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Skin79 Lotus Mild Cleansing Foam 200ml

SKIN79 Lotus Mild Cleansing Foam 200ml It is mild cleansing foam which cleanses remaining makeup, sebum and dead skin cell softly covering your skin with creamy bubble and smoothly cares stressed skin by internal and external stimulus to be clean and healthy skin by Nelumbo Nucifera FLower Extract.

Key features

  • SKIN79 Lotus Mild Cleansing Foam
  • 200ml
  • It is mild cleansing foam which cleanses remaining makeup, sebum and dead skin cell softly covering your skin with creamy bubble and smoothly cares stressed skin by internal and external stimulus to be clean and healthy skin by Nelumbo Nucifera FLower Extract.

Honest reviews



UPDATE!!!!I can’t live without my Skin79 Oriental Gold :(I was visiting my father a few weeks ago and left my BB cream there and I just feel crappy without it. Haha. I had to go out and buy new makeup until I can go get my skin79 back and it’s completely gross and I realise now that I’ve taken it for granted these past few months. Without my skin79 (and with covergirl/rimmel or whatever) my face looks like a mask and no matter how well I clean my face in the morning and at night I’m breaking out (acne) like crazy! (“like crazy” for me is 1-3 zits either altogether or at different times in the same week) regular makeup makes my skin look all chalky/bland..dried up… I don’t know how to explain it.If I don’t go get my cream soon I’m going to order a new bottle and wait another 3 weeks haha. My son (he’s 2) completely ruin my cheek/lip tint, which DEVASTATED MEEEE I love it. So I’m planning on getting another bottle just for that factor.Anyways, This BB cream is so amazing, I just don’t feel like myself without it and my skin is suffering, I never realised how much of a difference my Skin79 Oriental Gold made.How I use it: Wash my face and put on my anti-aging serum – let that dry, use fingers to apply BB cream all over face (takes not even half a pump), either use fingers or directly stick the cheek tint onto my face and then rub it onto my cheek, use my big kabuki brush to finish by brushing my Pixi face powder over it all, add powder blush if I didn’t use enough cheek tint, masacara, and then use the cheek tint on my lips to finish the look. Looks airbrushed but natural, corrects skin tone and has good coverage when you do break out. and is weightless. Such a difference from foundation, my skin can breathe with my BB Cream.<3LOVEEEEE<3and seriously can’t live without it!ORIGINAL POST: Came before Amazon predicted, when item was out of stock seller said it might take up to a week to get it in and sent out, but she sent it within 2-3 days, and included a little sample of the Pink label BB cream.PERFECT QUALITY REAL PRODUCT – if you want to know how to tell fake from real, just google “fake skin79 bb cream” and they tell you how to look out for it.Some people are saying the lip/cheek stain is too much pink or something? It goes on like a clear pastel sort of pink, looks great on both my cheeks and lips I LOVE IT.The BB cream itself was perfect for me, alot of people wassaying that it ws too thin to cover anything, but really, it’s pretty thick like normal foundation. It’s pretty light colored, perfect for my complexion, i usually use an ivory-light. I don’t really see any “gray-ish” color. It does have a dewey finish, but I just used my kabuki to put some powder over and then put the cheek cream.Anyways,I LOVE IT and I WILL DEFINITELY be buying from them again. New favorite product =]

Sheree Polaris, MT

it’s just ok

the design of the pump really not good….gets dirty easily,the design doesnt make sensebut the bb cream and the cheek tint really smell good, sweet smelli really like the cheek tint, the color is really cutebut the bb cream is just so so ,it is not long lasting, if i use it in the morning ,in the afternoon ,my face looks really dull.

Noelle Bolton Landing, NY

Nice BB Cream

I got this on the recommendation of Natalie Dee, because I needed something to cover my blemishes and occasionally rebellious skin. I’m very pale (a freckled ginger) and my skin is super sensitive. This cream blends well and you can layer it to cover up.One thing I could pass on is the pink stuff. I have a tube of Nars Orgasm and it looks vastly superior to this stuff.It doesn’t make me break out, I look more professional, and I get some free pink stuff in case I get some girls over that want to play makeup

Tara Seeley Lake, MT

The pump is kind of lame

The pump is bad, you press down on the black part and product dispenses through the hole in the top, like a fountain. That being said, this BB cream matches my skin almost perfectly and covers pretty well. The lip and cheek tint when I use it comes up on my lips as a really light creamy lilac and baby pink tint. I haven’t used it as a cheek tint because I don’t color my cheeks. The cream itself, if used with a primer or serum underneath makes my skin look almost airbrushed. I have oily acne prone skin so I only use this product if I feel like my skin needs a little airbrushing, otherwise I fear that I might breakout if I wear it too often. I have found out that if I wear this product all day I do tend to breakout with one or two blemishes.

Gail Colonia, NJ

Gold BB cream

Well, I see what the fuss is about!I couldn’t decide between tinted moisturizer and BB cream. I had one previous BB cream,from Hanskin which was so dewy my face was sparkling all over and it didn’t look natural nor pretty.I decided to go for this BB cream because I was curious about the cheek tint. And I saw on Youtube someone using this cheek tint and it looked so beautiful and natural. Plus with this product I got two for one (BB plus blush). That never hurts. It looks that all Skin 79 BB creams (lilac, orange, pink and silver containers) are the same size and lilac is only one with this tint.First minute after applying it just sits on the skin. And then it absorbs. I’d say it is between light and medium coverage. I still have to use my Skinfood Dark Circle Concealer with it. This cheek tint however takes the cake. It looks so natural that I prefer it over Nars and Benefit blushes. But I don’t like it on my lips, it looks cheap there. And there is not a lot of this tint, when you look at the picture consider the fact that this golden top goes on top of this black part of BB cream container. But you don’t have to use it a lot.For me this cheek tint is enough to buy this product, however I like the cream itself as well. Not only does it look natural, it is also very good for the skin, and has SPF 25

Olivia Rubicon, WI

Good coverage

This BB cream goes on easily and gives good coverage. Coverage is something most women in their 60s are looking for. I’m very happy with it as I can wear it all day without it becoming greasy or causing my face to feel tight at the end of the day.

Alexandria South Dartmouth, MA

Very Moisturizing

This is just what I was looking for. I have extremely dry skin that used to sometimes flake before I started nourishing it regularly with high moisture lotion. Even with the lotion I still have had a hard time finding a foundation or bb cream that doesn’t dry my face out. I tried the VIP Gold BB Cream which I liked, but didn’t love (still kind of drying/cakey). This bb cream glides on smoothly and makes my face look flawless. It holds its moisture all day. It does have more of a dewy finish (which I prefer), but I suppose you could dust some powder over it if you prefer a matte finish. This bb cream keeps me looking very youthful and my skin loves it. Highly recommend

Marilyn Taylor, TX

Nice, but not for oily skin

This is a good BB cream, and I love the cheek/lip tint that comes with it–but it’s not for all skin types.As the pictures shows, it comes with a removable cheek/lip tint. It’s very creamy but sheer, so the color is buildable. I would describe it as being a soft pink. It’s easy to apply on the cheeks and doesn’t leave any streaks, and would be great for dry skin, since it’s moisturizing. On the lips, it actually made my lips look matte, which I don’t actually mind at all because it looked nice and pink. Made my lips look fuller too.As for the BB cream–it’s a little more watery than the Missha BB cream I’ve been using, but it still has good coverage. A little goes a long way. If it does have a gray tone, I haven’t noticed. It matches my skin tone perfectly, looks very natural, like it’s not even there. Goes on like a second skin, and all you need to do is apply it with your fingers. You can also apply additional layers for additional coverage, which is what I like to do around my eyes, since I have dark, grey undereye circles. It actually covers them up pretty well, though it’s not as good as a concealer.However, people with oily skin should note that it will look greasy if you put it on. It doesn’t have a matte finish…more moisturizing than matte, so if you have oily skin, it won’t look very flattering. But you can easily correct this with a dash of loose powder. Compared to my Missha BB cream, I actually like Missha more because it’s more matte (I usually have dry skin, but right now it’s oily, thanks to the summer weather) and seems to even out my skin tone more. But this is still a good BB cream. I’ll probably begin using this in the fall when my skin gets drier, would be perfect as a “winter” BB cream.

Rochelle Booneville, KY

Just Right

I love this product. It is light in color, very moisturizing, and I use it under my foundation because it doesn’t provide complete coverage for my uneven skin tone and age spots. I think it would work best for dry to normal skin as it might be too heavy for oily skin. Because my complexion is medium/light, the lip/cheek color is just right for me and a pleasant bonus.

Judith Rosman, NC

Great color match but not for oily skin

I’ve been using both the Hot Pink and Gold Skin 79 BB creams and the main problem I have with both of them is that although the coverage is excellent, it tends to make my face look too white. My face ends up looking another color than my neck. I read the reviews for this one so I decided for under $20 why not give it a try.First the positives:I have very light Asian skin. I typically use Fairly Light tones for foundation and this product worked well for me with regards to color matching. My face no longer looks grayish. It is very natural, comparable to putting on tinted moisturizer but with slightly better coverage. It also works well for sensitive skin. The Hot Pink and Gold made me break out after a week and this one is easier to wash off since it is less thick than the other two.With regards to the cheek/lip tint, I love the light pink color. A few dabs on my lips and cheeks give me a natural rosey glow.Negatives:This is not a full coverage BB cream. I also noticed after 4 hours, my skin was oily. I have combination skin to begin with but I think that this does not work well for oil control. The lip and cheek tint will also NOT work for someone with darker skin tone. The color is extremely subtle. It is a tint and not a blush so don’t expect it to give you maximum color. I don’t really like the texture of the lip/cheek tint, it is like a non-sticky chapstick bar but oilier. Also this BB cream is not matte. It is a bit shiny but not too shiny like Etude House creams.Overall, if you want a light, everyday BB cream for sensitive/dry-normal skin, this product will work well for you.

Kasey Monmouth Junction, NJ

I don’t like cause me breakout

I have tan skin, and this BB cream it is so light for my skin tone. The worst thing it caused me breakout. Definitely it clogs my pore, right now I have bumps on my face. I have been trying to get rid of them. And now it comes up again :(.

Alexis Norristown, PA

Liked it until I got a rash

I have been using this cream for a little over a week, and have developed a rash on my face.I researched the ingredients, and they arent as great as they claim. Some of them being parabens,talc, butylene glycol, and other skin irritants.I will not buy any more skin79 products.

Jade Colfax, ND

Good but color a bit too light … for me

Read the product description on the official website to get the details and decided this would be good for me. The color is a little on the light side but still workable. Don’t care for the Lip Tint as it dries up my lips and I seem to have some allergic reaction to it.The BB cream is okay. Given my skin tends toward the dry side, this BB cream gives a bit of shine to my face. It’s pretty good, not too dramatic. But my nose gets a tiny bit oily after a few hours of wearing this BB cream.My favorite is still the Missha M Perfect BB Cream #23. See my review on that BB cream here.

Lizzie Philadelphia, NY

Lovely for drier skin

Radiant, buildable, and great for drier skin. The color is very nice on this one, not quite as pearly white as some other BBs. The cheek stain is a very wearable color, as well.

Nadine Charlton City, MA

Skin looked smoother and younger with first use

I absolutely love this product. I saw on Dr. OZ that they were recommending skin cream that had BB in it. I have another product that says BB, but it isn’t nearly as good as this one. I couldn’t believe how great my skin looked and felt the first time I used it. I am 73 and I can really use something that makes me look younger. This is it, but I would recommend it for any age.

Adrian Providence, NC

Great for very dry skin

This is light coverage, but does a great job of evening out the skin. This one has more of a yellow undertone, as opposed to the grey and pink in some of the other Skin 79 BB creams. I ordered one of the mini sets, and use the Pearl BB cream with this. I just opened this up and added the whole litte tube to my full size Oriental Gold. I use this every morning, one pump for my face and one pump for my neck and cleavege area. I cant tell if there has been any “skin lightening” but it looks nice and I dont have any trouble with my extremely dry skin soaking it up, or ending up migrating to make dry patches look even worse. I like this best under a foundation, when I have time to do both. I will order again, and cant wait to try the snail BB cream for more mature skin.

Katheryn Nashotah, WI


I absolutely love this BB cream. It isn’t the first one I’ve used but most probably will be the last! It has amazing coverage, easy to apply and feels light on. No noticable difference to my skin, however but that’s ok with me. I love wearing this when leaving the house – makes me feel more comfortable covering any dark circles or flaws.

Briana Tryon, NC


its a great product, its very smoothy. I,d like to say it is really great,and i like it very much.

Angelica Crothersville, IN


This product will tighten your skin right after you apply it onto your skin but then shortly afterwards, you’ll feel like you can hardly move your face. Also, it doesn’t stay on very long and will ware off after two hours. Do not wear this during the summer or else you’ll see your face melt in the heat, especially if its humid.

Lorie Calistoga, CA

my favorite

I used the gold bb cream and fell in love but the color didnt match for me. I’m extremely pale. This one is not as heavy and matches betteer. The cheek tint is lighter than. The gold too and oh so lovely.

Belinda Solano, NM

for fair skin only

The color is a bit grey (like what you see in most BB creams) so it’s definitely for people with fair skin.

Jessica Magnolia, AR


A lot of people recommended this bb cream company, Skin79, so I decided to try out the Oriental Gold BB. It came earlier than I expected. When I put it on my face, it glided smoothly and covered my blemishes. Since I have a few acne scars, I didn’t need a lot of coverage. My relatives compliment my skin! One problem I have is pumping. This pumping is pretty hard to control, as the opening can get dirty from frequent pumping. It gives a decent coverage. If you want full coverage, then I recommend foundation. Overall, this is a great product that is worth money. I will definitely buy this bb cream in the future after I use up my bottle!

Nita Burnside, LA


sheer coverage to meh medium. does not cover red does not cover dark spots but it does a lovely job of gicing me that glow <3 btw I am a Nc35 and I only wear this around my flaws a but to had a some light oh and the shade is a bit of a warm tone like Nw other than a cool tone NC.

Celeste Payson, AZ


Its the perfect color for me and I am bit fair so wasn’t sure it would work. I love the way the product is dispensed it keeps things sanitary and there is not chance to contaminate rest of product while using. The included lip gloss/blush? it is a very soft pink it isnt so great as a lip gloss and i haven’t tried it as a cheek color. It does smell lovely and it doesn’t have a heavy feel once on the face.

Saundra Gray Summit, MO

Excellent dewiness

This is my 4th bb cream and I like it a lot. Smooth finish, easy application and it finally achieves the legendary "dewiness" that I’ve heard about BB creams. (I have dry skin and usually, I don’t have any problems with oiliness. On the contrary, I often have difficulty with flaking and my bb creams not going on smoothly.)No problems with skin color matching. Very nice brightening effect. Easy dispenser. And the cheek stain is really nice and creamy. Love the color.

Rene Williamstown, OH