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Smashbox Cosmetics SmashBox Cosmetics Photo Op Under Eye Brightener

Because concealer alone sometimes just doesn’t cut it, SmashBox Cosmetics Photo Op Under Eye Brightener immediately wakens and brightens skin, while adding moisture You’ll get infinitely better results with your concealer after the skin under eyes is nourished with beneficial boosters like Vitamin E, Red Wine Extract, peptides and Marine Collagen-all of which also helps to disguise and repair fine lines It can be used on any area of the face to highlight and add radiance, as well Directions Before concealer, apply Photo Op Under Eye Brightener under eyes and blend out using fingers. For a lifted and youthful appearance, highlight the inner corners of the eye and orbital bone. You can even fake a plump pout by dabbing Photo Op on the top of the cupid’s bow.

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  • Smashbox Cosmetics SmashBox Cosmetics Photo Op Under Eye Brightener by Smashbox

Honest reviews


Great Product

I was surprised to see all the negative reviews of this product. I have been using the under eye brightener for about 2 years now, and no other product I’ve used has given me the same great results. It’s lightweight, and long-lasting. A lot of people complain about the shimmer–but this product is meant to go on before your foundation–not on its own.It is a bit pricey, but you only need to use a tiny amount each application. Definitely will buy again and again.

Kitty Larue, TX

Brightens with shimmer

I love me some shimmer, thus the 3 star rating, but in all honesty I wouldn’t go out my way to buy this again especially when Revlon has a similar “light effect” product on the market for a whole heck of a lot less cash. This is suppose to go under the eye to brighten things up but if you have any sort of dark circles to hide this item will NOT cover them up, it will only give them a nice shimmer in the right light. Maybe this works as a nice effect if you’re doing a photo shoot but face it if we’re worthy of a photo shoot someone else will more than likely be providing the makeup and the excellent lighting. I don’t like throwing things away and prefer to use this on my brow bone or in the center of my lid for a little pop of shimmer. Otherwise, it’s a pretty useless product.

Serena Merchantville, NJ

Had high hopes

This is not the maker’s fault. I really had high hopes for this brightener, but I just suck at putting this type of eye brightener on. It is difficult to stay in line with it to have the kind of effect I am looking for. I just end up making a big mess. I am better off with pencils.

Jenna Kingsford Heights, IN

not for me

this was a waste of my money. Smashbox needs to do better. This product was a joke. It did not cover nicely under the eye. I found a Loreal new product that works at Walgreens. Try that.

Dianne Hamilton, AL

lovely results

I use this every day and it brightens up my face, love it!!

Kenya Bee, NE

Not worth the money

This had great reviews and Smashbox usually has great products, but not this one. Didn’t do a thing – didn’t brighten, cover up, conceal – nothing. Felt good, light weight but there are many other eye brightners that work much better.

Lorna Troutman, NC