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Smooth Down Butter Treatment Cream Unisex Cream by Redken, 8.5 Ounce

SMOOTH DOWN BUTTER TREAT Smoothing treatment is an ultra-rich rinse-out cream that provides intense smoothing, long-lasting conditioning, nourishment and control. Ionic Smoothing Complex Macadamia Oil – helps nourishCandelilla Wax – helps smoothCationic Refiners – frizz controlRedken’s exclusive Interbond Conditioning System delivers a unique Ionic Smoothing Complex of macadamia oil, candelila wax and cationic refiners to help replenish oils, provide intense smoothing and a long-lasting, frizz-free finish.Why It Works> Ultra-rich, cream treatment> Provides intense, deep moisturization> Delivers super, long-lasting conditioning, nourishment and control> Leaves hair streamlined, manageable and shiny

Key features

  • Highest Quality Smooth Down available

Honest reviews


My holy grail of conditioners

This is, hands down, the BEST conditioner I’ve ever used. It’s heavy, for sure, so if you have very thin hair it might not be a good choice. But if you have thick, frizzy, tangle-prone hair like I do, Butter Treat is a MUST for your hair-care arsenal.I use this as both my regular conditioner and as (on occasion) a leave-in conditioner — I use a tiny bit, just on the ends when I do the latter.Incidentally, the other Smooth Down products from Redken are also great — I particularly like the shampoo.

Ada Hays, MT

It’s not all that.

I have a lot of very curly hair – tight corkscrew curls – and my hair tends to be dry and frizzy. I read great reviews of this conditioner on another site, and decided that I’d splurge. It works ok, but not any better than your average $3 drugstore conditioner. I got pretty good curls with this conditioner, but it weighed my hair down a little bit. John Freida’s Brilliant Brunette Conditioner works much better, smells much better, and is about 1/3 the price of this stuff. But unfortunately, they reformulated the Brilliant Brunette line and it’s not quite as good as it used to be (but it’s still better than this one).

Manuela Jolley, IA

Good product for certain hair types

This is actually a very good product. I purchased a tube after watching a youtube video on how to straighten thick/curly hair without heat.The suggestion was to use the butter treatment once a week to keep hair moist but I have found that with my hair I can use it every time I shampoo, which is every other day.My hair is changing a lot and is getting smooth and healthy and it feels great. I use a non sulfate shampoo then the butter treatment and then after my hair is towel dried I use Redken Smooth Down Heat Glide protective smoother on wet hair – I blow dry my hair on cool while using a round brush to smooth and straighten with another drop of the smooth down heat glide when my hair is dry. Sometimes I use a straightener to smooth it out just a bit more but most of the time I don’t even have to use a straightener any more.My hair type is long, very thick, coarse and wavy to curly. I put highlights in my hair so it is (or was) dry and brittle. It may be a bit much for those with medium or fine hair to use on a regular basis so maybe once every couple of weeks or a month should probably do.Pro’s
• Great at moisture replacement and smoothing. It is not a miracle but it is a good product
• Flyaway hair lays down
• Makes your hair shiny.
• Very thick product so none is wasted on spills or product leaking out of your hand
• Hair is crazy soft after use, it almost feels like somebody else’s hair sometimes
• Will definately cut down on hair styling time, especially if like me you wear your hair mostly straightCon’s
• If you use it every shampoo like I do 8.5 oz will not last long =(
• May not be for those with thin, fine hair
• If used too often I would imagine it relaxes curls which depending on your preference can be good or bad. I have left my hair curly a few times after using this product and it does relax the curl a bit and may come out looking more like wavy hair than curly.

Laurie Bremen, ME


Thus seems to be the only product that keeps my sins hair under control. He is an interracial teen who wants long curls. This helps.

Donna Advent, WV

Among THE BEST conditioners on the market!

I threw all my cheap conditioners away.You won’t find anything on the market much better than this.My hair loves Redken products.Detangles, conditions, makes hair smooth, silky and shiny.

Betsy Oblong, IL