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Sleek i-Divine AU Natural Palette Mineral based Eye Shadow Palette by HealthLand

Sleek MakeUP?s legendary i-Divine palettes are 12 shades of super-pigmented eyeshadow, suited to every skin tone. The colour payoff is excellent and the high-quality formulation is long lasting. Get creative and blend contrasting colours together or mix shimmers with matte shades.

Key features

  • These Are Genuine Sleek Products
  • Sleeks New Packaging Looks Great
  • Perfect For Every Skin Tone
  • Very High Quality Eyeshadow
  • Makes For A Wonderful Present

Honest reviews


make up similar to store

I bought it , because i see this on a makeup tutorial.Is similar to stores .I like it. but price wise… is the same as in drugstore

Kellie Herrick Center, PA

Please don’t throw stones at me…

I just want to give an honest review, to the make up junkies out there like me who are still first time buyers of the infamous Sleek eyeshadow palettes. I’ve got quite a collection of eyeshadow palettes, maybe 40, from pricier brands like Smashbox, Nars and UD, to inexpensive drugstore brands like Wet n Wild, ELF and NYC. I am no stranger to the those bargain palettes of 28, 88, 120, and 252 color ranges, and I have made a few palettes on my own. Looooove eyeshadow, what can I say. So I’m not calling myself some “eyeshadow palette expert” by any means, just that as I continue, please understand where I am coming from.Eyeshadow palettes have a strange addictive quality about them, I can obviously attest to that. Even as I sit here, I am thinking about the next Sleek palette I am going to purchase. But, you ask, if I am going to get another one, why give this palette only four stars?This is my first Sleek palette as I come to join the party, and I guess I was expecting something… grander. First thing to be said is that these palettes are small – much smaller than you might perceive on your computer screen. I was expecting a smooth black case containing 12 Mac-size 26mm pans of rich color, but this is not quite the case (no pun intended). These pans are 20mm, and are not filled to the brimm. The whole thing can fit in the palm of your hand, generally speaking, which makes this a great “travel multi”.But let’s talk about what drives people mad in the first place – the pigmentation. These palettes are heralded as superior in color payoff, but gosh golly, I really can’t agree. I opened it up, marveled at the color arrangement (which is just beautiful) and commenced swatching. Hmmm.The bottom set of colors are not bad, with “Noir” (the black shadow, of course) being the easiest to swatch. Most show up fine without primer, but I expected this to be a “primer optional” kinda thing. To really get at the depth of color here, you WILL need a primer. Especially for the lighter colors, particularly Nougat (the ivory color, far left) and Nubuck (the gray adjacent). But they all apply smoothly and blend well, and feel silky to the touch. And that’s really what I can say about the colors. Despite their less-than-stellar pigmentation, these babies are super smooth.The packaging lives up to it’s namesake, black and sophisticated, with a large mirror and thin shadow applicator. Included is a protective clear plasic sheet with the order of the shadow names, this is not meant to be thrown away. What I believe to be the greatest appeal of these palettes is the color organization and the fact that the company has so many editions. Also, the price is great, considering what you are getting.So, yes,I will order another one, simply because these are affordable, colorful and travel friendly. They would also make great gifts. While not quite the color payoff of a MUFE eyeshadow, for the equivalent of a drugstore product, this is pretty good. The Au Natural palette is definitely the univeral must-have of the entire collection, the LE Vintage Romance palette looks beautifully flattering to all as well.Happily, I recieved my palette within 11 days of purchase, and I live on the east coast. I have ordered some blushes, which also get rave reviews, so I am eager to test those out. But I do hope you enjoy!

Tisha Goodell, IA


iam absolutely will not order from you again because the eyeshadow that I received from you was scattered & was supposed to give it as a gift to my friend what I will do now ??!

Alicia Spirit Lake, ID

Excellent Purchase!

I’m a professional makeup artist from New York City, so for me, it’s imperative that I carry both high-end and mid-level cosmetics, as it helps me adjust to the client’s budget. After seeing the positive reviews for this palette, I gave it a try, thinking that, at best, I wouldn’t have spent very much if it goes bust.Those positive reviews are solid.Not only is this palette “sleek” and high-end looking (It looks a lot like my Smashbox palette that came with just 4 colors and cost twice as much), but the eyeshadows are a decent size with delightful pigment. I tried them on myself first (I always do) and I honestly have no complaints. The colors are rich, they blended well, and I won’t have any problem using them on a client.The only drawback, if any, is that it came with a double-ended sponge-tip applicator and not a brush. However, any regular makeup user probably owns a set of brushes already, so this isn’t a big deal.Good product for the price.

Nichole Three Rivers, TX

Not what I expected……..

Ok, I know everyone raves about Sleek eyeshadows and they love them….hence the reason I gave this one a try. I wasn’t expecting anything much, I mean everyone raved about the Coastal Scents 88 palette and while the 88 palette was nice, it was as expected for the price (chalkyish). I truly thought this palette would be just as bleh! But………these eyeshadows are amazing!! I mean rich pigmentation, where you think you’re using a UD eyeshadow or NARS, the quality is stunning! I have to pack on my Bobbi Brown eyeshadows to build up a smokey eye, I don’t have to do that with these….it literally takes 2 swipes of my brush and I have the perfect black, blue, purple or green smokey eye….listen….these shadows are so good I hope someone from Sleek doesn’t read this reviews and hike up the price..

Stacy Austin, NV


Colors are bright. I suggest using a good base under the Color because it will go on brighter and stay all day. I use sapphoras jumbo waterproof eye pencil. I tried with a base and colors were not very bright.

Miriam Novelty, OH


Why have his palettes different patters as the usual ones (the ones that everyone have)? I mean a square pattern …..Could this be fake? I hope not… The matte colors are less pigmented than the shimmery one, which is quite dissapointing.

Norma Mission Viejo, CA

its good

color wise i’d say its the best you can get compaired to the acid palette thats you cant buy in america. i think its alright.

Madge Galt, IA

A little on the pricier side

I love the color combination in this compact. But after I bought it I looked on the Sleek Website and found these for cheaper. I ordered from there and they came in just the same amount of time.

Marion Danville, OH

Pretty good shadow for the price point . . .

I purchased this shadow palate for a quick, festive, one night makeover on a middle aged customer because the bright colors matched her very festive and beautiful dress. (Plus, I like to be knowledgable about many of the products on the market, so I sometimes try a line I’m not familiar with.) I-Divine just happened to have all the necessary colors in this MATTE shadow pallet – and others, so I thought I’d give it a try. Additionally, I wouldn’t be out a lot of money if it didn’t work. (You do need to know that this is a small pallet, so there is not a lot of product.)Tip: Ladies just in case your makeup artist has not mentioned this tip – Make SURE to use a MATTE shadow once you reach that magical time in life where the eyelids are beginning to age a bit. Shiny eyeshadows may be fun, but they are for the young girls! For the rest of us a shiny shadow will sit in any lines you have on the lid and highlight the wrinkles. YIKES!The quality of this product is really pretty good for the price. The really bright colors – fuchsia and blue have a good amount of pigment, and they held beautiful all night. (My client had some pictures taken at 3:15AM, and the bright colors were still vibrant and proudly holding their own.)Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for the lighter colors – even with several layers I could not really see them and had to use another product.However, in this company’s defense I am excluding the WHITE in the above comment, which turned out to be a great creamy looking matte color that held like the best of them. (White is one of those fundamental must have colors that I use in every make over. Applied just UNDER the outside arch of the brow it opens up the eyes and highlights them beautifully.) White can also be blended with another light color if you want to soften it up a bit.) I have to say that I’ve tried many lines, and this is actually one of my favorite whites, certainly for the price. I was really surprised. Too bad there wasn’t more of it. I don’t know if they sell the white separately, but I’m going to look and get it if they do. It’s inexpensive and is a power house.Hope these tips are helpful for some of you. Happy makeup!

Bobbi Dema, KY


PROS:VIBRANT COLORS – true to the pictureGREAT WEAR – they stay onMINIMAL CREASING – no more or less than any other shadowSILKY FEEL – soft and not harsh feelingUNBEATABLE PRICE – compare these to your dept. store pricesCONS:PICK UP – isnt that great, you need a lotSIZE – about the size of a nickel and aren’t very deepTHIS IS A MUST BUY FOR ALL MAKEUP LOVERS

Amie El Nido, CA

great color payoff

These are great eyeshadows. Fairly smooth, only a couple seemed slightly chalky. The color when used with primer is great, even better with a white base like NYC jumbo pencil in Milk. I will definitely buy more Sleek palettes.

Kathi Sherman Station, ME

Gave to my daughter

I got this item very fast love the colors and its worth your money so go ahead give it a try you might love it! My daughter looks so nice with these colors I will definitely buy another one for me so thank u for having awsome palettes

Trina Yates City, IL

great product but more pricy than what I found on Sleek website

The colors are great, matte as I like and stays all day. However, the price seems to be a lot higher than Sleek website, it is about $10 on there. I was suprised by the difference. Will not repurchase.

Elisha North Vernon, IN


This product was okay. Not exceptional. If you rarely use bright colours and don’t want to invest in an high end palette this maybe best for you. Works best if you use a white base.

Willa Monson, ME

Amazing quality!

I was looking forward to this palette because I always see my favorite beauty gurus on Youtube using this, and I was not disappointed. I love that most of the colors are matte with a few shimmers. The lighter colors are perfect for the "no-makeup" looks, and the shimmers are so creamy. This product is on the cheaper end of the spectrum of my makeup (I usually buy high-end makeup), but this definitely can compete with all of my other more expensive palettes. The packaging is nice, and sleek as the name suggests, with a large mirror.

Kerri Wiergate, TX

Sleek sunset

Pros. Got the pallets I ordered fast, nice colors, pretty good pigments.Cons. They do not last all day even with using a couple different primers, fall out is bad, I even applied wet and still not good, and they do not blend well. Overall nice but revlon, cover girl way better

Isabelle Redondo, WA

Sleek storm palette

I love this palette. I was fortunate enough to buy it for around $11 and that is great buy because sleek is a uk brand so basically I didn’t really have to pay shipping. But back to the palette… every shade is pigmented with no fall out. I love how many eye looks you can make with this with browns, gold, champagne, a shimmery pink. If you like neutral palettes with a few wearable colors of gunmetal, green, dark blue thrown in I would get this! the only con is the matte brown broke a little while shipping but that is a shipping concern where they should have packed it with bubble wrap better and not at all about the palette itself. Oh and it can be a little hard to open the first couple times. It doesn’t really open easily.

Dessie Jonesville, KY

This was a total let down. 🙁

Only the shimmery eye shadows seem the most pigmented, maybe I got a bad palette or something but I think I should have gotten the acid palette instead. Or some other product, I’m sure Sleek is an amazing makeup company– it’s just this palette was horrible in all honesty. I will never get another mineral based palette from this company ever again. But to the shipper, thank you for giving me the product fast, I was quite surprised when I got it in the mail so for that; I will give it a 3 out of 5 stars!

Alta Troy, WV

so beautiful

This palette is a must for anybody who wants a great makeup on the go. I use it every single day for work makeup and on special occasions for the smokey eye. Beautiful pigmented colors.

Dorothea Pittsburg, NH

A must!

I have always wanted to try Sleek Makeup palettes because I’ve heard so many good things. The pigmentation is really great and the palette compact so you can carry it around easily. The black shadow in this palette "Noir" is the deepest black shadow that I have ever used. I would definitely suggest trying Sleek Makeup.

Vivian Glen, MS

Highly pigmented matte shades!

I love this palette! The shadows are small, but a little bit goes a long way! These blend extremely well and, applied over a primer, stayed put all day long.

Luella Hawk Point, MO

Highly recommend this palette.

Lovely eyeshadow palette. Sleek sure is putting out some beautiful eyeshadow collections…really beautiful and the quality is out of this world for such a small price. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! Love this and the Vintage Romance Palette…GORGEOUS!!! This would look best on green and brown eyes, but I have blue and love it for me as well! Just looks best paired with green or brown eyes.

Cassandra Union, MO


Like the title says, the pigmentation is what impressed me most about this palette. I will state that the palette is a bit smaller in person than it appears online. Actually ALL of the sleek products look MUCH bigger online. However the space is used wisely and you still get quite a bit of product. I was also very very impressed with the seller. I live in the United States and my package arrived within 5 days from the UK. I was amazed. Everything was also packaged VERY well and professionally.

Leila Guffey, CO

Love it

The colors of this palette are amazing. I tried three of them once it arrived, perfect and stays long time

Rosario Carlton, PA

everyone’s favorite!!

i show this palette to my sisters & cousins then latterly everyone was fighting over it plus it worked beautifully to each of our different skin tones!!

Clarissa North Reading, MA

Great quality for a great price!

This eyeshadow pallet is the best! I love it. It is very good quality, and the colors compliment most skin tones. It shipped quickly and the price was wonderful! This palette is a must have in any beauty bag. I am so happy with this purchase. Love it!

Heidi Nampa, ID

Fantastic as always. Sleek products NEVER fail to impress me.

I am a make up artist of over 20 yrs. I have established a respected freelance in mine and the surrounding tri-states. I dont buy into a name when it comes to cosmetics OR tools. I use what is superior in quality and performance. Whether it be Chanel or something I picked up at my local Dollar Tree. I own almost everything ELF makes and love most all of it! In the time I have had my beauty channel on YouTube, I have seen the most disgusting flagrancy of make up snobbery. I own, use and LOVE every eye pallet Sleek has put out, When I film tutorials using these product, the amount of comments I get regarding ‘the cheap ghetto make up’ Im using is staggering. shocking really! Of course upon a closer look…these comments come from the women that watch ‘hoarders’. Collectors of the highest end cosmetics that money can buy…..that never use them.LOL. OR, worse yet, if they DO use them, they clearly need some instruction on when and where to use bright blue eyeshadow!!lol.My point is…I have the best…and Sleek products rank right up there with my Charlette Tillbury, Tom Ford….etc. This is an OUTSTANDING line of cosmetics and I pounce EVERYtime they put a new pallet out!

Ronda Ravendale, CA

I don’t get the reputation this has?

I always research a product before I buy it, read reviews and look at swatches online; I researched this palette before purchasing. The packaging is very nice for even a product of a $30 value, I would say it is true to the brand’s name and is very sleek and feels durable. The palette comes in a cardboard box and mine was just thrown into a bubble mailer, so I had a broken eyeshadow in each of the two palettes I received. I believe mailing in a box with airbag filler or peanuts would prevent this.The eyeshadows have a buttery texture that is much better than most drugstores level eyeshadows, but despite the texture I do not find these to be better than less costly pigmented shadows such as NYX, and a far cry from calling them just as good as high end shadows. I find the darker colors especially to appear more muddy than vibrant—the vibrant product photo is, in my opinion, a far cry from the actual shadows. The green, gray, blue and coppery shades all appear to be the same value or brightness, like they are the same color and just tinted slightly differently. That is to say, if I swatch the blue, green, and gray colors next to each other on my hand, there’s not much distinction, and upon swiping my finger over the swatches on my hand most of the color disappears and all that is left is a muddy tint. So you aren’t getting a lot of variation in this palette other than the two matte browns which I actually really like. The black is a decently opaque and dark black, but not superbly inky or black.For the price point I think this is a decent palette, the two matte browns are great, but as a whole the blues and greens are forgettable and lackluster, and even with a good solid primer from Nars or Urban Decay, they faded quickly.

Caroline Malmstrom A F B, MT

Awesome quality and colors!!!

I was so excited to Recieve my eyeshadow! pallet. Well it did yesterday. I opened it. The colors are beautiful! I dont think here in America we have a pallet that have more brilliant colors! Smooth to apply. the color payoff is great. no fall out that I can see. The they are stunning! they stated that the ship time was a long wait bc it was coming from UK. It arrived way sooner than it said it would.Im so gld I ordered this pallet. I plan on ordering more of this brand

Eloise Mcalester, OK