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Skindinavia Bridal Makeup Finish, 4 Ounce

Skindinavia makeup finishes holds makeup flawlessly for 16 hours. When your makeup has to look perfect all day and night, our sprays are for you. Skindinavia’s makeup finishing sprays work expertly to prevent loss of color, melting, sliding, caking, excess shininess, fading eye shadow, blush, and foundation. Our hypoallergenic sprays are applied in a micro fine mist over makeup or directly on your makeup brush or sponge. 9 out of 10 women agree that Skindinavia holds makeup perfectly for 16 hours. Independent trials 6/2011. Tested by 35 women for one week in temperatures averaging 105 farenheit. The “original makeup saver” ultrafine makeup setting spray the Skindinavia makeup finishing spray was first used on movie sets to hold makeup under hot lights, to minimize the need for touchups and control excess shine. Skindinavia makeup finishing sprays are still used in hollywood and on broadway stages. This great year-round mist keeps makeup from melting in the summer and drying out in winter.

Key features

  • Designed specifically for special events to minimize the need for touchups
  • Extends makeup wear and controls shine under high stress
  • Made for active use such as dancing, heat, and humidity
  • Tear/moisture resistant
  • Hypoallergenic; Dermatologist tested, and oil free

Honest reviews



I must say, that I am a HUGE product (especially makeup) junkie and I could not WAIT to get this!!!! I previoiusly used Skindinavia Dance!!!! and I loved it!!!! While it wasn’t a HG of makeup finishes…it was pretty close…with me having very, very, very oily (i can actually push oil out of the pores of my nose and face..yuck!) acne prone skin, Dance! held my makeup consistently for about a good 4-5 hours, and after about 6-7 hours some “sliding” would occur, but there were times where I would fall asleep in my makeup and when I awoke in the morning, it was still in place (for the most part) and not on my pillow or sheets. But alas, this review is not about Dance! It’s about about the Bridal Makeup Finish, and with the description listed, I was getting really excited because I thought it would be even better than DANCE! But that is not be….seriously…do not waste your money with this one….stick to either Dance! or Cool (which I haven’t tried Cool but its description is very similar to Dance!). With all that said, I am going to give it one more try when I go back to using my Makeup Forever Mattifying Foundation as it MAY be the foundation I was using this with (Classified Era R9) (and thats a whole ‘nother review…LOL)….but ironically, I found that the Classified Era foundation makeup lasted LONGER when I didn’t spray this on…so I will provide an update…

Tammi Margate City, NJ

Had the opposite effect on me

I had to return this. My make up actually came off sooner than normal when I used this. I was very disappointed. But I’m glad Amazon makes it so easy to return something.

Evangelina Thiells, NY

Waste of money

This did absolutely nothing for me. I have very oily skin and this did nothing to keep my makeup in place or keep me from getting shiny quick.HOWEVER, the condition that I received this product in was sub par. It arrived in a ziplock baggy! The seller could have very easily dumped out the good contents and sent me something else. ALL liquid products should have a seal. For the price that I paid for this, Skindinavia could easily afford to package this item differently so potential buyers would not be ripped off. This is only a suspicion of mine.

Tiffany Hillsdale, OK

I really do like it!

I have always had a real problem with makeup staying put. That is one reason why I switched to Bare Minerals (if you haven’t used that brand, you don’t know what you’re missing!). However, for my wedding, I needed a little extra staying power I thought, so I got this. I now use it every day! At the end of the day when I take off my makeup I am amazed at how much comes off on my towelette. That means that very little has worn off during the day. And my daughter commented the other day how fresh my skin looked, what was my secret! I will definitely buy this one again.

Celia Gildford, MT

A little disappointed

For 29 bucks I was expecting something a lot better. My skin is dry but I still feel like my makeup smears and falls off even when I spray this on my face. Won’t buy again. Makeup probably lasts an hour longer…..maybe.

Enid Mina, NV

It really works!!!!!!!!!!!

It was my first time buying it and i instantly fell in love with this product. It actually does make my makeup last longer and it also prevents my face from gettin oily!!! I have tried the sheets that take the oil off my face but only takes it off temporarily. It makes my makeup last from sun up to sun down. I just mist my face 3 times once im done with my make up and thats it. I will defenitlt purchase it again.

Ines Sandy Hook, KY

Good stuff

This is a great setting spray. It sprays a fine mist and helps your makeup last longer. But just an FYI–this is the exact same thing as those Urban Decay setting sprays. If you look on the back of your UD bottle it says “Skindinavia” at the top. So…basically, go with whichever you can get the better deal on because it’s the EXACT same thing.

Sierra Pierce, TX

Love it

Skindinavia makes the Urban Decay sprays. I was unable to make it in to ULTA to get another one so i tried this. Its a little expensive but it does work!!!

Candice Bayard, IA

I dunno…

For some reason, setting sprays aren’t working out especially Mac’s fix plus, the bridal seemed to show my lines but make my tone oilyer! Wth!? Just my experience but I’m such a product junkie I have all of the and none has done me the justice I’m looking for so I’m still searching for my soul mate here!

Elisha Truth Or Consequences, NM

Setting spray

Works great for setting makeup after. I see a noticeable difference in the longevity of my makeup. Also helps my powder and liquid foundations from transferring. Also leaves a natural finish and no residue. I’m sure for the price there are easier ways to set makeup, but I prefer to spray and go.If you’ve over-powdered your face, or want your makeup to look more natural, this will do it!

Dana Oakmont, PA

So Happy I Bought This

I bought this for my wedding day, and I am so glad I did.It does not feel sticky, and did wonders to set my bridal make-up.I also spritz some on my legs when I wear dresses or shorts, as it adds a dewey glow to the skin.Just make sure you cover your eyes before spraying…definitely a keeper!

Francisca Attica, MI

Not the BEST Setting Spray

I hav ebeen using Urban Decay’s All-Nighter setting spray for some time and was willing to try this product. While it’s nice, I don’t believe this setting spray has the lasting power as UD’s All-Nighter.

Letitia Gardiner, MT

Not for me

I live in the Caribbean and have oily skin. I saw great reviews for this product and I don’t doubt that it works well on others, it just was not for me. It is effective in removing the overly made up look I sometimes get if i’m heavy handed with my foundation, but it does nothing to help my makeup last longer or keep the oil at bay even if I stay indoors with the air condition on all day. It didn’t hurt to try it however since it didn’t irritate or break me out. It just had 0 impact, positive or negative.

Dorothy Severance, CO

perfect setting mist!

i spritz my face as the final step in my makeup routine and my makeup stays put all day. i have very dry skin so i don’t like to use any powder at all as it makes my skin look cakey and shows any patchy dry spots i may have. i spray my face with this and don’t use any powder and my makeup is set all day!

Kara Paxton, IN

Facial Care

this makeup finish was just what was required it met all my needs and i would happily recommend this item to any of my friends. Thank you for a great item

Ruby Tulsa, OK

I really like it!!

I used this for the first time last week and it turned out pretty good. My face didn’t look wet like I thought it would be after spraying it on. It was really hot in GA, after Church I went a few places but it did the job nicely. I will continue to use it to see if any changes come up. My skin is oily in the T-zone but not real bad. I liked it so far.

Adrian Pittsford, MI

My saving grace

When I go a little overboard with powder (summer time equals extra powder) or when I want to look fresh even though I have put enough makeup on to look like a idiot – I use this and I absolutely love it!

Maggie Pine River, WI

recieved wrong one

I wanted this one but received the 10 years younger the sku sticker said bridal but the bottle said 10 years younger

Pauline Summerville, PA

I’m so glad that I bought this!!!!

This finishing spray is exactly what I needed!!! I have combination skin and sweat a lot, but with this finishing spray, it doesn’t matter! My makeup stays perfect when I use this! Yesterday, I took a nap during the day. No stains on my perfectly white pillow AND I had both sides of my face all over that thing trying to get comfortable!

Loraine Sontag, MS

can’t live without it

I have used similar high end makeup finish products, but this is absolutely THE BEST! I can go all day and not even check my makeup. I can put it on at 6 am and at 7 or 8\pm my makeup still looks great. Please keep this one in stock, i need to reorder soon!

Susana Cedar City, MO

Amazon needs a 10 stars rating

Five stars isn’t enough stars to express how wonderful this product is!!!!,,,, this really sets ur makeup all day! One day I had on my make up for the 8 hours at work n then went to exercise I. The afternoon,,,even though I sweat it was still there!! I keep one in my amazon cart because I will never do without this ever again

Paige Dunstable, MA

Not just for brides

Bought this as a replacement for my Urban Decay spray (I needed something quick I could get through Prime) and it does the job. I prefer the Urban Decay brand’s staying power, but this one doesn’t seem to clog my pores at all like the UD did. Would recommend to any makeup lover, even if you aren’t a bride!

Mable Noblesville, IN

Awesome Product!

Long lasting product! I wish there is more product because I used this product everyday. I will definitely repurchase this product once I am done with my bottle.

Nichole Keshena, WI


I get a very nice finish with my makeup and it really does help my foundation last all day. The finish is very clean and natural looking instead of shiny.

Estella Kansas, OH


I had to buy this when I realized that it is the same product that companies like urban decay uses. BUT it is a lot cheaper! I am an islander girl and have very problematic skin living here in the U.S. Whereas it is completely moisturized in the islands, I now have combo oily skin, more on the oily side. I spray this on each quadrant of my face after I apply my eye make up and foundation (but before masacara) and after it dries, I finish with a light dust of powder. I usually have to blot the oil on my face 3x a day but with this product, I only have to do that once. Best of all, my make-up stays on for about 10 hours.

Verna Jarvisburg, NC


Been using this product for several weeks now and so far I am not overly impressed. I think Urban Decay’s version has better staying power.

Emma Martindale, TX



Vilma Harford, PA

Really good

I was never a big fan of spray finishes because i always set with powder. However, this is really good if you went "powder crazy" and look way too matte. Spray this and you will somewhat fix that overly-dry look. I have the MAC Fix+ and I have begun using Skindinivia much more than it. Great buy.

Katy Laconia, NH


Gives good effect. Make up looks lovely on pictures. Definitely u can try this product once and if you like what u see then u can order it often.

Marian Bock, MN

Works well

I use this after I apply my foundation, and before my setting powder. I can usually go about 4 hours before my nose gets shiny, so I think its working well. With this brand, my face doesn’t feel tight after it dries- so that is a plus. This brand, and Urban Decay works well.

Tiffany Coeur D Alene, ID