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Smashbox Layer Lash Primer

Smashbox’s newest priming sensation, Layer Lash Primer, contains lash conditioning and strengthening panthenol to keep lashes healthy, even under the most strenuous conditions. To thicken and protect lashes, simply brush on before mascara.

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layer lash thickener

I did not buy this to use in its intended purpose. I have light hair and use it on my eyebrows to lighten them. It works great for this purpose. I imagine it works great on eyelashes but have not tried it for this.

Lakeisha Plainville, IL

not so sure its worth it.

ok, well if u are VERY patient and have time to do your mascara, then this product does work and will lengthen your lashes.The product is VERY VERY clumpy and u have to work on how to use it evenly.It also does run out.its not like mascara in how u can use it for months.your mascara also ends up clumpy on top of the conditioner, so u need to seperate them after.Overall, i wouldnt buy it again.

Viola Mount Judea, AR

Keeps my lashes pretty

It’s noticeable, that when using this primer, I don’t have to apply as much mascara. When sometimes I would have 5 or even 6 coats, now only 3 is sufficient. It keeps my lashes separated, instead of clumping together, and while it keeps my mascara on well, it comes off easily when I wash off my makeup. I had originally tried Smashbox’s lid primer, and it’s fabulous with eyeshadow (it actually stays on until I wash it off!)

Emma Farragut, IA

It’s good.

It does what it says it will do. Coat the lashes first then put on mascara.It helps to make lashes look fuller. I like it.

Colleen North Miami, OK

Amazing Results

I do not wear much makeup; a bit of concealer, mascara, and lip gloss does it for me. That being said, I want the best products to maximize the little bit of effort I am willing to put into my face every morning. I have tried every mascara out there, primers, and lash fibers. Smashbox lash primer is amazing. It makes a very noticeable difference in the look of whatever mascara you put on and provides all day flake free wear. Washing it off at the end of the day is a breeze, no makeup remover needed. The best benefit of this product is that my eyelashes are longer and healthier than ever before. I have tried eyelash extensions and did not enjoy the experience (expensive, time consuming, and itchy watery eyes resulting) although they looked good. Now, my lashes look as long and beautiful as they did with extensions, but they are my natural lashes. I will continue to use and recommend this product. It could not be easier to use and the results are wonderful. Worth every penny!

Madelyn Colorado City, TX

Will never go without!

All I really focus on in my makeup routine is getting HUGE, FAT lashes!!!! And this product delivers just that! I coat this on the same way I would apply my mascara and let dry for about a minute then coat my regular mascara over it and the results are AMAZING. The primer doesn’t clump at all. It literally DOUBLES the effect of my regular mascara. And with the primer on under the mascara I can leave the mascara on over night and it doesn’t come off during the night. (I know, ladies, I should wash my makeup off every night and I DO. I wash my face after a bath, but leave the lashes.) This product is amazing. I have been using it for a few months now about 3 times a week and I still have plenty. This is a MUST HAVE!

Maryanne Shields, ND


I usually have to put on about three layers of mascara, not anymore! Just one layer of this and one layer of black mascara, looks great! I feel like my mascara flakes less as well, this stuff binds the mascara to your lashes. Love it 🙂

Bobbie Orland, IN

Look at my eyes

This is a good product in that it helps to make your mascara stay on better and gives your lashes a fuller effect and I would recommend this to anyone

Doreen Ocean City, NJ

Thank goodness for macara setting

Keeps my mascara from running and giving me raccoon eyes. I also use a translucent powder to dab under my bottom lashes and on the tips of my top lashes to set mascara.

Francis Williamsport, KY

good for very thin lashes.

This is exactly a primer, nothing more nothing less. It will add an extra coat to the thickness of your own lashes before you apply mascara. It makes removal of mascara a bit more difficult than without it, but for very thin lashes it’s worth the effort.

Elisha Crawford, WV

works greet!!

if you have fine lashes like me this makes and cheap or fancy mascara make your eyelashes ten times longer

Madeleine Meridian, CA

Smashbox Layer Lash Primer

I like this product. It goes on smoothly and helps to define my lashes when I layer it with mascara. Smashbox is a great company and I like their make up. I’d recommend this to anyone who wants long lovely lashes.

Helen Center Sandwich, NH

Must have to stop smudges!

Every single mascara, no matter how expensive, smudges on me and leaves me with raccoon eyes an hour after applying it. I ordered this after doing some research and reading that a primer might help to stop that. I ordered it but didnt have high hopes as I thought I was doomed to be a raccoon forever…I received this and my first impression was that it wouldnt work as I could barely see it on my lashes but this thing WORKS! I am able to wear any mascara from the cheapest drugstore brand to the most expensive brand and NO SMUDGES!! I will never be without this!

Marcy Goodman, WI

Good but not great

Good product and do what it suppose to do, little pricy and if you have good volumizing mascara you dont need this extra step but i enjoy using it

Staci Gibbsboro, NJ

Can’t live without it!

I am a 42 year old female who has long but thin eyelashes. Despite their length, they never look full even after putting three coats of mascara on them. I originally bought this product in Sephora – had never used a lash primer before bought thought, why not?I love this product. It makes your lashes thicker, preparing them for the mascara. Basically, you put this on just like you do mascara – the wand and tube look and work exactly like a tube of mascara. It is white but don’t worry – you will never see it after you put the mascara on. You let this dry for about a minute, and then put your mascara on like you would normally.Since I have used this, I now only need one coat of mascara (instead of 3) and my eyelashes look much thicker and fuller. I wouldn’t say that it makes your mascara last any longer – but certainly makes your eyes look better.I will not use mascara without using this first. I have been using this product for 3 years now and I love it.

Elizabeth Archer, IA

Nice product

I like the product. I use it before putting on my mascara. I’m not sure if my lashes are growing, but it does not cake up, and hopefully it will in the future help my lashes ot grow.

Victoria Chicota, TX

Does the job.

I am one that will not be without a last primer. I do not like eyelashes that look clumpy nor do I like having to put on extra coats of mascara. With a primer the mascara works so much better. To me primers make the mascara go on smoother and more efficiently for a more natural look. This one works well. It seems to work better after I had it a month or so because it thicken up somewhat. Would purchase again.

Violet Rumsey, KY