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Skinceuticals Sport UV Defense Active Use Broad-spectrum UVA/UVB Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50, 3fl oz

For people with active lifestyles, this true broad-spectrum sunscreen is waterproof and sweatproof to deliver maximum protection during high-energy activities. Contains transparent Avobenzene as well as other sunscreens to help protect against damaging UVA rays.

Key features

  • Tested under new FDA regulation
  • Water Resistant (80 minutes)
  • PABA-free and Oxybenzone-free
  • Non-comedogenic

Honest reviews


Not sure about ingredients

While the lower SPF Skinceutical products have zinc and titanium natural physical sunblocks (at least the last I checked), this one does not. The primary sunblock is avobenzone, which is organic but chemical. I am still using this, even though it is not what I expected. My next order will be for a more natural product with zinc/titanium.

Phoebe Greenwich, CT

Good product

Purchased to protect a healing scar from skin cancer removal. Rather small tube for use over the whole body. Would be very expensive for general use. Otherwise a great quality product. I like that the zinc oxide disappears shortly after application.

Lenore Larned, KS

Absolutely the best protection but try the tinted version

I am out in high altitude sun exposure all day and this protects perfectly. They have come out with a new TINTED version, and I suggest buying that. Although great, the non tint goes on white and gives you a purplish tint for a little while until it absorbs. It sounds worse than it is, but it is noticeable. The tinted blends into the skin right away and gives the same protection.

Dessie Pottstown, PA

SO SAD! Not the same product.

I’ve been using Skinceuticals Sunscreen SPF 45 on a daily basis for many years. This is not the same product, as the formula seems to have changed. This USED TO BE a fantastic product. If you can get your hands on the original formula (it will say "Z-Cote" on the front of the tube), I will pay you big bucks for it!I don’t know if it is a new FDA regulation, but this product no longer contains Zinc Oxide. The new version is horrible. Chalky, not transparent, thick. VERY disappointing.

Shawna Pine Bluff, AR

Skinceuticals, Well-known, Trusted, and Respected Skin-Care for the Protection & Health of Your Skin

I am child of the 1950’s, born well before the dangers of UVA/UVB rays were recognized. In my childhood, it was common for parents to turn off the TV, and insist for their children to go out to play in the ‘healthy’ sunlight. We would spend entire summer days, outside playing, or at the beach day after day, no sun protection, because it had not been invented. In my mid teenage years, the first sun block was developed. This was a greasy, white form of zinc oxide that very fair complexioned children were forced to wear at the beach to cover their nose. It looked awful, and it was embarrassing to wear. Then in the 1970’s, the first form of sun block was introduced, and those of us, now in our 20’s, and not understanding the dangers of skin cancer, or the damaging effects these rays would have on our skin, used cheap and mediocre drugstore brands.Now I am in my middle-aged years, on the verge of approaching the ‘senior years’, and no longer do I possess the unlined and unwrinkled smooth facial skin, or that tight jawline that I had always taken for granted. As we age, we start to scrutinize, not only our own faces, but also those of our friends and contemporaries. Those lines and wrinkles are inevitable, but I started noticing those ugly brown/beige marks on so many faces in my age bracket. Then upon close examination and to my dismay…I had them too! I started buying Dark Spot Corrector Creams and sought out a good dermatologist. She suggested a CO2 treatment, which was expensive and painful, and I became conscientious about using a good sunscreen all the time and throughout the year.I chose the Skinceutical sunscreen, because Skinceuticals is a well-known and well-respected skin care line, co-founded by a medical doctor. The sunscreen is a lightweight, white creamy substance that immediately and completely absorbs, leaving NO residue and no shine. It acts very much like an excellent moisturizer, leaving my skin soft and supple. I apply it every day, right after my moisturizer and before any make-up.I use the Skinceutical SPF 50, because I want the extra protection. It is my single most important skin care product. I have been known to try different face serums, oils, moisturizers, and make-up, but I NEVER deviate from my trusted Skinceutical sunscreen, this is too important as it involves the protection and health of my skin.

Susanne Ontonagon, MI

used to be the best sunblock

The old version – the SPF45 – was great and I used to rate it at five stars. I’ve tried many sunblocks and this was by far the best. Did not run when it got wet or when you sweat, and a little went a long way.As of this year (2014) they don’t make that anymore and have a new SPF50 Sport Sunblock instead. It’s really disappointing. Goes on greasy (the SPF45 did not go on greasy!) and worst of all – it RUNS EASILY when you sweat. Hello irritated red eyes. Major bummer. I’m now looking for another sunblock…

Beverly Stanton, MI


This rating is for the spf 45, which is no longer being produced. The spf 50 gets 4 stars from me, as it is slightly more greasy than the 45. I really miss the 45!!! Why must everything be ‘improved’?!!!

Bernadine Centerport, NY

Happy Happy Joy Joy

If you are looking for a waterproof, sweatproof, awesome sunscreen, you have found it. I am always outside, working out, in the water and I was looking for something with zinc oxide in it, because I have a few tattoos and nothing is worse on a tattoo then the sun. Zinc Oxide is such a great block for your skin and tattoo’s, but it’s usually thick and cakey and white. This SkinCeuticals Sport UV Defense is perfect because it has the zinc oxide but you can’t even tell you’re wearing anything.Happy customer here!

Neva Washtucna, WA

like this product

have used in the past, has worked well , also there have been no skin break outs.very disappointed that I could not order the sun screen with zinc oxide

Terry Shohola, PA