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Skinceuticals Blemish plus Age Defense Acne Treatment, 1 Fluid Ounce

A targeted, oil-free approach to treat adult acne and signs of aging. This 1st-to-market acid blend combines 2% dioic acid with an optimal alpha- and beta-hydroxy acid formulation designed to prevent the formation of acne, minimize hyperpigmentation, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Specifically created for the concern of blemish-prone skin, this product goes beyond treating imperfections to additionally address signs of aging.

Key features

  • Treats acne and skin imperfections in additionto addressing signs of aging
  • Inhibits excess sebum production and reduces acne causing bacteria, p acnes
  • Prevents hyperpigmentation caused by inflammation or UV exposure
  • Decongests clogged pores
  • Diminishes surface indicators of age

Honest reviews


Dermatologist recommended

My dermatologist recommended this product. I start using that one week ago, so I am not sure about the benefit yet.

Liza Burnettsville, IN


PROS: It simply works! I’m an African American male model with blemish prone skin from inflammatory acne which causes hyperpigmentation. Since I’ve been using this product, my existing hypermigmentation has continually faded away. My acne breakouts I’ve been getting since a young teen have greatly reduced and the hyperpigmentation I would get from an inflammed pimple is cut in half, if not more!Along with a few other products I use which includes: a tea tree soap and toner, and an spf 50 sunscreen, and a Morrocan Red Clay Mask(once a week); this product has played a huge part in my now and continuous even skin tone. Whenever I feel a future pimple coming, I use one drop morning and at night on the needed area and in about 3 days everything is back to normal with very little to no hyperpigmentaton.CONS: It’s stings for about five minutes! Some might say it burns(on existing acne or inflammed skin) but the results are worth it.*Be sure to follow with a good sunscreen if using in the day time. The acid in it causes the affected area to be sensitive to sunlight.

Kellie Grannis, AR

Aging and Blemish control in One~ How perfect is that?

Love this stuff im writing on behalf of my niece who has adult acne at age 42′ but wants tto target age defense also and this product stands for both reasons which is a comfort in knowing, also medical grade’ which matters most if not all products in the market and counters are NOT~ Medical Grade and skinceuticals is…MJ

Tisha Jamestown, KY

Great for acne, rosacea or overall exfoliation

I’ve tried other salicylic acid products of similar percentage (this is 1.5%) and they made my skin red and irritated. This product does not cause irritation for me, I’m not sure what other ingredients are in there to prevent it. Well worth the money. Clears up mild acne or mild rosacea breakouts and gives my skin a nice glow. I don’t use it every morning – I alternate between this and the Skinceuticals Phorelin CF serum.

Annette Gause, TX

Great Product!

I bought this product for my son and his skin has never looked better. At first it slightly burned, on his problem skin, but now it’s healed the acne and he rarely breaks out!!

Charlene Hazelton, KS

Great experience with seller

This product worked wonderfully for my husband and myself. Being in our early thirties, acne is still an issue from time to time. This nips that in the butt, while improving how your skin looks all over. Definitely recommend this product and with this seller as well!

Odessa Stratton, OH

So far so good

Just bought this about two weeks ago and so far I see a slight difference. I have only been using once a day, but am already hopeful that this will continue to work. My best friend did say she noticed a difference so that’s good! Shipped quickly.

Kathie Gandeeville, WV