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Small Deluxe Custom Fangs


Key features

  • Plastic
  • Made in USA
  • Store out of sun & extreme temps
  • Great use
  • Great look
  • Great gift

Honest reviews


I havent even gotten them yet/falls off

I had high hopes for this product but it is now three days to a week late! I have contacted the seller three times and have not heard a word i do not recommend this product from this seller. As for the product i opened the ones my friend got off a different site and tryed to use them. They fall off constantly but do indeed look natural if you can find a better way to stick them in.

Antoinette Ventura, IA

Happy Overall

These came fairly quick and packaged nicely. The teeth are very smooth and comfortable, but durable. They match my natural teeth color closely, not too yellow and not toothpaste commercial white. They actually do look like real teeth and, overall, I love the product.My only problem was the liquid activator that you mix with the capsule powder to fit them to your teeth. I messed up on both teeth the first time, and I was so happy that I had 4 extra capsules of the molding powder, but the liquid tastes and smells AWFUL. I understand that it’s a chemical that’s supposed to react with the powder, but I didn’t expect it to have such a strong nail polish remover/paint thinner/cleaning spray smell and when you have to put it onto your teeth? Forget it. It’s not bad once it dries, but you still do taste it faintly. Also, a tip for mixing: Since these fangs are so small, you don’t need to use the entire capsule of mixing powder. The reason I messed up the first time was because there was so much gushing out of the tooth when I put it on, that when it finally dried and I attempted to clip the excess so my mouth wasn’t bulky and pushed out, it popped off in one big chunk. A little more than half a capsule fills these perfectly.Also, do not play with these too much, take them in and out of your mouth and touch them a lot, as they will wear down and become a little loose and a little dingy-colored.

Beth Rocky Ford, CO

not happy couldn’t take pics

I purchase this because i love trueblood they dont stick well i lost one in the street the same day i put them on. Not worth it. Wish i could find good ones so i can finally take pics.

Dorothy Dayton, KY

great teeth!

Great teeth but too small for my canines. Didn’t really think my teeth were that big, but worked just fine for the next ones in. Easy to mix and sculpt to teeth.

Carmella Ely, MN

Fantastic for any Vampire Princess!

I purchased these for my daughter — the Vampire Princess — for Halloween last year, and they worked very well. She’s 11, so has most of her adult teeth, which aren’t overly large or small, and the fangs were a big hit. They were easy to apply, looked great and stayed on really well… which is definitely the most important aspect. All of the advertised pieces came in the package.Our glamorous (yet frightening) Vampire Princess was able to talk pretty well with them in, but could not eat any of her candy until they were removed. This meant that they were removed very quickly upon returning home. In fact, I had to stop her from flicking them off in the front yard as she ran towards the door.Candy is the great equalizer.Recommended for great costume fun!

Viola Coal Center, PA

Very impressed!

These are great fangs, they come with powder and liquid to mold them to your teeth and you only have to mold them once no glue no mess every time you put them in they’re also VERY comfortable and easy to speak with. Scarecrow makes larger fangs but I would recommend these, they are the perfect size and despite being labeled as small they are rather noticeable. If these ever get ruined/lost/breakdown I will 100% buy them again.

Michaela Osceola, MO


They are what you pay for. They look fine once on, but the sealing/application goo just doesn’t do the trick. I mold them perfectly and by the second wearing they’ve lost their snug fit. I’m thinking of wearing them with polydent just to keep them on.

Trisha West Columbia, TX

AMAZING and Easy

I had my doubts about these even with all the good reviews. This is the 1st set Ive ever bought but after doing research this name kept coming up and reviews always good…. They are great! I put them on the insiders i think they are called the ones beside the k-9 because i thought they looked best there for my teeth. I do have normal to larger size teeth and these smaller ones still fit great and I liked it because I was able to close my mouth and talk almost normal which is why I went with the smaller ones. If you follow the directions on how to make the teeth fit they work perfect. I got it on one try and i was nervous I wouldn’t be able to and was even more scared that once they finished hardening and I tried them the next day that they wouldn’t work… I put them on and they worked perfectly I had them in and out all the time for over 4 hours. These will definitely last a long time. Only down side for me is my teeth are VERY white and these have a slight tent to them to make them look more real and match most peoples teeth so they do stand out just a tad on me but nothing major and they still look amazing and I had continuous compliments on them and how did i find some that worked and told a lot of people the brand name for themselves to get. I can not save enough good things about this product. Oh and the only thing I wish they would fix is the liquid have a resealable top so you can use it later if the seal stuff ever breaks off and you need to re-do the seals but its a twist snap top so Im not sure how to save the liquid for the future if I ever need to fix the seal stuff.

Janell Dawson, MN

Great, easy instructions.

easy to follow instructions, great fit, did it twice for an even better fit. i see me getting ALOT of use out of these 🙂

Elisha Hambleton, WV

only got sent one tooth….

would have been better if i got sent 2 fang’s rather then just one :/ cant really be a vampire if i only get one tooth…

Wendy Nokomis, IL

No others

Dont even bother buying others, Ive bought them twice over, and well Im going to have to buy them again I just seem to forget them places, but they are worth the money! especially when they go on sale around halloween, youd think the price would go up but they actually go down 😉

Esperanza Orwell, OH

Super amazing!

These are awesome. Wore them all day and popped them out to eat and drink a few times, they were great! Getting the molding down was a little hard and we had SO MUCH over spill. I imagine the next time we try this out it will work better. They are totally rocking!

Sharon Fanrock, WV


they are so realistic!!! and im happy i got it, i tottaly recoment these i am not dissapointed at all!

Minnie Spring Grove, IL


these are so totally cool! its easy to put the puddy in for the molding and they stick in really well! its awesome to have around.

Kristine Crothersville, IN


I love these!! They are not to big and dramatic so they are wearable esp if its meant to be a more subtleCostume! I’m doing a she devil vamp so these fangs arent overbearing over the rest of the look! Also the case is so cute and perfect for all my halloween lovers

Pauline Vienna, VA

Looked good!

Process took forever, so be patient. Turned out great for my costume, looked realistic enough! I did trim down the top part of the teeth with nail-clippers because they looked awkward being so long on my teeth. And then they worked out perfect.

Mellisa Fredericksburg, TX

They look Real!

Super real, I scared my friends at dinner with these fangs! It takes a lot of efforts to put them in I have to say and that’s why I am giving a 4 stars, one fang fell out 3 times and I was 45 minutes late because of it, although once they were on, they glued so good. I lost them again late at night but lasted 3/4 hours.Probably the best in the market

Colette Inverness, MT