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Sleep Mask with Ear Plugs – For Sleeping Anywhere, Travel, Long Flights or Short Naps, Blocks Light Fully, Super Lightweight, Soft & Comfortable, Wide Strap with Velcro and Earplugs Holder, Extreme Quality & Comfort. Money Back Guarantee.

Do you want to sleep better? Get the best sleep mask on the market and be well rested! You may have bought a sleep mask in the past, only to find that it was poor quality, didn’t fit, let in light, was uncomfortable, ruined makeup and worst of all, broke after a few uses. Not so with this mask! Want the best? Get the benefits of this mask now – It actually blocks all light – It is soft and feather light – It is comfortable and lets you sleep really well – Our buyers love it and so will you – It is perfect for children, women and men, and easily adjusts to all head sizes – Has a fast and convenient velcro fastener – The sturdy wide strap is comfortable, well attached and holds the mask exactly where you want it, even when you toss and turn – The strap has 2 snazzy holders for your ear plugs, so they never get lost or misplaced The sturdy construction using soft and light weight materials makes the mask super light weight, very flexible and allows it to breathe really well. This makes it comfortable all night, cool around the eyes and safe for makeup. It easily fits into your bag, is easily washable, and comes with clear instructions on how to best use both mask and ear plugs for best results and sleep uninterrupted by light or noise. Satisfaction Guaranteed When you order now, know that you are protected by a 90 days no questions asked full money back manufacturer guarantee. Your satisfaction is our goal. Get more than one and save Want more than one? Check the Special Offers section above Bonus Offer You get the best sleep mask with a RISK FREE 100% money back manufacturer guarantee. You also get the ear plugs and an eBook with natural sleep tips to help you sleep even better. Get yours now.

Key features

  • BLOCKS OUT ALL LIGHT: This Sleep Mask really DOES block out ALL the light. Stays in place naturally, even when you move around and roll over
  • SUPER LIGHT WEIGHT, but with STURDY construction – it does NOT fall apart after a couple months like so many other sleep masks do. The elastic strap maintains its shape and elasticity
  • FEATHER SOFT and feather light – it barely feels like it is there. It doesn’t smudge makeup or make your eyes puffy
  • EARPLUGS INCLUDED and comes excellent tips for best use and results. Ear plugs stay with the mask, so they don’t get lost or misplaced. 100% Manufacturer Satisfaction Guarantee.

Honest reviews


Works Well

This is a great sleep mask; it blocks out all of the light. I have another sleep mask (SleepMaster) which I have also used, however, it has become cumbersome ad bulky and I stopped using it.This is a light-weight, simple-to-use mask. And it blocks out all light and it is comfortable. We do not have black-out blinds and our next door neighbor insists on keeping their backdoor floodlight (I kid you not) on throughout the night. So on the nights I do not go out and personally shut it off, I need a mask, because their floodlight is about 10 feet away from my side of the bed. This one blocks it all out.I do not, however, use the ear plugs but this is only because I, believe it or not, put my ear-buds in my ears and listen to white noise/sleep sounds. So could not give a review on those, though I am sure they work fine; I cannot listen to my own heartbeat going to sleep and this is what tends to happen to me when I use earplugs. :)I recommend this mask for anyone who needs complete darkness to sleep.

Elma Philpot, KY

Finally some zzzzz’s

Arrived early and I was so glad! I used it the first night I got and slept like a baby. I am a very light sleeper who like for the room to be pitch dark and have a hared time sleeping if it is not. This blocks all the light out and the ear plugs are great to. The mask is very light on the face and not hot. It has adjustable velcro straps thats really great and I love the fact that you caqn keep the ear plugs right on the strap when not in use. The strap to the mask has two slots that the ear plugs slide into which is so cool. the only thing this set is missing is a case to keep the mask in. This was a great deal for the price!

Althea Excel, AL

Not for me

This is the first sleep mask I tried. It doesn’t block out all light – can see light through bottom. And I can feel it on my head which doesn’t help me sleep.

Juliet Marshall, ND

Comfortable. Like it’s not there…

Very surprised at the quality of this sleep mask. Found an online coupon that made this low cost and thus easy to out, but for anyone that needs a mask to help with blocking light to sleep this comes highly recommended. The ear plug design might not be for everyone but they are nice boost to an already quality product!

Becky Mapaville, MO

Actually works

This sleep mask actually works and bllocks out the light. It’s soft to the face, and specifically your eye lids. What I really like about it is that it has storage in the headband of the mask for your ear plugs. Rate this product 5 stars. I would recommend it to anyone who needs a sleep mask to get some good sleep.

Kasey Harvel, IL

Change the elastic

The face part of this mask is perfect, but the band could be softer; and the earplug holders are right over my ear.

Coleen Smiths Grove, KY

keeps the light out

It’s a simple and effective product that has helped me sleep better at night. The band is also well constructed and should hold up no matter how restless your sleep may be.This sleep mask does everything you need in a sleep mask.1.fits comfortably2. blocks light

Susanna Rossville, GA

amazing!! really works!!!

i dont know what this mask contains, all i know is once i put it on, im taken in dreamland and enjoy my beauty sleep, finally!!!! You dont have it yet and you craving for good sleep??? place the order, dont waste more sleepless nights!!!!!

Holly Weikert, PA

Good eye mask

I started using this product on weekends when I want to sleep past the sun rising. It works fairly well. If my face is towards my windows, the sunlight slightly comes through around my nose. It is minor and does not defeat the purpose. The strap is easy to adjust and works well.

Antoinette Dorchester, WI

A Great Mask

This isn’t one of those cheap masks you pick up at a trade show. Those masks stink. The band breaks, etc.BUT, the Sleep Mask by PrimeEffects actually is a high quality mask. First glance, it blocks the light, so my partner can read in bed and I can be sound asleep. If she decides to watch TV, I just pop in the earplugs. I’m personally not an earplug person because I want to make sure I hear my alarm. When I wake up in the morning, I toss it on my nightstand, to wear the next night. The material is also important to me as it spends 8 hours on my face. The material is soft to the touch.I think the best part about the design is that the band is wide, not thin elastic like other brands. This makes the mask more comfortable and designed for every head.It’s great, that I’m gonna get one for my partner too so she can wear it on the nights that I’m up late and don’t distract her. I might also throw one in my travel bag for when I’m on the road.

Corinne Hyde Park, UT