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Slim Girl Cellulite Reduction and Skin Firming Cream – Advanced Anti-Cellulite Formula


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Top Notch Cream

This cream is very high quality, and works quite well. There has been a noticeable difference in my skin, and this cream is making me look much better. The price is very cheap ( compared to other expensive brands ), and it really helps me better than the more expensive ones. I still giggle at myself because it makes me look a few years younger. Excellent product, I recommend this to anyone who is looking to improve how their skin looks!

Ilene Dixon, NM

Working pretty good

The product does appear to work as they claim and its working pretty good. I use it 3 times every day, not always the same times though cause I get busy so I do whenever I have free time. I really like it and would recommend to others!

Lora Bannock, OH

Cream that works!

I’ve had a rough skin texture for awhile, no matter what I used it barely helped improve the quality of my skin. But slim girl cellulite cream has actually made some improvements and is starting to show real results! This cottage cheese skin that I have is slowing starting to degrade and becoming real skin!

Sara Atkinson, NE

Not that great

I bought this thinking it was going to last at least a month. The container wasn’t even full! No cellulite removal either. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS CREAM!

Dionne Fruithurst, AL

Good so far

I like this cream and hope it delivers what it promises. I just wish more amount came in the jar.

Jacklyn Aneth, UT