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Slice Of Nature Organic 100% Pure Shea Butter Oil East African Nilotica Shea- Luxurious, Creamy, Extremely Hydrating for Face Body Hair USDA certified 16 oz

Shea butter is high in unsaponifiables, making it great for healing eczema, burns, rashes, wounds & more. Stigmasterol in Shea butter helps relieve muscle tension, arthritis & rheumatism.

Key features

  • BEST SHEA OIL IN THE MARKET – CREAMY GOLDEN YELLOW – Semi liquid and silky consistency. Not all shea butter is the same! East African shea butter oil or nilotica shea butter oil is softer and more nutrient-rich than traditional African shea butter oil from the vitellaria paradoxa. It’s so rare that only Slice of Nature sells it!
  • ORGANIC USDA & ECOCERT CERTIFIED & COLD PRESSED – We start with certified organic shea that is ethically sourced and keep it that way by never adding preservatives, chemicals, fragrances or any other additives! Cruelty-free, sulfate-free and gluten-free, too!
  • HYDRATE, SOFTEN & SOOTHE SKIN ALL OVER Use as a shea butter lotion for your face to moisturize without clogging your pores. Try it as a shea butter hand cream to soften your cuticles and soothe chapping. Slather it on as a shea body butter for moisturizing, soothing sunburn and promoting skin healing
  • HEAL SKIN CONDITIONS – Use it as dry skin moisturizer, psoriasis treatment, eczema treatment, stretch mark cream, sooth hives, irritated skin, bruise cream, chapped lips
  • MOISTURIZE & SEAL HAIR Use Slice of Nature as a shea butter for hair to keep ends in the best of health and for deep conditioning treatments. Great for African American natural hairstyles, scalp eczema & psoriasis and hair plagued by styling damage, dandruff, brittle hair, split ends etc. A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY!

Honest reviews


Great Product

Im not too fond of the smell but this product is great!! Like the description says, the natural smell disappears. I was afraid to put this product on my face but I have been for quite some time and I have not broken out at all. It moisturizes the skin and makes it soft and supple to the touch. It has also started to even out my skin tone.I use this product every night in the place of my normal moisturizer and it works great. If I apply too much I just blot my face with a bath cloth to get the excess. My skin has never looked so good. You’ll see the benefits almost immediately.

Camille Elgin, TN

Fav Winter Moisturizer

I love this product but the availability can be sketchy. Aside from that, it absorbs wonderfully into the skin, and my skin stays hydrated the entire day. I like Nilotica Shea Butter better for skin applications versus West African Shea butter due to the lighter texture and ease of use.

Arlene Greycliff, MT

not quite 5 stars…

i love the fact that it’s in oil form. it doesn’t glide well so i have to rub in small areas at a time is a bit time consuming. otherwise, i feel “greasy” if i use a lot to cover whole arm or whole leg. the smell isn’t great but it’s not offensive. the moisture does last a long time.

Angelina Yuma, AZ

Great Summer Product!

I love Slice of Nature and use their products regularly. This one is light and works great for people who have normal skin. It is nice for the Summer as well.

Savannah Sugartown, LA

Slice of Nature Shea Oil

I’m not crazy about the smell of this but if you don’t care for the smell you can add lavender or some other fragrant oil to make it more appealing…..great for feet or mixing with lotion.

Brenda Dobbins, CA