Slim Extreme 3d Super-concentrated Serum Shaping Buttocks

INTENSIVELY SHAPING TREATMENT BRINGING OUT THE BEAUTY OF FEMININE FIGURE! Buttocks regain rounded and seductive shape. Revolutionary formula based on unique Full-shape? complex and Volufiline?, makes the serum instantly fill in, shape and lift buttocks. Already after first application creates lifting micro grid, providing fast effect of rounded and firm buttocks. The serum makes buttocks full, perfectly shaped and maximally lifted. Prevents from skin flabbiness and protects against stretch marks formation. SELECTED INGREDIENTS: • Volufiline? – Asian plant Gardenia Asiatica natural extract, used for ages in natural medicine. Stimulates lipids development in fatty cells (adipocytes), regulates the process of their storage. Makes the buttocks fuller and rounder. • Full-shape? – complex based on Kigelia Africana improving elasticity of connective tissue fibers. Shapes the buttocks line and gives immediate push-up effect. • Hyaluronic acid – acts like “molecular sponge”, maximally moisturizing the skin. Its chain structure, interlacing spaces with collagen fibers, reinforces the buttocks and ensures their youthful resilience. • Caffeine – stimulates microcirculation, accelerates cellular meta-bolism in the skin, at the same time increasing its firmness and elasticity. • Laminaria Algae – contain several vitamins, mineral salts, antioxidants and amino acids, reinforce the structure of skin skeleton, improve metabolism in the skin, detoxicate and purify.

Key features

  • NEW
  • Volufiline?, Full-shape?, hyaluronic acid, caffeine, laminaria algae

Honest reviews



I bough this thinking it was actually cellulite gel but it wasn’t. It’s more supposed to increase the size of whatever you rub it on. I don’t need any extra inches anywhere thank you. I threw it out

Debora Nallen, WV

It works suprisingly

If something doesnt work Id be the first to say so. I hate spendig money on BS and fake promises. But added this to my breast and butt concoction cream and from my before and progress pictures I can tell I am adding to the areas where it is applied. My breast especially have gone up a half a cup size with massage and this stuff. This is my 2nd time purchasing. Love it.

Ora Whick, KY

Improve Your Butt With This Cream

I purchased this because I feel as though my butt is not as plump as it should be. I have been using it for about a week now and I can definitely tell a different and so can others. It has slimmed my butt out, lifted it, and made my skin soft. I also exercise so I am not sure if this played a part in it but I love the results so far and I cannot wait to see the results that I achieve by the summer time. I am definitely going to be trying out some more of this brands product.

Beulah Oak Ridge, MO

Not Working! Gave me rashes

Well this was a waste of my Money. It did not work for me i have been using it for almost a month now and i see no Difference. It smells Ok.It Goes on well but i just did not see a difference. Maybe not good for African american skin?

Janet Rankin, IL

I use it under my eyes

I cant say if this helps plump your buttocks but I have been using it for the creases/lines under my eyes and its a miracle. It has helped diminish the appearance of those pesky lines under my eyes helping me to look more youthful and rested. I am satisfied with it if that’s all it does.

Tara Wrights, IL


I recently ordered this product and I have been using it for about a week now. I have seen slight improvements. I know its not enough time to really say it works 100% but it has helped with cellulite and the softness. I will continue to use to see if it makes a difference in size. I do include some squats with this lotion to tone your booty more.

Corrine Riddleton, TN


I’m not sure if it works, but I love the way it smells and how it feels on your skin, my buttocks is smoother but I don’t think it’s lifted.

Doretha Correctionville, IA

SSS (Skin So Soft)

I’ve been using this about 9 days to date. I received it along with the Slim Extreme 3D Thermo Active Serum for abdomen and buttocks. I use the T A S 1st , then apply this one, and I use then both together 2x daily. After my morning shower and before going to bed. I can’t say which to blame but my cellulite in my thigh and buttock area is not as noticeable and my skin does appear to be firming because its starting to feel smooth and tight. I like the way this smells too, it has a "clean/pretty" smell to it. This one is a cream and the T A S is a gellied formula, that has a semi grapefruit smell to me. I will keep using them both and do a 2nd review when I do some measurements or something. I work in a medical office where I’m constantly up walking and moving around so I’m sure using the both I should shed something, at least from the T A S because it made me sweat really good when I walked the treadmill for about 30 mintes and this was about a half hour after I applied them both. I noticed the first "hot" sensation about 5-7 minutes after applying them each time. This cream has no thermo effect just the firming and can’t say if I’ve noticed any lifting in buttock area yet but definitely the tighting; maybe I aught to lQQk at my own A** a little closer. I’ll wait til my bf says something first cause he’s always lQQking!! I’ll pretend not to notice cause he has no clue that this is what he got out the mailbox last week. Hopefully I’ll have more good stuff to say about it when I do a 2nd review.

Dionne Dubois, WY

its so-so

I dnt c the results i thought i wud c but im still usein every morin & every nite i hv a nice butt i jus wnted it lift a lil more it look the same

Amelia Snellville, GA

did not like it.

After using it for two weeks straight measured my buttocks. No change after then and I was using the serum three times per day. I am sending them back. Yes I brought more then one.

Antoinette Albany, IL