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Smart Shade Anti Aging Makeup Light, 1.0-Fluid Ounce

Women who want an easy way to find their foundation shade and defy the signs of aging.Almay’s first anti aging makeup with skin tone matching technology. Contains: A blend of Peptides that helps reduce appreance of fine lines and wrinkles. A blend of rice protein, sweet almond seed extract and seaweed extract that provides hydration and help firm skin and pea extract for skin lightening and evening of skin tone. Creamy liquid makeup with dual benefit. Transforms from white to the ideal shade and provides anti-agin skincare benefits.Breakthrough technology with skin-sensing anti-aging beads that helps reduce appreance of wrinkles, boost elasticity and brighten skin.Oil free, SPF 20, medium coverage, soft satin finish, fragrance free, talc-free and paraben free.

Key features

  • Women who want an easy way to find their foundation shade and defy the signs of aging
  • Almay’s first anti aging makeup with skin tone matching technology
  • Creamy liquid makeup with dual benefit. Transforms from white to the ideal shade and provides anti-agin skincare benefits
  • Breakthrough technology with skin-sensing anti-aging beads that helps reduce appreance of wrinkles, boost elasticity and brighten skin
  • Oil free, SPF 20, medium coverage, soft satin finish, fragrance free, talc-free and paraben free

Honest reviews


Works as advertised

Bought this as I wanted to wear makeup that offered some skin protection from the sun. I also wanted something that was easy to apply and would not look artificial.I can honestly write the Smart Shade Anti Aging Makeup works as advertised. While the makeup looks white when squirted from the bottle, it magically turns to the right shade to match your skin tone. I was amazed by how well this makeup looks natural on my skin.The makeup is very easy to apply and the light/medium shade looks perfect with my fair skin, hazel eyes and medium brown hair.Recommend.

Tameka Cassville, NY

Tips to using it!!!

So far I love this product it is the perfect color and makes my skin feel great. BUT haha I have learned that once you put it on if you don’t blend immediatelyit is streaky XD OOPS but other then that it goes on great. And I would buy it again

Margaret Hollansburg, OH



Lynette Dawson, AL

Love love love!

This is by the far the best foundation I have ever worn…I don’t even need to wear a ton of moisturizer or primer underneath. On the weekends sometimes I just apply and go and it looks flawless. Even my husband commented on how natural my skin/makeup always look and he loves it that way. This makeup makes your skin look BETTER! Love it. Have stocked up.

Summer Prineville, OR

Interesting product

I have some wrinkles, scarring, a few blemishes, and uneven coloring, This makeup tones it all down a bit, but by no means leaves me anywhere near flawless. Then again, it is light enough that it doesn’t look like I’ve got foundation on in direct sunlight. (I hate that.) It has become my everyday foundation over others I have that cost 2-4 times as much. I will probably end up buying it again unless I find something better.

Carol South Gate, CA

Light to Medium? Not really…

The overall look of this makeup is great! However, I have a more pinkish tone than an orange tone. And this "smart shade" is not so smart. This feels not like a moisturizer, but like thick foundation. It is orange-ish and seemed to clog my pores. If I used spray tan, this looked perfect! I mean… perfect. But with my normal skin, this looked ridiculous. I would not recommend it unless you are a fake-and-bake tan sort of gal.

Hilary Reedsville, OH

It’s good

I am fair skinned and the color is just about perfect. I do use a moisturizer because I find it goes on smoother and more even.

Brooke Plainfield, WI

It is a Perfect Match – Not a Fan of the Packaging.

I adore this foundation. I am very fair and finding the right match is difficult. I use the light variety and I use it on my forehead, cheeks and nose, along with the tip of my chin. This product covers well and it a great foundation for my powder and blush. I do not know how it works for others but since I do not cover my entire face I love its blending capabilities. Having dry skin and living in CO I find that it is perfectly balanced and gives me a matte finish which is what I’m looking for.I do not like the packaging as you reach the end of your tube it is easier to get the rest out but cutting the tube and squeezing. I wish it was in a glass bottle. I also do not like the many preservatives in this product. As much as I use it for coverage when I need it it still makes me wonder if there is a better alternative.I would recommend this product if you are very fair or if you have a difficult time matching your skin tone.

Autumn Hulls Cove, ME


The only good thing about this product is that it is "smart" in terms of color matching. It’s white in the tube, but after smoothing it on, it adapts to your skin color and even enhances it. Now, the bad side. It is VERY drying. So drying that it shows every tiny to every large wrinkle. It makes your skin look older.

Carole Hereford, OR

great light-weight foundation!

Love this product! I’ve tried the high-end cosmetics and also a couple of BB creams. This fits my look perfectly because I light a little more coverage than the BB creams offer (they’re fine for under foundation – for me, anyway….) – this Almay product gives a fresh, even coverage/look.I read some reviews that say it makes the skin “glow”. Not so much for me… it’s more of a fresh matte-type finish. It doesn’t settle into the lines, it is a GREAT shade (I bought light/med 200) and I have fair skin. It’s perfect. I think it’s made to match skin tone somehow, and you can see this about 30 seconds after applying this, since the product looks white/gray when applying.I can’t say enough good things about this foundation/cream. AND it has SPF 20. I’m in my early 50’s and have taken good care of skin – occasional Botox – VERY occasional! And I use the AMAZING Aryu-Deva Bioscience Renewal Complex for my skin care. Yes, I have some lines, and this Almay is perfect for not settling into the lines!Yesterday I went to lunch with my 26 yo daughter and she asked if I changed my foundation. I said yes,… do you think I should be using a heavier foundation? She said no! Whatever you’re wearing is great! It makes your skin look sooooo good and fresh!I rest my case. 🙂 (shake the tube before using)

Melva Catawba, OH

Actually I really like this

This comes out of the tube as white cream and develops an almost invisible base color in minutes. Not sure how it works. It won’t cover all imperfections, but using concealer and mineral or other powder over it provides a great look that for me lasts all day.

Jerry Bradford, IN

The only foundation I’ll ever use

I’m in my 50’s and I finally found the right foundation for me. I bet I have tried every single drugstore -and many online- foundation products over the years and Almay was right in front of me the whole time! It’s lightweight, yet covers age spots and tiny veins really well. It gives me true blending with my natural shade and it’s ‘dewy’ looking -not shiny or greasy- just moist and dewy looking. I love it. I bought a back-up tube, so I never run out!

Maritza Coupeville, WA

great light coverage!

I LOVE this foundation. First off the price is good, I picked this up for about $10 at my local grocery store. I was a little worried when I dispensed the product and it came out a whitish gray color, but once you rub it onto your face and wait a few minutes it matches your skin tone FLAWLESSLY. My bathroom has really poor lighting, and foundations that I have used in the past looked like they matched my skin tone indoors, but looked day-glow orange outdoors! This foundation looks natural indoors and out, and feels light and natural on my skin. My absolute favorite feature of this product is that it adapts to my skin tone whether or not I am tanning! I am naturally pale, and I use fake bake flawless and end up a medium skin tone. I have the smart shade in light/medium and it matches my skin whether I am freshly tanned, pale, or in-between! Its nice to have one product that can replace three different shades of foundation, and still work better than they ever did. I really like the anti-aging version because it has sunscreen to protect my delicate skin 🙂 Most days I wear it by itself or with some translucent setting powder like physicians formula matte finishing veil, or for medium to heavy coverage I use it with physicians formula foundation powder in creamy neutral.

Meredith Pilot Point, AK

Darker than light/medium: request replacement tube

I’ve used the regular Smart Shade (and the concealer) in light/medium and this isn’t the same color….it is dark enough to make me look like I’ve been walking through red clay.I’m returning it for a replacement….if the replacement is in the right color, I’ll amend this review and consider that I got a bad tube. But the fact that many of the other one-star reviews cite product that’s too dark makes me think I’ll probably end up returning the replacement tube, too…for a refund.The original light/medium was the perfect shade for me…I hope this tube was just a glitch in manufacturing.UPDATE: My replacement tube was the right color (and had a different batch number on the tube). I give this only three stars, though, for two reasons: Quality control on the part of Almay and poor customer service on the part of Almay. I have been waiting a week for Almay to respond to my inquiry/complaint…nothing. Amazon’s replacement policy and immediate action to get me a new tube was, as always, amazing.SECOND UPDATE: No email response from Almay/Revlon, but I received a certificate for $10 in the mail today. I’m adding another star.

Rosalind Saint Benedict, PA


I think this stuff is pretty neat. My boyfriend gets pretty amazed at how it comes out white and the beads break when you are putting it on to match your skin tone. Could be a little darker though, not quite a medium tone makeup.

Sandra Morrisonville, NY

Went on really nice but the medium oxidizes to dark

If you have light to medium skin tone and want a lighter foundation to build color with bronzer and blush then this is NOT for you. if you want an all over color that brings the darker shade of your skin out then this does it. I found that this went on really smooth and looked like the darker pigment of my skin but I don’t like that, I like a foundtion 1 shade lighter than my skin so I can contour and bronze and so my skin has dimension. It does have a great look and I almost kept it but I gave it to my sister that tans (I don’t) and she loves it.Some people will love it and some won’t. I love ALMAY brand though cause I have very sensitive skin and I have never had problems with this line and I always do with products. I wish they would come out with more sensitive skin foundations. I do love Maybelline “Pure Makeup” it looks really natural and light for a heavier coverage I like Revlons Colorstay. It covers well but never looks cakey on me EVER..

Kendra Dryden, ME

Works on my sensitive, problematic, PITA skin type

I have been using this make up for years. I started with the non anti-aging variety and switched about a year ago to this one as I creep into the realm of the 40’s. I honestly wish I had tried the anti-aging variety first because it is so much smoother and moisturizing than the regular. It goes on nicely and never feels or looks caked on. I wouldn’t consider this heavy coverage so if you’re looking for that keep going. This stuff is really only meant to even out your tone and smooth in some linesI have very sensitive skin. It’s combination skin that is oily in the T-zone and super dry everywhere else. Anything too harsh will cause a break out, rash, hives, redness….you name it. Just about anything will set it off. I tried everything on the market for many, many years to find the right combination of cleansers, moisturizers, and make up that would level me out.Finally….FINALLY….I settled onCetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, For all skin types, 16-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 2),Cetaphil Fragrance Free Moisturizing Lotion, 16-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 2), and this make up. That’s it. No more, no less. I finally have skin that is happy and almost never breaks out into anything beyond the most minor blemish. As a matter of fact, liquid make up is now optional for me. I don’t need to wear it everyday. Sometimes I only use the matching pressed powder.I certainly hope Almay keeps making this stuff. I really don’t want to start the search all over again. Thankfully, I truly believe the Cetaphil is the most important part of the equation, but I don’t want to test that theory.

Kimberley Oak Island, NC


I’ve purchased this foundation twice since I’m so impressed with it. Good coverage, but coverage doesn’t show. It’s not drying or greasy. Matches my skin color very well.

Lela Elfers, FL

Smart Shade Anti Aging Makeup

I ordered this makeup to blend in my complexion. It is hard to believe that it blend in and matches my skin tone so beautifully. Thank you from a grandmother in her 70’s.

Shelly Mc Cormick, SC

Old standby

I Love Almay products, I actually mix the light and light/medium for the perfect flawless coverage. It stays on all day and never looks fake. I was a Merle Norman customer for 24 years then switched and I like Almay better. The cost is significantly less too. I was very disappointed with shipping, I ordered multiple of the same product, they were shipped in the same manila envelope but I was charged 4.95 shipping for each item…not what I call good customer service. I kept them because even with shipping, I could not beat the price.

Priscilla Troy, PA

What a surprise!

I thought this one of those gimmicky cosmetic things that would wind up joining all the other makeup stuff I’ve bought, used once, and tossed aside.Not so! I was really surprised by this. It looks almost like a white moisturizer, but darn, you put it on, and it really does match your skin color!I don’t use foundation all over; just forehead, nose, under eyes and chin. The match was seamless.I’ve seen others say that this is almost like a tinted moisturizer. That’s not true. It did a nice job of covering, but it wasn’t super heavy, which I like (I should also say that my complexion is pretty good so I don’t need a heavy foundation.)It’s inexpensive enough that if you think you might benefit, you should try it. This definitely won’t up on the Island of Misfit Makeup!

Kristina Alger, OH


Tip, goes on lighter than the color swatch…I have a light skin tone and bought the second shade…next time I will go with the darkest shade. It’s fairly thick but no shine, which I like. In a pinch, you could actually go with this as a base, concealer and finisher all in one. I like that it is Paraben Free and healthy!

Brandie Auburn Hills, MI

Skin matching?!?

This product goes on white then blends out to match/mimic skin tone. It does a great job at doing so and it’s gentle on my acne prone skin so ……. Less breakouts! That’s always a win in my book. This is very blendable and I apply it with a flat top kabuki. You do not need a whole lot of this product which is nice meaning you can use less and this will last you a long time. If your into a lighter coverage that really just enhances your natural skin this is the product for you!

Mae Bernardston, MA

So far, so good.

Color was perfect match for my skin. Was wary about buying foundation online without being able to see the color, but it worked out. I like that it has sunscreen already in it. It is very light and doesn’t feel greasy, which is important in a foundation.

Janna Skippers, VA

Smooth and light, even color.

Somehow this light, whitish cream manages to blend perfectly with my skintone. It’s important to shake it up a little bit first though, because if you get an unequal mix of lotion/pigment, it can leave a brown streak. Overall, it feels very light, just like using regular facial lotion, but just makes your skin glow.I like this product WAY more than heavy foundations. I don’t even have wrinkles or age spots, but anti-aging is never bad, right? If you have decent skin, but just want to make it glow evenly, this product is AMAZING.

Paula Dededo, GU

Goes onn easy

I bought this an it goes on easy and covers nice but it is more on the light side rather than light/medium next time I will try medium.It is so hard to pick right the first time you are buy a new foundation.

Mable Gillette, WY

love this make up

it is light weight but covers well .and i love the skin match technology .i would put this product up there with more expensive products as far as quality .I like the fact that you squeez the tube and the small opeining allows little chance for bacteria

Emily Rogersville, AL

Smart Shade for sure!

I was skeptical with purchasing this because I have freckles and always have a hard time finding foundation to match and look natural. I loved when I found out this product was paraben-free because I’ve converted to all paraben-free cosmetics! I put this on my face and it’s neat because it goes on like a white cream and then blends. The match = perfect! This is my new foundation for sure!

Annie Columbiana, AL


This product is sensational. All the tiny lines are filled-in with this makeup. It goes on white like a creamy lotion and then turns miraculously to my own skintone. It’s like I am not wearing makeup at all. I suggest that all women try this product. I know you will like it. is where I shop a great deal of the time. I get great service, prompt delivery and extremely great prices.

Gracie Mid Hudson, NY

luv it love it LOOOOOVVVEEE it

This is a great base makeup. Goes on easy, blends easy, adjusts well to the shade of your skin, as long as you get the right shade range. Medium-Light and Medium have a difference in appearance on the skin, as I have found in the past. I have been using this product for many years and don’t plan on changing. It just seems to work for me.

Dora Pilot, VA