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SmartLash Eyelash Enhancer 0.16 oz.

This physician-tested, non-irritating lash enhancement gem completely transforms the appearance of your lashes. If you desire a lash line that looks thick, long and full, SmartLash is the formula for you. The prostaglandin-free blend frees you from the harsh side effects of other lash enhancement products, and is ophthalmologist-approved for wearers of contact lenses and sensitive eyes. Results may be seen in as little as seven days! Also beneficial for brow enhancement. In clinical studies, participants experienced: Up to a 68% increase in the appearance of lash length!* 100% saw an increase in the appearance of eyelash length, fullness and thickness after 30 days. 100% indicated a superior performance of this product when compared to previously used eyelash enhancement products. 100% said they feel like they need less mascara. 100% would recommend SMARTLASH to a friend. *Results based on a 60-day independent clinical study with product application twice a day.

Key features

  • Apply twice per day
  • For thicker, longer and fuller lashes and brows
  • Results seen in as little as 7 days
  • Prostaglandin-free
  • Physician formulated and tested

Honest reviews


Not for sensitive eyes…

I am surprised at how many people like this product. First, it only enhances the APPEARANCE of lashes, not actual growth. Latisse, a prescription product, causes actual growth but it also has side effects. Second (and most important), SmartLash has oil in it and the oil manages to seep into your eyes no matter how carefully or sparingly you try to apply it. It’s very irritating and doesn’t wash out with eye drops. You just have to wait until enough time and tears have washed it away (about a day). I think it does actually make your lashes look better (not make them grow), but it’s not worth getting the stuff in your eyes. Especially if you wear contacts (I don’t, so that’s not what made it hurt my eyes), I think it is not worth the irritation, redness, and tearing that it causes.Definitely not recommended. But, if you still want to try it for yourself, don’t buy it here. It’s available for much cheaper elsewhere, as other commenters have said.

Julia Sheridan, CA

Negative Results

I used this product but it caused irritation – puffy itchy eyes. I stopped and thought maybe it was allergies. Once my eyes settled down, I began to use it again. Once again, puffy itchy eyes.So trash can it went!

Alisha Lynchburg, TN


This is day 8 of using SmartLash for me. Just to be honest, I have been applying it more than directed, usually 3 or 4 times a day as opposed to the twice daily recommendation on the package. My lashes are very long anyway, but they were thinning out on me after I turned 40. WOW!! I can already see the volume returning to my lashes, especially my lower lashes. I have also been applying to my brows and they have shown tremendous results already. I like that there are no side effects (other than growing lashes/brows) unlike the leading prescription lash enhancer. I noticed there are people on the reviews of this product who were not very satisfied so I will just say that for my lashes and brows this product is a panacea. It’s worth a try even if it only works a fraction as well for you as it did for me. Excellent product that delivers on it’s promise.

Elisha Carlton, MN

it works!

I bought this product on special just to try it our and it TOTALLY works!! my lashes are longer & stronger. Great alternative to the prescription products.

Madge Gonzalez, FL

Takes Time

SmartLash seems to add growth, but it takes about 3 months to actually see results. I also read on here that other reviewers are experiencing oil from the product irritating their eyes, I have experienced this as well and it doesn’t wash out easily. I’ve used other products such as “Revitalash” and that one is more expensive but it seems to work faster. Not my favorite product

Marquita Millrift, PA

It might not work this way for everyone, but it worked well for me.

(Full disclosure: I did not purchase this through Amazon. I came in intending to, but saw an ad from an external website that was considerably cheaper, and decided to try it from there.)I did not purchase this thinking I would get a miracle, so I cannot speak to what it will do for someone who is young.When I was young I had long, thick lashes (that were, unfortunately, quite light, but still…). Through the years, they had gotten sparse and not as long. Then I had cataract surgery in the middle of menopause, and somehow the combination of the two laid the remaining lashes to waste (also my hair and fingernails, but that is another story.)My lashes were brittle, and they no longer had a curl to them– short, straight stump lashes. I was not happy at all. I kept waiting for them to grow back, but they weren’t doing it, so I decided to give this a shot.I didn’t like the looks of the product at first. It is not a serum (which I was expecting) it just looks like water. You apply it to the skin above the lashes (I use it underneath, too) and the first time I used it, I got it everywhere, including in my eyes, which did not feel real good. I quickly learned to pull the wand out and wait for a drop to work its way down to the brush, then wipe the drop off. It dries fairly quickly, and then you can put on your makeup without its interfering with the application. After it dries, it is like it is not even there.I used it twice a day for a few months (one tube lasts a very long time. I think I am on tube #3, and have been using it for two years.) For a while, I didn’t notice much of anything, then notice that the curl was back in my lashes, meaning they had been growing past the point where they had been breaking off. Frankly, that was good enough for me.I kept using the product, but I only got around to doing it one a day. I don’t even use it the same time every day–either in the morning or before bed, depending on my mood.I didn’t notice that my lashes had gotten significantly longer than they were until I got a pair of bifocal sunglasses and they were annoying me because my lashes were touching them. So I went home and gave them a closer inspection. They are like they were when I was younger– they are long, with a nice curl…but, unfortunately, still as pale as they ever were, so the mascara people will still be getting my business.I do not know if it will work well on someone who always had sparse, short lashes. I am sorry I did not track the progress to tell you how long it took, but it wasn’t instant, it was gradual over a period of months.But it did work, and work quite well for me, so I would recommend it to others, at least to give it a try for a few months. It doesn’t work overnight, though, so if you are impatient, save your money and buy a set of false eyelashes. If you are willing to wait, though, you might be pleasantly surprised.

Heidi Amargosa Valley, NV

No difference in lashes

I bought this because I was going through chemo and I thought it would help me not only keep from losing my lashes but help them grow long – like one of the social workers I met who used a lash treatment and had AMAZING lashes. (I figured one is as good as the next, right?) The chemo I was going through is not a hair loss type but my hair was thinning. I used Smartlash diligently, except the week I was in the hospital, and I have noticed no difference in my lash thickness or length. I am very disappointed to lose out on so much money ( I bought two tubes on groupon) for a product that wastes both time and money.

Natasha Anthony, TX

Don’t waste your money

The only thing that grew for me with this was my anger… at how much I spent for junk that does absolutely NOTHING but empty your wallet.

Kristie Fenn, ID

Got great results

I really didn’t think this would work. And it seemed like a dumb thing to spend money on, but I was bored and feeling adventurous, I guess. After a week and a half, my lower lashes looked much less sparse. After two weeks, even my husband admitted my lashes looked longer. Three full weeks completed and family members and perfect strangers are commenting on how great my eyes look. With mascara, the results are especially noticeable. I realize I saw results much faster than usual, and maybe I was just lucky, but I’m sticking with SmartLash.

Dolly Oologah, OK

Here’s my theory…

I have been using this for about a month, it was bought for about $13 on a Groupon.Yes, my lashes look a bit fuller, but I wonder if the product has some sort of glue in it, because I have lost almost no eyelashes since using it, and that is fairly atypical.For the minimal results I would say save your money, especially at this price.

Joan Sitka, KY

Healthy and Great looking lashes

If you are looking for a product that is going to give you those extra long, fake looking lashes that resemble a black fan, forget it. You might want to go get lash extensions for that. Or if you have dark eyes and want to spend the money, maybe the prescription lash enhancer is good for you. All I wanted was lashes that did not break as easily or pull out as easily when removing make-up and this really fits the bill. My lashes are longer and thicker but that is because they fall out less often and so they have a chance to grow longer. They are very healthy and with a coat of mascara I have had people ask me if I have extensions. I put this stuff on (like eyeliner) every night before bed. I don’t want to run the risk involved in the prescription stuff (I have light eyes) and I also don’t want to spend that kind of money. This tube lasts for months and makes my lashes look great!

Kelsey Fairland, IN

Gently longer and darker lashes

I was skeptical of this product first but after applying closer to my lashes every night for few weeks, others might not notice but I started to see a slight difference. My lashes getting darker and longer. After one month, I am very pleased with my purchase. It’s a wonderful product without any side effects. My eyelashes looked gorgeous after mascara.Talking of side effects, I mistakenly ordered, the number one of this type, “Rapid”lash (4 stars from 1,046 customers) first. I thought it was “Smart”lash. Smartlash was highly recommended on Youtube and I wanted to buy Smartlash but when I searched in Amazon, Rapidlash got better number and I naturally thought it was Smartlash that I was looking for but obviously it wasn’t.After I bought Rapidlash and mistakenly posted my good review, thinking it was Smartlash but it was Rapidlash, I was contacted by a very smart-savvy and health-conscious customer asking a question.”Is this the new formula or the old one? I can see in the list of ingredients that it includes Isopropyl Cloprostenate, thought that was out in the new” -ClaraAfter my research, Indeed, Isopropyl Cloprostenate was listed as “beware”. Although it is a FDA-approved drugs to lower intraocular pressure in glaucoma patients but comes with side effects, irritation, hyperemia, iris color change, macular edema, ocular inflammation, and interference with glaucoma therapy but what worried the most was that it is prostaglandin analogs for ophthalmic use and are currently classified as Pregnancy Class C. meaning that there have been no human studies of the drug, but that animal studies have revealed some potential abnormalities.Luckily, I didn’t used Rapidlash but I still keep it. With many good reviews on Rapidlash, I am sure it works but I am very afraid to try…

Maryann Coldwater, KS