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Sleek Makeup – Blush By 3 Palette

The ultimate blush palette with three complementary shades in one mirrored compact. A mix of matte, satin and shimmer shades, each palette has great variety, is highly pigmented and suited to all skin tones. NB: Pink Sprint is the only palette with no shimmer blushes. Pro tips… • Layer the varying finishes for greater intensity, or apply alone for a burst of full-on pigmentation. • The versatile shimmer shades can be used to highlight areas of the face that naturally catch the light for a luminous finish.

Key features

  • The ultimate blush palette with 3 complementary shades in one mirrored compact.
  • Layer the varying finishes for greater intensity, or apply alone for a burst of full-on pigmentation.
  • The versatile shimmer shades can be used to highlight areas of the face that naturally catch the light for a luminous finish.

Honest reviews


Perfect dupe for nars orgasm

Saw this on pixiwoo and could only find the rose gold color in a palette but its so cheap so I bought all 3I’m very fair like alabaster/lightest shade in any foundation and the middle color is perfect for creating a subtle orange peach blush with nice reflective qualities without being sparklyHighly recommend

Robin Jonesville, TX

Pigmented, great value

As a blush fiend, I was extremely excited to get the sleek palettes. I was blown away by the pigmentation on all three shades. The blush pans are huge and I don’t think anyone could hit pan on these. However, I did notice that the center and right shades, while pigmented, did not blend well into my skin. I have relatively dry skin, and the aforementioned shades just sat on my skin unlike my TheBalm or Nars blushes. However, I do really enjoy the bold color selection, and I see myself using this palette more in the fall. Would recommend if you love the shades!

Annmarie Marlborough, CT

Very pigmented

I love the sleek design of the case, and the colors are beautiful. My only complaint is that the colors might be too pigmented. I apply very gently and carefully with my fingertips because it’s easy to go too dark on these colors and look like a clown.

Roxanne Hebbronville, TX

Very Pigmented – Perfect Choice of Colors

This trio is perfect for me. My color is between NW45 or NC50 and the all three colors looks amazing on me. Even my husband (the one who only wants me to wear lip gloss LOL), complimented me on my blush. I was so shocked I had to ask him to repeat what he said, jussttt to make sure…Anyways, I love the blush I wear out on the weekend and to work. A little goes a long way. I’m even thinking about trying another trio.I definitely recommend this blush to all my fellow makeup lovers out there.

Joyce Satsop, WA

Bold, bolder, boldest colors

Super pigmented shades that are warm an autumnal. Great price. High quality. Lovely compact. Smooth texture. Not dusty. Use a skunk or stipple brush if you are fair skinned.

Althea Gleason, TN

The Only Blush I Will Ever Use!!

I am a beginner to wearing makeup so far it is definitely not difficult for me to tell high quality products from low quality products. Although Sleek Makeup is not considered high end it definitely exceeds high quality material. The colors are so pigmented on my dark skin and it is very affordable. Since the product is so high in pigmentation you don’t even need a lot, just swirl a little bit on to your blush brush, tap off the excess your good to go. I only planned on buying one palette, but I loved it so much I ended up purchasing 4 more. If I could give this product 10 stars I would. My only con is that since Sleek Makeup is a UK brand this item is not available in US stores so Amazon and Ebay are my only source for buying. To the creators of Sleek Makeup, as long as you keep making these beautiful blush palettes, you have a customer for life!!!

Maryellen Welda, KS

Holy pigment, this is potent!!

WOW, Sleek is by far the most impressive blush I have ever used. After seeing great reviews online, I ordered Pink Sprint Blush x3, Flame Blush x3 and the Face Form in Light. All. Are. Amazing. I have pretty much middle-of-the-road-medium Caucasian skin, and as long as I am careful these are phenomenal. "A little dab will do" is an understatement, so tap your brush lightly on the powder and blend, blend, blend. I also find that these do NOT fade… if anything they intensify slightly as they mingle with the oil from my skin, so my advice would be to make more than sure that you don’t overdo it. Because so little product is needed, this would probably last me for the rest of my life. I’m tempted to order every palette though, just because they are awesome.To review Pink Sprint in particular: Really gorgeous Pink to the max shades. Two are slightly shimmery, the middle shade is matte. Even in the shimmer shades, the shimmer/sparkle is minimal since you apply so little product. I would say the picture is pretty true to color. Apply with a light hand and for a girly flush.

Bridgett Alpha, OH

Awesome colors

My skin color is a little dark, Hispanic, and I never thought about using this colors, but when I tried them I felt in love with them. Completely different look, younger and mothern

Cristina Ottawa, KS

Sleek Blushes Rule!

This is my 3rd Blush By 3 palette! I absolutely LOVE them! Pigmented galore! I received this package just yesterday which was a wonderful surprise because it was estimated to be delivered January 6th! I know Sleek is from the U.K. so that didn’t phase me in the least, but I had ordered this one along with 2 others at the same time and they came a week ago. I’d wondered why this one wasn’t included. So happy to have it now!

Mabel Westminster, SC

Love this blush palette!

Just as pigmented as high end blushes. Beautiful, sleek packaging with a large mirror. Blushes look frightening in the pan, BUT they are really easily blended. Fit all shades of skin tones. Lightening speed shipment from this seller by Air Mail from Europe.

Britney Rogers, NE

Sleek blush

My oh my, a winnnnnner! Sheer bold color that is buildable. "You know you want it" and it will last a long time. YOUTUBE’s Goss make-up artist suggested this blush as being one of the best. He was right! Enjoy

Anne Bimble, KY

Highly pigmented. Nice for dark skin!

This is a highly pigmented color that will complement dark skin tones well. Those with fairer skin tones would like it as well. It would just have to be applied with a light hand . Sleek reminds me of the US makeup brand Black Radiance.

Hilda Stanardsville, VA