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SKIN79 Super Plus Beblesh Balm Triple Functions – VIP Gold 40g

(For Spf30) It is a triple functional beblesh balm with soft and nutritious texture. It gives skin a glowing, natural look and provides a hydrating veil for the complexion to maintain moisture on the surface of the skin. Upgraded Gold and Caviar Extracts with rich nutrition care the damaged skin and help improve the skin elasticity with Carnosine for smooth and healthy skin. Phyto Collagen Liposome and Borago Officinalis Seed Oil with rich mineral maintain moist and bright skin without dryness and Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil certificated by Ecocert protects the skin from various harmful condition.

Key features

  • Spf30 & Spf25 don’t have an authenticity label and there are no perforation lines on the package any more. Please visit: to check out Skin79 product changes. Spf30 Barcode#: 8809223668866. Spf25 Barcode#: 8809223661010. Last production of Skin79 VIP Gold with Spf25 was made on 1st of April 2014. Skin79 B.B cream is valid for 2 and half years.
  • All New Upgraded Skin79 VIP Gold with Spf30 (not for Spf25) – (1) New high technical skill minimizes darkening, maintain the clean skin without darkening after makeup all day long. (2) Help to improve UV protection (improved to Spf30 PA++ / old version: Spf25 PA++), whitening & wrinkle improvement to care bright and glowing skin.
  • Contains 10% more of caviar & gold than old version, upgraded gold and caviar ingredients form the protective barrier on the skin to care tired and damaged skin. (4) More enhanced beauty ingredients than old version, Rooibos Extact, Argania Spinosa Kernel oil & patented ingredient Coenzyme Q10.
  • Soft texture of triple functional beblesh balm presents natural skin tone with smooth adhesion. / Main ingredients – Botanical Collagen Liposomes (moisturizng), Gold & Caviar (supplying nutrition & making vibrant skin), patented Coenzyme Q10 (increasing skin elastic), Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil (protecting skin), Adenosine (wrinkle improvement) and Niacinamide (whitening).
  • 4 authentic versions of Skin79 VIP Gold currently exist in the market (please see the above pictures). (1) VIP Gold with Spf25 which was manufactured before or in April 2014. (2) VIP Gold with Spf30 which was manufacture after 2nd of April, 2014. (3) VIP Gold Spf30 with new bottle, package & logo designs. (4) “Wrinkle Improvement” printing has been changed to “Anti-Wrinkle” in September 2015. These versions are all authentic. Please contact your seller and ask which version your would receive before place an order or check out each seller’s condition note

Honest reviews


I think I am really gonna like this

I have tried EVERYTHING!!!! From concealers to correctors to bleaching. Nothing really worked unless it cost a bundle of money. This has really got me excited.OTHER people are complimenting me on how my face looks. Even asking me if I have had surgery.I just use a little on mt fingers and pat it into my face. It covers my sun spots and fine lines and wrinkles pretty good. I may be in love.

Mia Pfeifer, KS

I threw out all of my foundation

I have been using the Hot Pink one for 2 months with excellent results. I heard that this one was a darker color and decided to order it for when I spray tan and need my face to match my body. This stuff is amazing, great coverage and has all of the great properties of the hot pink one. This one is a little more moisturizing, which I love because my skin can be dry and oily at the same time. It gives me flawless coverage and lasts all day like the Hot Pink one. I have read other reviews on the same product and users said they had gotten horrible reactions, I am concerned that they may have purchased a fake product. There are sites that explain what features to look for in a authentic product. My skin is sensitive and acne prone, and I have had no problems. My skin will usually break out over anything that touches it, but skin79 bb creams have dramatically changed my skin. The more I use the product, the less I need it. My hyper pigmentation is GONE! I love this stuff and wish I had found it sooner. I had to order more tubes for friends and family who have gotten hooked after I gave them the samples SeoulGlamour sent me

Kristina Eldorado Springs, CO

Haven’t even brought it and know it’s fake

You can just tell by the price, it’s fake $10 when it’s actually $27?? Definitely fake, it’s sad who much skin79 is faked. I wish there was some kind of law against it or at least amazon tried to stop it.

Christie Marble Falls, AR

Broke Me Out

with all the great reviews i wanted to love this. but it broke me out so terribly. i probably has 7 zits on my face after 2 weeks. Big Ones. Sorry, can’t recommend.

Lula Del Valle, TX

A Nice Product

This product was alright. Color-wise it was a little gray for my skin tone, but it provides great coverage. It’s much thicker than what I usually use so a little bit goes a long way and there is glitter or mica in it so it gives a great matte finish. I recommend it for someone with olive undertones to their skin. I have have yellow/golden undertones and I think that’s why it looked a bit grayish.

Kathrine Dousman, WI


8/26/13 UPDATE!YES I did find a good vendor!! The vendor I used to purchase “SKIN79 Super+ Beblesh Balm BB Cream VIP Gold Gold Label” was “KATIE THE BABE” who has 99% approval rating AND was just GREAT!! From other reviewers I found the below “HOW TO FAKE PRODUCTS” info .. and the product that “KATIE THE BABE” sent me was ABSOLUTELY genuine according to all the below requirements! I was SO happy!Based on other reviewers I was prepared for it going on “greyish” but in time blending in nicely if you have a lighter complexion. I had wasted $50 (with shipping) TWO different times on another product ( Suntegrity – “5 in 1” Natural Moisturizing Face Sunscreen – TintedB0083RP6P6) because first I tried the product “Light” (WAY too light) then the product “Medium” (WAY too orangy). The vendor offered to send me a sample of the new color (can’t find it for the color name.. threw them all away) that was also too orangy) so I ended up throwing away $100.00 before finding the Skin79! I am very pleased with both the product and the “KATIE THE BABE” vendorFROM OTHER REVIEWERS .. HOW TO TELL FAKE PRODUCTS!** says “Wrinkle Improvement” .. barcode should be on the bottom of the box .. , as well as the expiration date and the manufacturing date (8/14/13 mine received: mfg 8/16/12-expire 02/01/15- in 16 months .. not too bad but already a year old!) .. the bottle itself there was also a sticker of authenticity .. . Perforated lines on boxe were shown as well .. inside the box, on the English part I found a typo: it said Wriinkle Improvement ..** Any Skin79 products manufactured After December 2012 and onward will no longer have the Authenticity Labels.HELP! EXPERIENCE WITH THE CURRENT VENDORS!I have been thinking about BB creams for about a year. Have very pale skin .. coral undertones .. PLUS Rosacea redness .. plus Rosacea acne. In reading about this product I was absolutely sold on it .. the gold tone sounds perfect for toning down my coral undertones and redness. After reading MANY reviews I was sold on the Vendor: PINK GELEE! In the ordering process I discovered Pin Gelee is no longer available at!!My question is:Do any of you have an experience with the current vendors KNOWING you have received authentic products rather than the frequently received fakes per reviews I read? I would REALLY appreciate hearing from you prior to my ordering this product! Below is a great review I copies re: fake products plus the Live Chat I had with Amazon if you are interested.Thanking you in advance for your help!++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++NOTE FAKE PRODUCTS** I bought the 2 bottles from Pink Gelee, because I did not find any mixed comments about fake vs real products as SeoulGlamour/other sellers. After I ordered it, I immediately sent an email to Pink Gelee. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask bluntly if they were real or not, and then I’d check it when the package came in. I received a reply promptly the next day, guaranteeing that their products are 100% guaranteed authentic. She even linked me a site to check the authenticity, and although that was reassuring I was not ready to give in the towel until I had the product in front of me and I could check for myself. The product came very promptly, first day of the estimated delivery date. **My overview on the authenticity: So it came in the mail today and I readily checked all the bookmarked links of how to tell if it’s real or not. The thing though, about these photos are that Skin79 changes their packages regularly, probably to fool the people who are making fakes out there. The front label on the box and on the bottle says “Wrinkle Improvement” instead of Wrinkle Free. That freaked me out, because some of the ‘Real’ versions out there shows Wrinkle Free. Upon further studying and research, I found out that Skin79 recently changed their products to say Wrinkle Improvement, so +1 there. To all of you who just bought one recently and your bottle still says Wrinkle Free, :'( idk, check the date if it’s 2012, should say Wrinkle Improvement! Also as a side note, those who say “oh, your product is fake if the labeled words scratch off,” that’s just silly. Almost anything can be scratched off if it’s out in heat, or dry areas long enough. I also found comments of a person who talked to a representative of cute and pretty, who sells authentic skin79 products, who even said that the label can scratch off, real or fake, if it’s been let out in the sun or in different conditions long enough. So I think I’m going to skip that test, haha… not going to sit here and try to scratch off my brand new product to base if it’s real or not. Second, the barcode should be on the bottom of the box; mine was on both products, as well as the expiration date and the manufacturing date. The manufacturing date was very recent as well, sometime this year, and expiration date in 2014. On the bottle itself there was also a sticker of authenticity, the gold version wasn’t as nicely placed as the pink bottle.. it was slightly crooked, which made me worried. Perforated lines on both boxes were shown as well. Third, If you read inside the box, on the English part I found a typo: it said Wriinkle Improvement. I was like, damn, this is a fake. HOWEVER, after some research I found a lady who bought it full price from a local authorized retailer, and the real product also has this typo, which made me extremely relieved. Fourth, as a last check, I pumped a little on my hand. I’ve read that if it comes out leaky or watery, it’s fake. It came out finely mixed, in one unison color and was lightly fragrant. The pink took like literally 20+ pumps to get it going, and the white only 1 or 2 pumps. After all this, I am almost sure now that the product I got was an authentic skin79 product. If you’ve kept up with me so far, hooray! You are now more informed! These are the elaborate reasons why I think my product is legit. I’ll be buying from her from now on .. Pink Gelee, unless someone finds new information to prove me wrong.** Why Sasa sold me a bb cream that was manufactured 10 months ago pisses me off, but they have not gotten back to me yet about it. I believe they are good for 2 or 3 yrs tho, which isnprob what they’ll say. **: My one from Pink Gelee is definitely authentic , not so sure about Seoul glamour! **tried contacting pretty and, which are known to sell legit skin79 products, but no word back from them and it’s been months.I then had a “Live Chat” with Amazon per the below:Initial Question: Preferred vendor: SKIN79 Super Gold from Pink Gelee vendor!!08:30 PM(GMT) Carlo(CSA): Hello , my name is Carlo.How may I help you today?08:31 PM(GMT): If you look at my account you will see I purchase a great deal from Amazon!! My Preferred vendor: SKIN79 Super Gold from Pink Gelee vendor!! Why must I go else where to get this product from Pink Gelee when you have had them in the past??08:32 PM(GMT) :VIP Gold Label Autheticity perforations08:32 PM(GMT) Carlo(CSA): I’m very sorry that the product is not available directly from Amazon.08:33 PM(GMT) : why do you no long have them as a vendor??08:35 PM(GMT) Carlo(CSA): Unfortunately, the product is not currently available through Amazon and we’re not sure when we’ll have this item in stock. I’m very sorry for this.08:35 PM(GMT) : Korean BB products are known to have fake products .. Pink Gelee could be depended upon .. how on earth can I be sure of fake products from the current vendors .. it is SOOOOO difficult to tell the fakes?!08:35 PM(GMT) Carlo(CSA): I will greatly appreciate if you check our website from time to time to see if the product is available on our website.08:36 PM(GMT) You didn’t answer my question on fakes!08:38 PM(GMT) Carlo(CSA): I’m truly sorry about it. You might want to contact the seller before placing the order. No worries, if you purchase an item to our sellers and you received it that is not what you expected, you can have the item return for a refund.If for any reason that the seller won’t help you out, you are welcome to file an A-Z Guarantee Claim to get you reimburse.08:41 PM(GMT) : .. not happy with this .. a LOT of trouble to repackage a defective product .. cart it to the UPS store just to get a refund! I want my email forwarded to your Supervisor who I request look over my account for the annual purchases I make on Amazon .. and TRY to get Pink Gelee back as a Vendor!Thank you for trying. Good bye.08:41 PM(GMT) Carlo(CSA): I’ll be sure passing your feedback to the concern people. I’ll know they’ll want to hear about your experience. We’re aware that our choice of services reflects on our business as a whole, and we appreciate your feedback.

Lakesha Lingle, WY

Nothing special

If you do a little research you’ll see BB creams are 90% branding and hype. It’s a tinted moisturizer and possibly sunscreen, that’s it. It comes out of the container pretty thick and at first looks a different color until it oxidizes. The colors are OK but the texture is a bit on the heavy side and a little bit sticky. I’ll save money on a product like this and put it towards good sunscreen and a good foundation.

Malinda Atlas, MI

This feels a lot like love!

First of all, I’d like to give big props to Pink Gelee for shipping this product out bright and early the day after I ordered it (I ordered very late in the day on Wednesday). It was shipped on Thursday and arrived on Saturday! I live in the Washington, DC area and it shipped from California, via USPS. And there was no shipping cost. So that is awesome. Plus, I received a thank you note for my purchase and not just the one sample I was supposed to receive (in addition to the product) but two samples! Pink Gelee rocks! Now on to my review of the product itself.I am new to BB creams, so admittedly I have nothing to compare this cream to. But so far, I kind of love it. I will break down my thoughts and impressions.Smell- It smells exactly like sunblock. I don’t mind that, since it does, in fact, have sunblock in it. It makes sense. But if you can’t stand the smell of sunblock, you might not like this.Color- The color when first applied looked kind of dark and greyish for my skin tone (I am very pale), but the color ended up being great. It was actually perfect and did not end up looking like I was wearing anything at all.Feel- It felt smooth and semi thick. A little thicker than standard foundation. It was slightly greasy, but not greasy, if that makes any sense. If you use a very small amount and blend well, it shouldn’t feel or appear greasy on your skin. I have dry skin, so it worked well with my skin type. I am not sure how it would perform on oily or combination skin.Application- Application was super easy. A little goes a long way. It applied smoothly and evenly and blended like a dream using just my fingers.Coverage- This is not a foundation, so don’t expect great coverage. It is more like a tinted moisturizer. And it performed beautifully as such. The coverage was light, but enough to even out my skin tone a bit. I don’t need a lot of coverage though, so if you need to cover a lot of redness or discoloration, you will still want to use a concealer or foundation.I am loving this product. Being fair skinned I am concerned with skin cancer, yet I never wear sunblock in every day life. I should, but don’t. Having something like this that has a little color coverage is great, because it helps improve my appearance while also protecting my skin from the damaging effects sun. I am definitely more likely to wear this daily, than I am to wear plain old sunblock.The reason I gave this four stars instead of five is because it kind of makes my skin hot or slightly irritated. I am hoping my skin will get used to that. I do have very sensitive skin though, so I am not sure if it is a problem with me or the product.

Cathy Petersburg, VA

love the product, hate how it arrived

i love BB cream, but this time when i opened my package i was disappointed. everytime ive boughting this from amazon it the actual box it comes in plastic wrap…not this time…it was unwrapped and had makeup finger prints allll over it. im extremely upset and will not be buying from this seller again!

Dolly Mineola, NY

Le zits galore!

I have normal skin that gets pimples with the wrong products. This is one that is loaded LOADED with silicones. I should have known since other Korean products are like this for me. Each time I tested it I got zits! Plus, the color is just WEIRD. I guess the Koreans like the pasty, shiny look but its not a good look imho. Its a gray/pink glowy color that really does not blend in with my NC25 skin at all. Just sits there looking strange. Covering it up with foundation is a solution but then whats the point of a BB cream if it needs additional foundation to look normal?PASS on this product and this vendor who will not accept returns of opened products (how do you know if it will work if you dont try it? *headscratch*).

Rebecca Pahala, HI

Amazing product!

I LOVE this BB cream. I’ve been using it for years and don’t ever use anything else now. I get compliments all the time on how flawless my skin is (it’s really not, but the BB cream works wonders on me!). The seller shipped this VERY fast. It’s estimated shipping was a month and I got it in 1-2 weeks! Will order from seller again!

Annie Blue Ridge, TX

Good product, tons of samples!

I’ve got very picky skin that doesn’t take well to most makeups. It is very fair, but has ruddy patches and spots of uneven color, along with a very active t-zone. I’ve been experimenting with BB creams to try to control this, reducing the oiliness while evening out color. Most of the American creams are far too orange for my peaches and cream complexion, so after reading a few reviews of some of the Korean creams, I decided to give Skin79 a chance.It shipped much more quickly than I anticipated, and arrived packaged very well with a ton of samples of other creams for me to try. It goes on well, and although it has a grayish tint when first applying it, it quickly evens out to my own skin tone. I use a BeautyBlender to even out any visible makeup lines on my face, and it works great. I still have issues with my T-zone, so I’ve been experimenting with some of the other Korean BB creams with tea tree oil in them, but for the summer, this is my new standby!

Elisha Black, AL

i love this-don’t know how i lived without it! 5 STAR BB CREAM, SEE UPDATE ON REVIEW!

I am in love with this bb cream!!! I have not yet tried the pink ( I was supposed to get a sample, I am contacting the seller about that!), but I do LOVE the gold, as far as I could tell from other reviews and from youtube the gold is more tinted (for tan or darker shaded people, since I havnt tried the pink I can not tell you that for sure though-I will update on that once I try the pink!), but unlike other reviews, I have not had a problem with this “running off my face, ect”. I think the key to that is if you use a moisturizer, and if so what type. I have been using this for almost 2 weeks, and can already tell a difference in my skin! I am normally fair skin, but not white fair, more of a light almost but not quite medium fair, but I do tan, however I do not tan as much on my face, since I use a high spf cream on my face when tanning, but I normally use makeup to match the difference so my skin tone matches my face, but this blends in well and matches my tan skin tone perfectly, without the need of anything else, however I normally do set it with a light loose powder, but not always!UPDATE:just want everyone to know that I rated this on product alone, not on the seller or anything other than the product… however I do want to add that the seller has never sent my sample of pink bb cream… I noted this and reviewed the seller in the section to review sellers, I will not change my product review because of the seller, but I do want you to know that I did not receive the sample, so if you are ordering to receive that then you may want to just order the bb cream from any seller, and not go for this just to get the sample like I did… but this was part of the description, and part of the order of product, that is why I am changing my rating, not because of the seller, but because I did not have the full product to rate, and in some case you could say it was missing a part, like if you order a 2 part item, and only receive one part, you would rate it low because it was defective and only received one part, I am torn here on this, changing the rating of the product, but since there is many of these that are offered and not with the sample, I want my rating to reflect that I didn’t receive the full product as described. and this has no effect on the rating of the bb cream itself, on the gold, I give it 5 stars still…

Francine Madawaska, ME

A little drying

Nice product but can be a tad drying on my skin, but as long as I moisturize its fine- Id buy it again.

Lorrie Morton Grove, IL


This is the best bb cream for dry skin. I usually wear medium tone makeup. Apply bb cream with fingers or use a brush, wait for a few minutes & pat face with your fingers to blend in. The greyish color will be gone & you will notice flawless skinI. I have received many compliments since I stared using skin 79 bb cream. Try it you won’t regret it.

Chandra Pine Grove Mills, PA

If you want to buy a cheap BB cream, this is pretty much it

As I have said in my other review. I only used the VIP Gold in the mini-set so I don’t know how the real thing is. Though I suspect it should be the same if the products are all honest. This product is what you would want if you are very limited on money but would want to have something for a long time so you wouldn’t have to constantly repurchase, since this item is 40g and a little amount will cover most of your face. VIP Gold is a bit on the grey side so again, better for Asian skin than Caucasian skin, and it is extremely dewy looking. It spread more thickly than the Skin 79 Snail BB cream and gives about medium coverage for blemishes. It adjusts to your skin and gives a very effective rubber-mask sort of look, like you have porcelain skin, which makes your skin looks flawless if you fit for the dewy look. Feels great when you wash it off, and whitens your skin while you wear it, also moisturizes your skin very effectively. Overall a great starting-out BB cream.

Erica Lockbourne, OH

better then pink

i love pink Skin79 BB cream. literally the best on the market. but, after more then a year of it, just wanted to try something new.VIP Gold offers better coverage, your skin looks flawless. like baby’s. it has better staying power, too.

Connie Pittston, PA

BB creams

This stuff is great. It goes on like a dream and other bbs I have tried were no way as good. It stays on throoughout the day and does not seem to clump up like other products. The color is light but seems to adjust after being applied. A small amount goes a long way. Can’t say enough about how pleased I am wilth the result.

Lillian Buckhorn, KY

BB cream

This is a nice item. Glad I purchased it. I dont use it often but it does cover well and looks great. Would buy again if I needed too.

Caryn Louann, AR


after all the great reviews I was excited to get this item in mail. I dont know if its authentic or not since I have nothing to compare it to but i look GRAY AND PALE> I have light to medium skin with yellow undertones, this looks so bad as if i have sun screen on:( Very disappointed that it doesn’t come in different colors. I waited 5 hrs for it to re adjust (apparently the color readjusts??) but nope…I still look gray at the end of the day

Nona Riverside, CT

lightweight but full coverage

BB Creams are all the rage now, but I’ve heard that the ones sold or made in the US by US/European brands aren’t the “real thing.” I think Smashbox has come out with one, and Too Faced as well, but they are copies–and different formulas–from the Korean BB creams. I’ve tried a few from Ulta and wasn’t blown away by the results.Oddly, I love the smell of this product! It smells like suntan lotion and is very light and fresh. I’m medium complected (NC35) so I was a bit worried that this wouldn’t match my skin tone. It’s not a perfect match, and I was scared at first when I applied the product to my face and it made my skin a dull grey-green color. But, after about five minutes, the color adjusted and looked better, but still not quite my natural skin tone. The main benefit for me is the SPF factor–I wanted something lightweight but with lots of protection for the summer so I can avoid getting more freckles or sun damage. I don’t put on moisturizer under my Skin79 BB cream, but I do apply a light dusting of powder on top to make it blend in and set a bit better. It’s long-wearing, doesn’t look caked on or oily, and is good for your skin. And, it lasts forever! I’ve been using mine for a month now and feel like I haven’t even put a dent in it.I bought mine from SeoulGlamour, and was so happy to receive my purchase in 3 weeks. She gave me a couple samples of various Korean skin and beauty creams, which was thoughtful. I definitely recommend purchasing from her, and buying this product.

Leigh Gallup, NM

Very satisfied

It definitely took a lot of practice to figure out how best to apply and layer this on my face, but now that I’ve got it down, I love the results.I have quite a few dark acne marks, so I first cover those with my Derma Blend cover creme, then I apply the Skin79 over my entire face with my fingers and a blending brush. I then go back over everything once or twice more and cover/blend the especially stubborn areas. I’ve found that this routine gives amazing coverage!I love the way the Skin79 finishes on my skin – it gives me a nice, even, almost photoshopped finish, but it never looks cakey or overdone. Even my hairstylist, who’s a whiz with makeup, told me my makeup looked fabulous. Total compliment in my book.I love this stuff, it has totally changed how I feel about my face/skin/appearance.

Addie Mc Knightstown, PA

Made my face itchy!

I don’t have sensitive skin, I never have. I thought I would give this BB cream a go seeing as it was rated quite high by users on Amazon. I was eager to try it out but terribly disappointed by the results…sorta. The BB cream did cover evenly however the instant I started to sweat, the BB cream made my face itchy and a little irritated. Despite my bad experience on day one, I thought I’d give it another chance. Day two I was just as disappointed as day one. I should also mention that I don’t sweat a lot. Pretty disappointed.

Sue Atwood, IL


I dont get why people like this stuff. I was excited to try it but it was all hype. I had to use half BB Cream and half my regular face lotion in order to make it less thick. It made me break out. Overall I hated it. Especially cuz it isnt cheap. I would use the Remy’s Sleep In foundation instead.

Nita Charles City, IA

no idea…

i gave it to my gf, and she doesnt really use it… i guess bb cream is good. this brand is popular in korea

Leonor Bradfordwoods, PA

Flawless Perfection

I just love this product. I am quite fair (half Chinese, half Caucasian) and I have lots of freckles! This product evens out my skin tone and makes my skin look perfectly flawless. It’s amazing and I am a huge fan! I have never been a foundation girl, but this works as a wonderful foundation and lasts all day. For heavy workouts, I do notice that it comes off on my towel and probably needs to be re-applied.For the price, I am so impressed! And a little goes a LONG way!My husband does think I look a little pale . . . but I think he always thinks that??? The SPF on this is lower than I usually wear, so I do layer this over my daily moisturizer with sunscreen. I am also thinking about trying the Orange version that offers SPF 50+.Love it!

Antionette Keen Mountain, VA

okay BB cream, poor coverage

Just like what i wrote in the title, if you actually have belmish or acne marks, this is not what you consider to cover them up

Rosetta Mc Alpin, FL

Finally writing a review on this BB cream

I have bought probably 4 bottles of this BB. I have been using this for over a year and a half now. I have tried the pink (not enough coverage) and the orange (too thick) but this one is JUST RIGHT! never fails me. Oxidizes to the right tone. I am fair with slight yellow undertone so, of course, this bb would be great for me. I hate seeing the price go up… and up… and UP. I may just buy a few bottles to store away. I don’t know what else to say. My friend doesn’t think there’s enough coverage when it comes to bb creams. I like that it looks like I am not wearing make up at all. That’s the way make up should look! I pair this with a nice coral blush, nude eyes and gloss – voila! Fresh faced and I get compliments on my skin ALL THE TIME!

Josefina Assawoman, VA

Still searching for a more hydrating foundation

I got this BB cream after hearing that it was good for dry skin.I find that the formula was still quite thick and my skin was flaky after a bit. It’s better than most liquid foundations i’ve tried, but I don’t think I’ll repurchase this one.Color was okay for me, I have a slightly tan asian skin. Probably around NC 25-30. The color was okay, though a bit light.

Althea Fonda, NY

Great stuff

I love this bb cream! Don’t be put off by the ashy tint it blends in well. When I wear just bb cream you can’t tell I have anything on. That’s the point right?

Dolores Lake Park, GA