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Slim Extreme Anti-cellulite Shower Gel

The innovative Peeling – Massage Shower Gel, developed in the Eveline Cosmetics laboratory, assures optimum care for the skin. A massage performed with the peeling gel warms up the body and stimulates blood circulation to the skin. The peeling micro-granules remove dead skin cells, cleaning and smoothing the skin.

Key features

  • Cellulite shower gel
  • Peeling Massage shower gel

Honest reviews


Nice Smell, Smooth Skin

I bought this with two other lotions by Eveline and it is great. It exfoliates my skin, it smells a bit like grapes… but it’s a fresh scent. And it makes my skin amazingly smooth after a shower. I use the lotion right afterwards and I do feel that it enhances the lotion’s effect. Even if it doesn’t give me intense results I will still buy it because of the smooth feel it gives my skin and it smells nice.

Queen Dupont, IN

Great product

I use this in the shower with the bliss round cellulite thing ( forgot the name of it). It seems to be working with the Eveline cellulite cream.

Odessa Cocolamus, PA

Great price

Overall, this product is not worth trying. The product line is pretty good, I have used their products before. There isn’t anything special about this wash, except that it does make the skin soft. I wouldn’t buy it again though just for that and was a little disappointed from this purchase.

Jacquelyn Somers, WI

Seems ok so far

I have only been using this for about a month along with a new diet and exercise program to target my bottom. Things seem to be changing so I’m sure it’s a combo of all. But this smells nice and feels cool when applied so I will give it 5 stars.

Grace Calvert, TX


The Slim extreme line has been working great for me. I use this in the summer when it’s hot and it cools me down and helps with the appearance of cellulite.

Carmen Royal City, WA


Seems like a waste of money. I think the idea here is just to slough off dead skin so the actual cellulite cream you use will penetrate better. I’m sure any old scrubbing gel would work

Ebony South Casco, ME