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Slice Of Nature Argan Oil Pure Virgin Cold Pressed Argan Oil for Hair, Face, Body 100 ml

Sourced only from the argan trees native to Morocco, argan oil is so precious and rare that it’s often called Moroccan Gold. Because this luxurious natural substance is so rich in nutrients, treatments with argan oil for hair and skin are growing in popularity. If you truly want to reap the benefits of this rare oil, you simply can’t settle for anything less than Slice of Nature Virgin Argan Oil. -Unlike argan oil skin care products that give just tiny amounts of argan oil mixed with fillers and other ingredients, a bottle of Slice of Nature provides you with 100% argan oil drop after drop. That means you get more of the nutrients that benefit hair and skin. -Our pure argan oil is packed with beneficial nutrients and completely free of additives and preservatives, so it’s the best choice of argan oil for any purpose. You can use it for: -DEEP CONDITIONING. Apply as argan oil hair mask to soften parched, brittle hair that’s been damaged by the sun, chemical treatments or thermal styling tools. -FIGHTING FRIZZ & ENHANCING SHINE. Our pure argan oil neutralizes frizz, leaving hair much more manageable and incredibly lustrous. SUPPORTING HAIR GROWTH. A few drops of our argan oil for hair growth, and you can promote longer, stronger and thicker tresses. MOISTURIZING. Use our argan oil for face and body to fight signs of dryness and maintain the protective moisture barrier with the help of essential fatty acids. -ADDRESSING IMPERFECTIONS. Apply our argan oil pure formula to all types of skin flaws! Perfect for diminishing lines and wrinkles, battling blemishes, improving the texture and appearance of stretch marks, reducing the symptoms of chronic skin conditions and much more! -Pamper and nourish your skin from the top of your head to the tips of your toes with the absolute best argan oil for hair, skin and body on Amazon. Order Slice of Nature Virgin Argan Oil and experience pure gold.

Key features

  • Experience Moroccan Gold Slice of Nature Virgin Argan Oil is pure, cold pressed argan oil of Morocco. It’s argan oil pure, simple and packed with active nutrients.
  • Promote Healthier Hair Our argan oil for hair deeply conditions and nourishes the hair from root to tip. Use it as an argan oil hair mask or as a daily argan oil for hair growth treatment
  • Reveal a more beautiful Complexion Our argan oil for face treats the skin to essential fatty acids to keep the skin’s natural moisture barrier maintained. Use it to diminish fine lines, wrinkles and blemishes.
  • Firmer, Smoother Body Skin You can apply our virgin argan oil anywhere from head to toe. Dot it on to firm and smooth stretch marks, promote healing in areas plagued by eczema and to soften rough patches
  • Look Good, Feel Great You can feel good about using our argan oil for hair, face and body because it’s ethically sourced using fair trade agreements and comes from the fruit of argan trees that were sustainably grown

Honest reviews


Comparing 3 Argan Oils purchased on Amazon

I love Argan oil and am interested in purchasing the best at the best price so I decided to purchase the three organic ones offered on Amazon that interest me the most. This video review is comparing100% Cold Pressed Organic Argan Oil 100 ml BY AAA Shea Butterwith Watts Moroccan Beauty Oil 100ml – 100% Pure – Raw – Cold Pressed Argan Oil – Certified Organic – Professional UseandSlice of Nature Virgin Argan Oil. Raw, Cold Pressed, 100% Pure 50ml.Comparing color and thickness, the oils appear the same. The only differences I noticed are slightly different odors and skin sensations with these three oils I purchased at the same time from Amazon. The AAA SHEA butter has a slighty musky / musty odor. The Watts Beauty has a slight deodorized odor about it and increases my heart rate slightly upon application to my skin and appears to engage my immune system as my neck glands will swell shortly after application. The Slice of Nature has the freshest odor of the three and smells a little nutty too; skin application feels very soothing and calming in a quenching sensation sort of way. The differences are subtle and most consumers probably would not be able to tell the difference at all. I considered not posting the review since any difference was negligible, but decided there might be others out there wondering the same thing. If so, please click helpful below.

Kerri Nakina, NC

Nice product….

Nice product…………Slice of Nature Virgin Argan Oil. Raw, Cold Pressed, 100% Pure 50ml..soaks in well and takes very little to go a long way…I would buy this again or give as gifts!~

Flora Blue Hill, ME

Its pretty nice

I got this at the same time I bought the Kerastase Elixir Ultime. They have similar consistence. They are both light oils that are well absorbed into the hair. The smell is very mild and I dont mind it. As for my hair, its nice, but not amazing. I used to use Biosilk and so far I feel thats the best for the price. I’ve used this on my skin too and its nice. I mix it with other oils sometimes to make a massage oil. Im glad I tried this but its definitely not a ‘must have’ in my book.

Corine Saint Stephen, MN

Just “OKAY” on my hair

This Slice of Nature (SON) virgin argan oil was fine and I had no issues with the shipping/seller, etc. so if you want to try a 100% argan oil; I assume this is as good as any. However, I bought the oil for use in my hair moreso than on my skin and, having tried different argan oil formulas that are specifically made for hair – those provide better results than this. Also, the design of this bottle is not the most suitable. You press the pump down and it squirts out straight-ahead in a powerful way so it’s a bit hard to catch and results in misdirection and waste if not very careful. One of those downward facing pumps that better regulate the flow would be better. Bottom line – for my hair it is just “okay.” For skin I have not yet tried it.

Kitty Arcadia, WI

awesome product, better than others I have tried

I have tried 3 version of argan oil: 2 have been with Slice of Nature and one was another random brand; I apologize for forgetting the name. I think this Slice of Nature brand is far superior. I ended up buying this product when the other size I purchased previously proved unavailable.I mostly use it on my face and sometimes my hair, to smooth static and to prevent split ends. My sister who lives with me just finished beauty school and was very impressed that I used this product and with its quality; she studied it for its skin and hair benefits, apparently.I use this product because I use a ton of other facial products as I have combination skin. This product is the BEST moisturizer I have found. It does not cause me to break out; it absorbs relatively quickly; it keeps my skin moisturized a LONG time. After about half an hour I can put make up over it and it stays in place.Among other things, I use it in combo with acid peels for acne and retin-A cream which can cause severe peeling if I do not balance them correctly with moisturizer. I am trying to get rid of acne scarring. This product, when used after a peel, keeps my skin from flaking and irritation and thus prevents further issues. I try to use it daily and in combination with these other products and the fact that it does not cause additional breakouts (as do many other synthetic moisturizers I have tried), I believe it has greatly helped improve the appearance and feel of my skin. I use it for other dry skin as needed. The pump is convenient and prevents excessive use compared to the eye dropper in the smaller size. It lasts a long time and smells slightly like olive oil. I don’t know if that would bother anyone but personally I do not mind as it sinks in quickly.

Denice Franklin, MI

Love, Love this oil!!!!

I have horribly sensitive, dry skin and have tried everything to soothe, hydrate and keep my skin happy. After reading several reviews and doing some research on Argan oil I found this one and would not be without it again. Within a short amount of time using this oil 2 times a day, in the morning under makeup and at night alone my facial skin has made a dramatic turn around. This oil has evened my skin tone out, slight wrinkles that were appearing are now smoothed out, any dryness is gone. My skin glows and looks so healthy that I’ve recently for the first time ever stopped using liquid foundation because I no longer need to hide my bad skin. I’ve used this oil in my hair as a deep treatment overnight either alone or with Ojon restorative treatment and my hair has never been happier. My hair is silky, soft, shiny. I have thinning, fine hair that’s length is below my shoulders. When styling in the morning I rub just one squirt of this oil into wet hair then dry. this oil absorbs so quickly it doesn’t leave my hair weighed down. This oil is amazing in what it has done to my skin and hair. Anyone on the fence about trying a natural oil for hair or skin should give this one a try. My skin is so sensitive shea butter breaks me out into a rash, but this oil absorbed quickly, beautifully and has left my skin more youthful and radiant than it’s ever been before.

Joyce North Bend, OR

Great Product!

I have been using Argan Oil for a year now and love the benefits of it. I love this product, it does exactly what it says, my skin and hair thank this product for a healthy glow I have!

Rosalie Paauilo, HI

Skin soaks it up!

For a person with ridiculously OILY skin, I LOVE this stuff! It’s perfect for winter. I use it twice a day and it is a life saver for me. Ever since I’ve been on my tea-tree oil then argan oil treatments my breakouts have subsided. I remember back in the day when Proac*** used to have my skin addicted to it’s cleansers my skin wasn’t as vibrant. This stuff works and will not make your skin oil.

Tracey Hazleton, IN

My new fave skin care

I am loving this stuff it really moisturize and absorbs quickly in my skin. I’m in my 40’s and I have occasional break outs and I put this on at nite on after I clean my face and by AM it is almost gone. I haven’t notice a significant difference with my brown patch on my face. But I hope the longer I use this it will eventually fade. My 14 yr. old daughter is now using this too and she’s loving it.My only gripe with the 100ml. bottle is how it is dispensed from the bottle. You can hardly get a single drop out of it, I made the hole bigger but still not enough. I bought the smaller bottle and that is so much better it actually has a pump. So I will be refilling the small bottle with my 100ml.

Berta Fernwood, MS

Nearly returned it, but so glad I didnt!

As a person with skin issues, this is an amazing product. My skin is thick, oily, and easily breaks out. I also develop red scars from the breakouts. When this arrived I was very excited to try it. Actually I almost returned it because although it was in a box it was not sealed. I thought it might have been a return! I kept it though because I was desperate to find something to soothe my skin. This works wonders! It is slightly thicker than jojoba oil, and sinks in very fast. My scars seem less red, and the difference around my eyes is amazing! Any skin you have that may be that dry crepey texture will really benefit from this.Also do not be afraid to use this all over. I use it in my hair as a pre treatment before shampooing. After doing this I noticed my hair smooths right out and blowdrying takes less time. It is also amazing on cuticles too.

Lucy Monette, AR

My one and only staple anti-aging, acne, beauty product

I have been using Argan oil for two years now and cannot imagine what I did without it. I wish that I had found this product while in my teens. I had acne in my teenage years that I can now say, in hindsight, was due to the amount of harsh drying products I was putting onto my skin. In my twenties my skin cleared but I would have occasional periods of break outs combined with really dry flaking skin, also in hindsight due to a very drying glycolic product. In my thirties I started breaking out again but in a different way, almost like a rash that I get without warning every few months and takes months to go away all over my neck and cheeks. While I think I may have squared away some of the new breakout triggers, I have found the Argan oil helps dramatically with clearing up my acne/rash breakout. It also helps keep my skin luminous and keeps the delicate skin under my eyes hydrated and free of wrinkly look. I buy this brand because it is the only one that explained the difference in the types of Argan oil available in the market place. I greatly appreciated that information as I had been confused in the differences. This brand is also, by far, the cheapest! I buy the large bottle and it lasts for about a year and I used it daily from chest to hairline. I never let myself run out of it and considering the amount of money I have blown through the decades on acne, wrinkle, creams, washes, and more, I am ecstatic to have found something that works. There is no real smell so for the life of me I can’t understand why people would buy the deodorized product. I personally want every magical bit of my Argan oil, smell and all.

Pamala Kingston, TN


I purchased this argan oil based on the reviews but with slight hesitation. After using if for 6 months, I am very happy with the purchase! I found that it did not fulfill all the promises made in the reviews but it came close.A pump or two provided enough coverage for my entire face. A few more pumps for specific coverage (elbows, feet, hands) provided enough coverage for everything else. After a week of usage I noticed that red spots on my face disappeared, rough areas (elbows and feet) were smoother and overall, my skin had a much better appearance. I did use shea butter on my body as well.I did not notice a reduction in a small age spot on my hand but I didn’t expect miracles so I’m still pleased with the performance of this product. My face is a combination of dry and oily and very sensitive and this argan oil did wonders for smoothing out faint crow’s feet lines, soothing red spots and brightening my complexion. Best part? No irritation no matter where I use it.I can replace my very expensive face lotion with this cheaper and organic product. Love that!

Aurelia North Hatfield, MA

It’s ok product

I like use it in my body. I don’t like to much the odor but overall is a good moisturizer for my skin.

Tara Hico, TX

skin hair lips

we use this oil everywhere afeww drops in the bath in my hair on dry lips it helps my daughter’s eczema too.

Kathleen King Salmon, AK

One of my favorite things!

I have been using this for many months now. I have adult acne that is pretty chronic and have tried everything under the sun and this was recommended by a friend. I was happy because it is natural but was concerned the oil would cause more breakouts. That was not the case at all! In fact, it really cleared up my skin. The only negative thing I can say is that even though it is an oil, I find that it does not moisturize my skin the way I had hoped. It can leave my skin feeling dehyrated so I apply a good moisturizer on top of it before bed.

Eileen Parksville, NY

Leaves My Skin Feeling Baby Soft And Moisturized

I have very dry skin and have been using Argan Oil for a few years, but this was my first time to purchase this particular brand. I have been using this brand for a couple of weeks now, and the results are amazing. I purchased the other Argan Oil from QVC and paid 3 times as much for it, as this brand. This brand performs equally as good, and very affordable. I use it on my face, neck, hands, arms, and legs. This product does have a slight scent, but after using it a couple of times, I can’t detect the scent as much. I will definitely purchase this product again, because it definitely performs.

Kerry Lachine, MI

Amazing product

I have been using this product instead of my day and night moisturizers and I find it does wonders for my skin. It absorbs quickly, isn’t greasy and makes my skin glow…I have had more compliments on my skin since using this product than I did when I was in my late teens and 20’s (I’m 32). The fine lines on my forehead and the smile lines around my mouth are smoother and less visible. I also use this product on my hair, my feet, my neck, my elbows, after getting a brazilian wax or shaving; I find it to be very soothing on irritated/dry skin. I used to have atopic dermatitis around my nose and mouth and it’s gone. I had tried every prescription available and even went on a specific antibiotic (Oracea) to clear my skin and nothing worked like this did. I don’t know what I ever did without this product. It’s worth every penny.

Liliana Bulpitt, IL