Skyroad Korean Exfoliating Scrub Bath Mitten lasts, refreshes, and invigorates. It removes a dead skin layer along with any impurities to generate new and fresh skin for healthier and softer condition with boosted circulation. It’s lightweight, bacteria resilient, and dries fast. -All authentic Skyroad product have “Skyroad” label and packaging-

Key features

  • Four items packaged (5.9×6.5)(15cmx16.5cm) inch each) 100% Viscose Rayon exfoliating scrub bath mitten.
  • As it shrinks after soaked in water, it needs to be stretched back to tightly fit user’s hand to provide the best surface tension and the rough feel idealized for exfoliating purposes.
  • Made of 100% Viscose Rayon from naturally occurring fibers ideal for revitalizing skin by improved circulation; bacteria resilient and machine washable.
  • Gentle scrubbing will remove dead (and dry) skin cells and clean skin pores to eliminate blackheads.
  • Monthly usage will ensure healthy and smooth skin that is blemish and blackhead free with diminished wrinkles (due to improved collagen) and the results will be immediate and last for weeks.

Honest reviews



I was thinking of visiting a korean spa and after some research I found out that most places use mitts like these so I figured I would test out the roughness of this mitt to see if I was up to the task of a traditional spa. Welp, this mitt is amazing. I did some research and apparently your best bet is to soak in a very hot tub/bath for at least 20 minutes then begin scrubbing. I used epsom salt in my bath to help with toxin removal. My gosh did TONS of dead skin come off. I won’t get into too much to avoid you the not so pleasant visual, so all I will say is that this things works and you will be as soft as a baby when you exit that tub and take a rinse shower. Totally worth the cost.

Charmaine Odd, WV


Oh man, I grew up with this stuff in Korean mok-yeok-tangs (communal bath-houses) and am soooo happy to find it here!!! It’s definitely not your typical scrub…more like your skin seems to peel off?? Trust me though, it’s NOT as extreme as it sounds…if you know how to scrub the right way (more like rub), you’ll end up with a bunch of thin and narrow, dark looking things in your shower filter… It’s hard to describe, and this might sound funny, but it kind of looks like what you get when you use a regular pencil eraser….Anyways, it rocks! LOVE LOVE LOVE my ttae-mil-yee~~~~ Thanks Amazon!!!!

Janelle Boyds, WA

It works

This is a good exfoliator and the price was reasonable. It shrinks on your hand, which worked for me.I used it in a hot shower, and I was happy with the way it worked.

Nelly Dundee, MS

Shrinks/ Not for sensitive skin

I have medium to large hands and my hand does not fit in these when they are dry, and certainly not when they are wet due to the shrinkage. But you can take a pair of scissors and cut the mitt to use it like a cloth. I would really be careful with these if you have sensitive skin. Go gently the first time you use these to see how you feel afterwards. They took off a lot of dead skin, including the dead skin on my hands. My hands feel a little funky now when I wash them. I certainly would not use this on my face. But that’s just me. I think going forward I will only be using these on my feet and heels, and will wear gloves when using them.

Louise Floris, IA

works well

Love this product. I grew up using these. I didn’t give it five stars because it is very small. I have very small hands and it is too small to put my hand into it. It shrinks. I just use it by holding it.

Jerri Unalaska, AK

It gets the job done.

These cloths do the job but I haven’t experienced the "amazing" results others have. The small size is difficult to work with anywhere but on my face and arms. Still it’s worth a try. Clearly many people love it. It’s just not my exfoliator of choice.

Ginger Granville, IA

Best kept secret

I went to a Korean public bath and asked for their famous scrub. The things I saw come off off me got me thinking that none of those at home scrubs or mittens work. Received these and they are just as good. Make sure you soak in a bathtub for a while – otherwise, they will not work. After 20 minutes, scrub away. You may add a little soap, it depends on what you like. You will start seeing whitish little "worms" of worn out dead skin that this little cloth rolls into those funny shapes. I do it once a week, most of my dead skin tends to come off of torso. I wash my face with this cloth every day – and it beats Clarisonic at exfoliating by far. These are super small, they do not fit my hand very well, so it is kind of hard to scrub. They tend to fall apart too, but put a few stitches at the top on both sides and they will last. Wash them well and hang to dry. Excellent product.

Helene La Fayette, GA