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Sleek i-Divine Acid Palette Mineral based Eye Shadow Palette

The color of the eyeshadow a bold avant-garde design. The blend of colors. I added the feisty Cloud Dress in the style perfectly. You can create as many minds with Luke Acid i-Divine palette single cartridge whether you lunch. The dominant color at night with Black Light.

Key features

  • Sleek I Divine Acid Eyeshadow Palette

Honest reviews


Not as good as I thought,.

Thought these were wonderful in the beginning when I did a color test. Not until I actually used them did I think they were just ok. They hold long enough. The color is decent enought.

Carolina Eton, GA

Neon Palette Worth Having

I have had various neon eye shadow over time, but this palette is my favorite. The quality of the shadows is decent and if you use an eye primer they stay on well.To get the real true neon pop to the color, however, using an eye primer along with a white base such as NYX eye pencil in milk, you will cross into a true high voltage neon look. If you use a primer underneath the white pencil it stays on well all day long.I have sensitive eyes and this has never bothered me.The really exciting color in the palette which is rarely talked about is the brilliant neon violet that is at the bottom left of the photo with this product. It is not much to see in photos, but on the skin and on top of white- it is one of the most gorgeous colors EVER!I love every color in this palette, the only extremely sheer one being the white shadow.It is great if you love to wear neon clothing and want eyeshadow that can be worn with it. I use this palette a lot and plan to get another when I use it almost all up.

Karin Branchland, WV


The colors are pretty and all, but I have bought drug store makeup that is better quality! At most, I usually need to apply two layers of eye shadow to make my eyes look perfect with any other brand. But I needed to apply more shadow more than five times to get the color even! The colors are patchy, don’t stay and just terrible all in all. I have been doing makeup for 5 years now so obviously I know what I’m doing. I have applied eye shadow primer and/or a base and this still doesn’t work. What a waste of money. I will definitely not buy from this brand again or recommend this product to anyone!

Alma Charlottesville, VA

Highly Pigmented!

The colors are very intense and pop when applied with an eyelid primer or a white base shadow. They last and stay bright with no fading. Wore this out in 90 degree heat and after sweating and shopping the color still looked amazing! Blends well and is very customizable to every need. The perfect beachy palette for summer or anytime you need a tropical look.Will buy again when needed!

Vanessa Galt, MO

It’s cool

I sort of like this shadow palette, although I feel like there is not a lot of pigment and I have to use my more expensive primer to prep my eyes for this shadow.

Shawn Leiters Ford, IN

Very well.

Well, the colours are intense when applied thick. Also, is also very durable. Goes well with liquid or stick eyeliner, and any kind of mascara. Goes over BB cream and foundation very well.

Jodie Prairie View, KS

Rich, Bold colors.

I’d been wanting to try Sleek for ages after seeing all the YouTubers hype it. I was shocked to see it offered by Amazon but then again, I should have know trusty old Amazon was on top of things. Anyway, this eyeshadow is suberb. Very pigmented with a smooth formula. I’ve got to try the other pallets now.

Marlene Sagamore, MA