nail. These will last a while too!

Alma Cushing, ME

love it!!!

5 stars because I do love them!! They are so cute for nail art I use them all the time. And really make the nails look so ccuteeee

Bobbie Shonto, AZ

Just like the pictures…

Exactly what the pictures show. I was originally going to use these for DIY faux plugs but I decided not to order the polymer clay so I guess I will just wait to use these or I may just try these out on my fake nails 🙂

Glenna Darien, CT

loved it

just what I was looking for to complete all my nail projects my customers love it I always use thank you

Kimberlee Cromwell, AL

to small

the quality on this are puzzle , they look fake will have to see what they look like on the nail.

Effie Castle Creek, NY


It came with both gold and silver. They are very tiny and 300 pieces is not alot. I used these on my nails they worked well with a top coat because they are very thin. I suggest getting a good pair of tweezers.

Terra Flatwoods, LA


They stayed on my nail all week and never came off once. I used the gold an eventually some of the color was rubbed off.

Frieda Alderson, WV


I wish i would have known that before i started putting them on my nails. but still they are nice. although it would be nice if they were flat on the back too.

Natalia Eden, WI

They’re okay

I’m sure these are great for somebody, I just don’t like the look of them very much. The gold coloring comes off with nail polish remover. If you use acrylic nail glue, these stay on for a while. If you like the shape, go for it, but I just don’t find them very nice-looking on my nails.

Mara Dillard, GA

Love these!!

These are great. I’m very excited and can’t wait to use them. There’s a lot of pieces. They can a littler later then I had anticipated but I wasn’t in a hurry to get them so it was fine. They look exactly like the pic!

Rosella Calumet, PA

Its nice

i like it but the only thing is that the gold turns silver its not pure gold metal studs but its workable.

Graciela Prague, OK

Love the studs!! They are perfect (:

my studs came in sooner than the estimated date (: was a little worried because it didn’t really have reviews but the description doesn’t lie (: the studs are the perfect color and size!another good thing is that the colors are separated silver/gold in smallZiplock bagsloved loved loved!! Stayed perfect on my nails with some nail glue.Will be purchasing again [: thank you!

Estela Delmar, DE

yeah I don’t know

not really satisfied with your purchase the little tarnished in faded not very bright really small to handle not worth my purchase

Rene Deckerville, MI

Its okay

They arrived undamaged and quickly. But they came in a bag and a very cheap bag at that. Good thing I had something to put them in. Eye balling the bag it don’t look like 300. Again I was not about to count 300 circle studs lol. The studs look good and useable, for the price would buy them again.

Casey Balm, FL


Great amount of both silver and gold studs.They are small enough that they don’t take upall of your nail space.

Fanny Roscoe, TX

Worth it

Got to me about a month before the last day of the estimated shipping. The packaging is a bubble envelope and then a little tiny baggie with the silver and the gold mixed together. Only complaint is that the silver and the gold are mixed. Very pleased, otherwise!

Patty Westfield, PA

they are as shown in the picture

i just received this little metal studs today they are good for whats made for and i will be trying them on my naills

Rosalind Dover, TN


I highly doubt there are 300 pieces in this tiny bag, but for the price, its a good amount. The pieces are a good size. You should practice a little bit on how to glue them on because they are so small, but after that you should be fine. Very cute,

Cecelia Smith, NV

2 to 3 week delivery

Love these make good for designing nails. It takes a while for delivery tho only part I hate about it. So I will give it three stars for that.

Phoebe Mc Grady, NC

Just like the photo

These look exactly like the photo & are the perfect size. I like that the colors were separated. The only problem noticed was that the gold ones turn silver when a top coat is applied. To fix that problem I secure them with a dab of nail glue instead of using the clear coat on top. So far so good & they seem to stay in place longer.

Melinda Jayton, TX

Over the moon

I was so happy to receive the studs. They are beautiful. Overall they are great quality for what I paid for.

Christy Tresckow, PA

Not bad

I waited for them for so long and honestly dint recieve 300 piece is more like 50 but otherthan that i like get wt you payfor 🙁

Nita Crane, IN

Nail Art 300 Pieces Gold & Silver 3mm Round Metal Studs for Nails,…

love these…great accent for nail art. very edgy…great price, nice variety…love the gold and silver because it goes with anything. highly recommend these…

Sheree Monticello, AR


Product came just as described and although I have not used them yet, I sure they will work just fine.

Karyn Westphalia, MI

Silver/Gold Circles

I really liked this item the circles were nicely made and I received a great quantity, I wished they had came on the round separators but for the price I can’t complain (=

Claudia Oakwood, IL

Good Product

I received the studs earlier than the ship date and they affix on the nails quite well. I would have liked if they came in a carry case, but at the price, these are a steal!

Bertie Pittsburg, NH


No complaints for this product except it doesn’t appear to be 300 pieces, maybe more along the lines of 150 but they work just great!

Natalie Clark, PA