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Slimquick Pure Weight Loss Extra Strength, 60 count

Slimquick extra strength is the only extra strength fat burner that is designed specifically to help women lose weight fast and sculpt their best body for maximum results. Designed specifically for women. Scientifically formulated to address the six physiological barriers that women face when they want to lose weight.

Key features

  • Designed specifically for women
  • Scientifically formulated to address the six physiological barriers that women face when they want to lose weightDesigned specifically for women
  • Lose up to 25 pounds!
  • The extra strength version of slimquick
  • * Product formerly called – Slimquick Razor Maximum Strenghth. Packaging has been changed bu the item remains the same.

Honest reviews



Slimquick products may cause liver-failure…I bought the bottle and found this out and have not touched the pills since. Losing weight may seem like the most important or one of the most important goals of your life at the moment but it is absolutely not worth liver-failure.[…]

Jeanine Pritchett, CO

Great in the beginning

but like most diet pills it is only effective in the first couple of months… so I didn’t really do much dieting so didn’t take advantage. But I can imagine that if some is serious about a two month diet and exercise program, this would really help.

Noemi Hansford, WV

Made my heart race!!

I bought this to lose some weight, boy It made me think I was having a heart attack. I flushed them down the toilet! My daughter wanted to try them. I would never let her take them..

Nichole Conception, MO

no more hunger

Ok, these ones make me go all day without eating..BUT do NOT do that. You have to eat something. Slimquick made me lose my appetite, improved my mood, gave me so much energy. I lost 5 lbs in 2 weeks with a 1200 calorie diet. My husband didn’t like it and said he had palpitations and was jittery. I didn’t experience palpitations. I took 1 tablet instead of 2, but I noticed a the end of the day. I crash. I tried taking 1 tab in the morning then 1 tab in the afternoon but I couldn’t sleep til 3am. So I just stuck with 1 tablet in the morning but was dead tired by 6 pm. Drink a lot of water when you take this.. I was always parched when I take these babies.

Abbie Sullivan, WI

Made me so sick

I’m sure it works great for other people but for me it made me so sick I expected the heart racing part but the nausea was unbearable I couldn’t go past two days

Randi Robbins, TN