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Skin79 Sun protect beblesh pact 15g

This is an intensive specialized pact with protects skin effectively from ultraviolet rays by intercepting ultraviolet rays UV A and B simulatneously. This pact also helps your make-up go on better and last longer and protects skin from getting oily because of sweat and sebum. And it makes your skin look attractive and refreshing. It contains vegetability ingredients to give skin moist and radiant. It includes Soft Focus powder which give light to skin dispersedly, so it smoothes the skin. It contains porosity powder and fluorine control which keeps skin a natural and sheer look. This pact makes natural make-up perfectedly without cakey look.

Key features

  • This tint of natural looking colour combined with sun protection blends smoothly over skin, and moisturizes while providing light-weight, comfortable, full coverage.
  • Prevents UV A and UV B at same time with UV Protection (SPF30/PA++) : Protect the clean and healthy skin from UV rays with miniatured balanced ingredients.
  • Miniatured particle provides adhere closely to the skin : Made with miniatured particle that absorbs smoothly into the skin to give the transparent and luxurious look while maintaining a light and fresh feel to give clean and bright makeup finish.
  • It’s tough on sebum and sweat to keep the skin fresh without being oily : Presents fresh skin without being oily from sebum nor sweat.
  • Keeps clean and bright skin tone 24 hours without apply double time : Prevents erasing make up by sweat or sebum with fluorine compound coated powder.

Honest reviews


Better than some, but alright

I’ve use this powder as a setting powder and my face becomes extremely oily throughout the day. However, I find that when I use this powder as a touch-up powder, it does the job quite well. I use Maybelline Dream Matte Powder to set my foundation in the morning and I use Skin79 Protect Beblesh pact to even things out after blotting and it works really well. .

Marquita Galveston, TX

it is good covering and nice senes on my face

I like its covering and soft sensation on my face it is realy good I recommend this stuff for every one

Emilie Litchfield, CT

Cream to powder, YAY!

Years ago, I used a great cream to powder foundation. I must’ve gone through 20 of the compacts it came in, and I loved the way it went on and looked. Alas, the company changed the packaging and formula, and the new one was too heavy and made me break out.Although I purchased this compact to carry in my purse for touch ups, it seems to be identical to my loved and lost cream to powder product. I was expecting a powder only, and am delighted by the surprise. As with all beblesh products, and as was true with the compact I used to use, it’s necessary to give the stuff time to blend into your skin–it looks a bit ghostly at first, but soon mellows.The compact itself is great; there’s a hinged plastic piece that protects the product, and is much nicer than the usual flimsy throwaway piece. The mirror is a nice touch, and the size will fit into just about any bag.I’ve been very pleased by all the Skin79 products I’ve purchased, and this one came with the little silver seal intact–a guarantee that it’s a genuine BB product. As an added bonus, it’s about half the price of my original c to p .

Mercedes Princeton, IA

One shade fits me

I’m so happy with the performance of this powder. Yes the one shade goes on a bit dark, but it blends out beautifully on my pale skin, (over the hot pink BB cream). I get a full days wear out of it, without it feeling too thick, cakey or completely disappearing.I don’t get super oily, my skin is very normal, and this just really keeps it looking fresh and luminous. Thankfully it’s not too matte, but cuts the shine from the BB cream.I’ve used it everyday for about two months now and have not hit the pan yet, so for me it has really gone a long way.Love the high SPF and will be purchasing this again!

Deann Anna, OH


All products are fabulous Skin79 i used BB CREAM this powder reinforces the concept that I have this fabulous brand is excellent quality

Bobbie Shawanese, PA

My go-to

I use this everyday. It provides light coverage when I use a buffing brush. The color matches my skintone well and has warm undertones. It doesn’t break me out and I like how it has SPF. This leaves my skin almost matte, not completely. Throughout the day, my skin looks dewier. I do powder my T zone with neutrogena shine control powder to make my face last all day without looking like an oily mess.This is great and does last a fair amount of time.

Gabrielle Gamerco, NM

Not bad, but doesn’t really do the job

I use this to set the Skin79 Hot Pink & Hot Orange BB Creams and also for touch ups. Oddly, this powder is MUCH darker and more yellow toned than the corresponding Hot Pink BB cream. It blends fairly easily, but still looks a bit dark, I’m not sure I’m getting away with it. I’m extremely fair so the BB Cream matches well, but this powder is just too dark and yellow for me. Also, it doesn’t do a good job absorbing oil for more than about an hour, and the BB cream actually seems to rub off faster with it than without it so I don’t think it actually helps set anything. I’m better off setting my BB cream with regular mineral powder.That being said, I do love the packaging. The puff has a little strap to hold onto and a hinged plastic divider keeps the puff from sitting in the powder and contaminating it. Also, the powder has a nice texture, good coverage, & never seems to look cakey as long as you take a moment to blend it. I just wish it was lighter and did a better job absorbing oil and setting the BB cream. This just doesn’t get the job done for me. Someone with medium to light dry/combo skin would probably love this product.

Ana Chautauqua, NY