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Skinceuticals Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50, 1.7 Fluid Ounce

A groundbreaking, weightless sunscreen featuring color-infused sunscreen technology that provides a universal tint and boosts daily radiance. Physical fusion UV defense SPF 50 offers the photoprotection of trusted broad-spectrum, physical filters, zinc oxide (z-cote) and titanium dioxide, and is enhanced by artemia salina, a plankton extract, to increase the skin’s defenses and resistance to UV and heat stress. The unique ‘shake then apply’ action assures even distribution of active ingredients in this silky sheer fluid that dries quickly and leaves no residue.

Key features

  • Sheer, filmless tint adaptable to all skin tones
  • Boosts radiance for a more even, luminous complexion
  • Contains transparent zinc oxide, the only UV filter spanning the full UVA/UVB spectrum
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Water resistant. No chemical filters

Honest reviews


Best Sunblock Ever!

I can’t say enough good things about this product. I know it is expensive but it is truly so worth it. I have been looking for a sunblock that did not use any chemical sunscreens in it, and would not make me look like a ghost. Thank God I found it! This sunblock is lightly tinted and while it does not go on completely clear, it will blend in pretty well with your skin. If you notice that your skin looks a bit pasty after applying this, just use a little bronzer. Works like a charm! This product feels so good going on the skin as well. It is super smooth and blends very nicely. I can’t say enough good things. I am so happy to have found a product that doesn’t have cancer causing chemicals in it, and that can still protect me from the sun when I need it. Do yourself a favor and invest in your skin now before it’s too late.*For reference, my skin tone is about the same as Alicia Keys. I do not know how this product will blend on darker skin tones.

Lilian Pinson, TN

A one time order

I’m not in love with this UV Defense. It goes on nice (after you shake the bottle), and the look is a bit like a translucent makeup, but sometimes it begins to pill and roll up when I first apply it with my moisturizer and/or makeup, no matter what I’m using that day or in what order I apply them. Other times it goes on okay, but later in the day if I touch my face I find it has begun to fall apart and pill. Not pretty. I’m still looking. The one from Oil of Olay does the same on my face, but their prices are miles apart.

Lori Golden Valley, AZ

Fabulous for many folks, but not me…

Well poop!!! I had such high hopes for this…I am limited to either a completely or almost completely physical sunscreen for my face. This has received such good press, I had been dying to try.I purchased towards the end of June. It is very similar in container and texture to some of the Japanese SS (I personally find it very similar to Sofina Perfect UV Lucent spf 50 and Biore Moist UV Face Milk spf 50+ PA+++. Same slender bottle tip, must shake prior to dispensing, little bottles that are expensive, works like a SS and primer in one.)This particular product has a beige tint that completely melts away on my NC 15/Everyday Minerals Fairly Light/Colorstay Buff/Rimmel Ivory skin. It feels LOVELY going on, but don’t let the wonderful slip fool you – you still need to use 1/4 teaspoon of this to get adequate protection just like any other SS, but the slip can easily make you think you can use less due to the fabulous ease w/ which this product spreads over your face.I love the fact that it is a physical and is spf 50. I know the company claims a really hi PPD due to its other ingredients besides the actives – personally I’m VERY skeptical of this claim because not only does the Ciba SS calculator = 5.3 – 6.3 PPD (depending if ZnO and TiO2 are in water phase or oil phase which I have no way of knowing, so did calculations using all possible combinations) but (and this is why I’ve d/c using it and its up for swap), my melasma got darker = NOT GOOD!!I’m going back to my tried/true BurnOut – Ocean Tested Physical Sunscreen SPF 30 because even though the PPD is only 7.3 if ZnO is water phase and 9.4 if the ZnO is oil phase, my melasma NEVER gets darker when I use this. Granted, I will use a primer now before foundation which I don’t have to do w/ Skinceuticals, but since I have discovered that Monistat Anti-Chafing Gel works wonders as a very cheap, very effective primer, I don’t mind the extra inexpensive step if it keeps my skin happy and my melasma at bay..

Amie Plainview, AR

great for your face

This is the best type of sunscreen I’ve ever tried, for the face and neck. It is a thin enough consistency that you can put on an adequate amount without feeling like there is this goopy layer on your skin. The tint in it is just enough to prevent a white cast, and it does add a bit of luminosity to your skin tone. Vaguely unpleasant smelling but that goes away quickly. Might burn a little on sensitive skin, but that also goes away quickly. Overall I really like it!

Darla Hamilton, TX

Best facial sunscreen i ever used!

I have been using this product for over a year. It goes on so thin you would never believe it is a sunscreen, let alone chemical free! I live in the south, never runs with swear no matter how hot. The tint is perfect if you’re fair, a little bronzing powder and/ or blush and you don’t need anything else. But, it is a FABULOUS makeup base if you use mineral powder. I use Jane Iredale which is a great mineral powder from my spa, people I don’t even know tell me how beautiful my makeup looks. This works better than any makeup base I ever used, even though it is nit a base. Even and smooth. Doesn’t lay in small lines. Great for older skin, im 54.

Catalina Bryn Mawr, PA

Terrible product! Made my facial lines appear deeper. It felt heavy like a mask. Scent was medical

This expensive and highly touted sun block has a heavy mask like feel. The weight of the liquid appears to be light when it is felt in your hand but when applied to the face it feels heavy and makes my lines appear worse than they are. There is a tint which is not a good color either the smell is not good either. Worst of all it is expensive. The bottle is very small. Forget it! I threw it in the garbage the first day. I’m not putting that stuff on my skin.

Carole Williamston, SC


The color of the tint almost looks grey. The coverage is much lighter than what I wanted. I much prefer La Roche Posay tinted sunscreen.

Hollie Seco, KY

Love this Suncreen!

I have had two skin cancers on my face in the last few years and was told to use a sunscreen. My experience had been that sunscreen is oily and if it get’s into your eyes, look for a towel and expect to redo your mascara. Once again, SkinCeutials has produced a fabulous product, in my book, that is perfect for any skin type at any age. In the morning, I apply a moisturizer and then apply the SkinCeuticals sunscreen over top. It is slightly tinted and matches any skin tone. It gives a velvety feel and appearance to your skin. I apply my powder blush over it, and look as though I’ve spent some time putting on foundation when I haven’t. I haven’t had good luck reapplying it every two hours during the day as suggested, as I think it could build up. Because I take my walk or exercise in the morning and I apply the sunscreen before going out, just applying once a day works for me. It has not gotten in my eyes and burned. If you are in the sun all day, you will probably use a little more often and differently. I have grown to love this product and highly recommend it.

Briana Judith Gap, MT

Excellent sunscreen

This product was recommended to me by the aesthetician at my Kaiser dermatology office, and I’ve used it for over a year. It’s expensive, but it’s very sheer and very effective. I got it for a much lower price at Amazon. I really like it.

Loretta Verdunville, WV

Sweat resistant!

My dermatologist recommended this and I have been very pleased. The price is well worth it, especially because a little bit goes a long way. I think it took me a year to go through my first bottle. The biggest benefit for me is that it is sweat resistant. I am an active guy and tend to have a warm body temperature. Unlike many sunscreens, especially the Cera Ve products, this doesn’t “trap” sweat and make my face look wet or have a white cast. Considering what a coffee costs these days, this is a huge bargain.

Marcia Tuluksak, AK

Love this

Lightweight, all mineral, great natural non-chalky color. What more could you want in a sunscreen? I live in a hot humid climate and I have not broken out from this nor have I felt like a grease pit after applying this. I do have very dry skin and this is the only product I put on in the morning and my skin feels great. It sinks in enough that I can apply make up on top of it and not feel like I have a ton of product on my face and make up looks great on it.If you’re looking for a workout sunscreen or to use in the water , this is not heavy enough nor water resistant enough and will not give you enough protection. I use their 45 sport formula for cycling and whenever I’m going to sweat in the sun . I layer another sunscreen on top of Skin Ceuticals Sport UV Defense for any ocean sports, like Tizo Age Defying Fushion SPF 40 all mineral sunscreen. I also layer Tizo Sunscreen on top of this SC physical fusion sunscreen if I feel like I’m not getting enough sun protection during the day.

Audra Comins, MI

No more shiny-sunscreen-face

This is the best sunscreen I’ve ever used. It’s not greasy, but absorbs straight into my skin. I’ve had my share of shiny sunscreens. Another thing about this sunscreen is that you barely have to use any, which is good because it’s a tiny bottle. Also, it has a light tint to cover previous years of damage. I go through about one bottle a year so far. Plus, it works! I’m at the age where I’ve spent too many years wrecking my skin and now I’m doing all I can to preserve what’s left.I found out about Skinceuticals from a boating friend who was using it and let me try it. Being on a boat, we’re always looking for a good sunscreen and this is my favorite.

Tami Litchfield, IL

Nice Sunscreen

This sunscreen has a ‘universal’ tint that actually makes my skin look better, has 50 spf, and it is completely non-greasy. It comes in a small, small bottle, but it lasts a surprisingly long time.However, reading the box, it is not at all clear how often in needs to be applied.I like it and recommend it.

Bridgett Barrytown, NY

Not a good sunblock for oily skin, large pores

I was hoping this was going to be a good sunblock. But because it is tinted, it totally made all my pores look twice as big. It was gross. I had to return this because I could not use it.

Tracey Batavia, OH