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Skincare LdeL Cosmetics, Retinol Enriched Anti-Wrinkle Facial Serum, 1-Ounce Bottle

Retinol Anti-Wrinkle Facial Serum is formulated with the highest concentration of Retinol Palmitate within the entire Skincare LdeL Cosmetics line.

Key features

  • Vitamin A to moisturize and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fines lines
  • Vitamins C & E as antioxidants to fight free radicals
  • Beta-Carotene and Bioflavanoids for skin conditioning
  • This high potency, deep penetrating treatment will restore a youthful look by minimizing the visible signs of aging

Honest reviews


Probably not…..

I have yet to see any real results from any “retin-a” type products. True retin-a disturbed my skin so bad that it took weeks for it to look anywhere near normal again. And these other “retinol” products don’t deliver so for me it’s pointless to keep trying them. Might work for others…

Lindsey Middle River, MD

Great, even for young skin!

I am 23, I am a full-time model and I am always looking for wonderful, preventative, anti-aging products. I am half italian/ half spanish and I am not prone to getting acne. I started using this product in the mornings to help keep my skin young and dewy considering my entire career is based on my youth. What I didn’t realize was how dull my skin was until using this product and now my skin is full of life! It came with a sample of the night cream and I have to be totally honest, that stuff is even better! It goes on like velvet and I have the skin of a baby now! 🙂

Selina Fort Littleton, PA

It’s ok

It smells like Jergens moisturizer so I’m not sure what the base of the product is. I have used retinol products that seemed more concentrated. I’m just not sure if I would reorder.

Mae Crump, TN

skincare Ldel cosmetics, retinol enriched

It said it was going to make my skin look more youthful. Well if zits are youthful then it worked. I haven’t had pimples since I was a teenager! I like the way it made my skin feel, but the smell is gross. Smells like a placenta facial from years ago…disgusting. And as I said, now I have a face full of zits after 3 days of using.

Milagros Rudolph, WI

Glad I Bought This

This product has retinol, an important ingredient I believe is the way to go when trying to diminish wrinkles. It goes on smoothly and with a little added cream with sunblock on top, I’m ready to go out shopping or add makeup for a night out. A few drops covers your entire face. I know some people only use retinol at night, but I feel confident in wearing this throughout the day. And it has slowly diminished some wrinkles on the sides of my upper jaw that were beginning to appear. I’m almost out of this product and plan to buy more.

Elsa Osburn, ID

Best Retinol Product Available!

This is my #1 "go to" beauty product because it really works and is affordable. I have oily, menopausal skin and have tried SO many different products, but this serum is Da Bomb. It only take a couple of drops, absorbs quickly and is non greasy and provides immediate results. It provides a great base for mineral makeup and gives my 58-year-old skin a smooth and dewy effect. I have sensitive skin and this product does not irritate. I like to apply it on damp skin because it is easier to apply and I also use it on my neck and décolletage and the tops of my hands. The best price on this product is at Sally Beauty supply, especially if you are a Sally discount card holder. AAAA+++++++

Angelica Cardinal, VA

Keep those wrinkles away!!!

I don’t believe in botox and don’t plan on cosmetic surgery. For a few dollars I think this helps keep the wrinkles away.I don’t use face creams, sunscreens, or avoid the sun. Basically i do not take good care of my skin. However, i started using this about a year ago and I would say that there’s a good chance this product is doing something. I have some fine lines but, for my age, my face is still pretty wrinkle free.

Amber Gackle, ND

so far it works as well as water = no results

I notice nothing from using this all week. I am considering returning it. I cant afford to waste money. (TjMaxx has a bunch of this brand I believe…never moves off shelf)

Deana Bridgewater Corners, VT

Nice way to get Retinol

I have bought this product several times and it seems to do a pretty god job without irritating skin. I use with their night cream and skin is soft and hydrated afterwards. Would buy again.

Rosa New Lisbon, IN

The Best Retinol, I have ever tried.

This Retinol serum is so luxurious and smooth on the skin. you feel like something gave your face a lovely DAY AT THE SPA. Leaves skin so smooth the next day you just can’t believe it. Very hydrating and refreshing!!! I live in the hot drydesert. I have used this serum for over a month and I swear……it REALLY WORKS!!!! It’s worth the $30 I know you ladies have spent money to look young and vibrant and don’t we all want the best? Well I’m telling you like you are my mom, This is the secret. don’t forget to drink lots of water and eat well. I did all that and found this amazing magical beauty serum that will take care of it all. I really am not a person who likes to brag about beauty products. They all have their hidden secret. this is one to trust. Give it at least a couple of weeks. That’s how good it is.

Amy Holt, CA

Works for me

I am 44. I have minimal wrinkles, but I have developed that crepe-y look under my eyes. I wasn’t sure how retinol would work on that, but it works great! I try to remember to use it under my eyes every night and sometimes in the morning, and I use it on the rest of my face, too, on occasion. My skin does look brighter and smoother, though I have experienced a few blackheads/pimples that I suspect are related to the use of retinol on my face. It’s minimal, though, and worth it for the skin improvements. Some have complained of the scent. My skin is not sensitive so not surprising it doesn’t irritate it at all, and I have not not noticed much of a scent at all. I can’t compare it to any other wrinkle/moisturizing facial products, since this is the first one I’ve used, but I like it a lot. I know I look younger and I feel more confident.

Lorena Moweaqua, IL

Used a bottle, ordered another

I’m not sure if this works yet, but I will take a look and see what the results are after two months use. It certainly leaves my skin soft and clear, but I’m not sure if it is having an effect on the wrinkles on my neck (which is what I’d like).

Luisa Sunderland, MD