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SKIN79 Hot Pink Super Plus Beblesh Balm 40g

A triple function blemish balm cream that shields skin from premature aging with potent SPF 25, while whitening skin and reducing existing lines and wrinkles. The creamy formula effectively covers up skin imperfections, creating a perfect base for makeup and foundation. Skin feels and looks fresh, with a gorgeous matte finish all day long. Recommended for combination and oily skin types. Contents: 40 g

Key features

  • Official Notice from SKIN79 about Authenticity Label – Starting from product manufactured after January 2013, SKIN79 have stopped shipping with authenticity sticker on all merchandises; however anything prior to that date should have a sticker attach

Honest reviews


Best skincare product period.

I originally bought a small sample pack of several Skin79 BB creams this was the one I liked the most (the others were really good too) It is pretty much an all in one mosturizer, blemish treatment, sunscreen, foundation, wrinkle cream and magic potion. I am 30 with terrible skin and since I have been using this product my skin looks amazing. It looks like I’m fresh and glowing and natural. I have very fair sensitive skin and this product is very gentle on it. I will say that this product is best for fair skin, but I was able to darken the shade if needed by adding a drop of cream bronzer. It will also seem grey/pale when applying but will match more naturally after it oxidizes for a few moments on your skin. I think the thing I love most about this product is that it saves me time. Now I don’t have a 5 step process to do my makeup in the morning, I just dab a pea sized amount all over my face add some blush mascara and lipgloss and I’m good to go. Also no makeup lines and it doesn’t melt off in the 110 degree Texas heat. It’s comfortable to wear (just feels like wearing mosturizer) and lasts all day. Try the BB cream sample pack first to see which works best for you and then buy a big bottle of the one you like you won’t regret it. It also works even better when combined with Skin79 BB cleanser (that stuff is pure awesome) as part of a skincare routine.I ordered several Skin79 products from seller Katie the Babe and they were all authentic genuine Skin79 products with correct packaging. Also she ships very fast and includes a little baggie of free samples of other products. So my best advice is find a seller you trust (like I did ) and stick with them to avoid fake or inferior products.

Lara Webster Springs, WV

Skin79 BBCream pink

Tried the pil and the golden and preferred the golden. It has more coverage vs the pink. Need to wash your face really good in the end may pop up pimples.

Debbie Drury, MO


Got the product in a squished box and some product was smeared on the bottle… Other then that its ok….

Terrie Wentworth, NH

Favorite bb cream ever!

I love this bb! It’s a bit disappointing that it only comes in one shade but lucky for me I am fair and it works perfectly. It seems a bit grayish but once you blend it into the skin and it sets it no longer has that cast. I use this on its own for light coverage for days I do not wear a full face of makeup and I also use this as my base when I do wear a full face. It’s also build able for when u desire more coverage. I have combo skin and although I think this is supposed to have oil control I still get a shinny forehead and nose throughout the day. To combat shine I use Rimmel stay matte translucent powder, works like a charm. I like to apply this with clean fingers, a sponge absorbs too much product. It leaves a nice natural skin finish. I love that this has SPF because the moisturizer I use does not. I also like the whitening effect because I am acne prone and always have breakouts or an old scar to cover. Have repurchased this over and over again! Way better than anything you will find in the drugstore which are not really bb creams anyway, they’re just tinted moisturizers. This is the real deal. Skin care and light to medium coverage in one.

Hazel Juliustown, NJ

Great BB Cream!

I love this, it is a bit light coverage but it is build-able to a medium coverage I would say you can wear concealer or a foundation over it! It feels like you are wearing virtually nothing with this bb cream. I really like this I will be wearing it on days I want a little coverage but not full on foundation. 🙂 Very satisfied, it does come off a little grey toned but it does oxidize, I would say this is for oily combination skin so I would wear a moisturizer if you don’t already it is a bit drying. The formula is very soft and won’t break you out. 🙂 I only give it 4 stars because of the shipping speed and the price for shipping.

Katharine Pearisburg, VA


Goes on kind of gray, but it end up matching my skin perfectly. I have pretty light skin. I usually pick the 2nd shade from the lightest for liquid foundation. I personally feel that I am in the middle of cool and warm tones but I’ve never been told professionally.I use moisturizer, wait a minute and then apply a decent amount of BB. The color sets in about a minute. I have super oily skin that is also acne prone. By the end of the day I have some oil on my forehead. I have NEVER had another form of foundation work this well at controlling oil. It is seriously amazing. I haven’t broken out, in fact my skin has improved and I have less zits. My skin feels softer. I use a concealer underneath for blemishes, without it it just tones everything down, which is fine too when you don’t want a lot of coverage. If you are thinking about it, just do it. You won’t regret it. Oh, and it has a slight sent, but it doesn’t bother me.

Letitia Leesburg, FL

Loved the product, hated the ingredients.

First of all, I was torn about what rating to give it, and I’ll explain why.Short version:Pros: Good coverage (medium, I’d say). Face was soft while wearing and even the next day after washing it off. Smells nice. Was the genuine product. Matched my skintone (pale olive). Reduced redness. Made my face a uniform color.Cons: Aluminum is TOXIC (it has been linked in studies to Alzheimers and brain degeneration, google it); this has several different aluminum compounds in it, and I may never order it again for that reason alone. Some shine after a few hours. Did not last all day in coverage.Long version:The coverage is lovely. My mother is Korean, and my father is a Caucasian mutt. This leaves me with a pale olive tone that I can never find makeup to match. I’m also prone to facial redness, so with normal makeup, I tend to end up looking orange, too white, or just strange in general. When I put this on, it reduced the redness by about 75%, and put my face at a mostly uniform color. It stayed this way for about 3-4 hours, and at that point I started getting a small shine on my face, in problem areas. This, however, did not get worse. So expect a bit of shine if you’re prone to it. After the full day it had mostly broken down and settled. I wouldn’t say it settled into wrinkles and pores, but rather, it just didn’t fill them anymore.My skin was so soft while it was on, and even after I washed it off, it was softer than usual. Felt lovely. I did notice in the ingredients that this has lots of various ALUMINUM compounds in it. Aluminum is toxic (please google it), and has been linked to brain degeneration. Gross. I already wear non aluminum deodorant, and I didn’t expect that it would be in a makeup. 🙁 If you are very health conscious, I suggest looking upJuice Beauty Stem Cellular Repair Cc Cream, Natural Glow, which is a lot more expensive, but doesn’t have the same amount of horrible toxins.My skin did break out after I washed it off, but I think that’s just because I’m not used to this particular makeup yet. It was a mild break out, and it wouldn’t deter me from using it.

Paula Winfield, IL

The sample size worked great, but this broke me out.

I’d gotten this in the box set of samples, and it was perfect. It kept my skin clear and it matched my (very white – I’m a ginger) skin perfectly. Unfortunately the larger size didn’t work nearly as well. It still matched my skin, but as I said, it broke me out a little. Will not be buying again.

Deborah Burdett, KS

Color is grayish but great SPF!

Took me a while to get used to this but its great stuff. Cant use it as a regular BB cream, I almost use it as a primer before using foundation suring day, its SPF25 so its a good protector. But if I use it alone on my white skin, I look grayish and too sick looking.

Stella Rupert, ID

love it

I love the way this cream blends on my face, and doesn’t feel or look too thick. You can apply more without looking like it is caked on.

Debbie Sulphur, OK

Five Stars


Bobby Avoca, MI


I bought this product after watching a Youtube video about it by a girl that was trying to conceal hyperpigmentation over her lip, which is exactly what I am dealing with. This is great stuff! It covers well and hides A LOT of imperfections. The consistency is perfect; really not greasy at all-just thick enough to cover but not too thick if you know what I mean. It doesn’t accentuate the lines in your face, in fact it seems to diminish them. I love this and will order again.

Renae Willow Island, NE

Got a bad bottle

Be very mindful of who you are buying from since there are fake products circulating in the world outside of Korea. Not only was the manufacturing date on my bottle over 2 years old, it arrived in one of the newer boxes from the company which means the codes didn’t match at all. There are websites out there that will help you identify imitation products. I highly recommend you use them. This product is wonderful if you can get your hands on a real bottle.

Keri Kaukauna, WI

Lite and Beautiful BB Cream

After reading through many reviews I decided to order this product from overseas instead of going to a local Pharmacy or Walmart or Target to get Garnier or Maybelline brands. Well, I am thrilled that I did. Not only was the price great, but it is larger than US brands. It is light and creamy and the coverage is fantastic!! I love this product and will always order from this company again and again. While I am applying it, I warm it between my finger tips with both hands then apply to my face and neck area. It goes on smoothly and after a few moments it blends and matches my skin color perfectly. I am between Fair and Med. skin tone (Irish/Italian). I use to use Almay’s tinted moisturizer for Fair-Med. I like this one so much better. Even shipping was faster than expected (about 2 1/2 wks) and they even sent me other samples to try. A huge A++ to this company. You have a consumer for life!!

Nikki Grimesland, NC

Perfect Product…(for me)

I was skeptical about purchasing a “BB Cream” because I’ve used the same foundation for so long. I’ve used every kind of foundation. I’ve tried cream to powder, liquid, and mineral foundation…you name it! I have combination skin and find that only the liquid foundations work without over- drying my skin. I am very happy with Skin79’s Super plus BB cream! It really works for my skin type. If you have combination to dry skin I think you’ll love it.It has a thick, creamy consistency, and doesn’t dry out once applied to the skin. (No weird lines around your nose or mouth) It also isn’t shiny or oily on the skin. (A lot of foundations targeted toward dryness over-compensate and I end up super shiny…not fun)It comes out of the container looking a little grey-ish, and I’ll admit I really didn’t think it was going to match me. I tried it anyway. I dabbed it on, waited a bit, and then added extra to my “problem” areas (red cheeks and chin). It completely blended in with my skin while masking my redness! My friend tried it as well and it did not cover her acne scars to her liking, so she did have to use a concealer beforehand.I’ve tried so many foundations and I’ve never found a product that didn’t get dry and weird on my nose/cheeks. This one does the trick. It’s like a second skin.For this price I recommend giving it a whirl. If you don’t enjoy it, I guarantee a friend will love it.

Susan Dover, PA


This bb cream goes on super smooth, and really evens out my complexion. The packaging is super cute. Many people say it has a greyish tone, but I really don’t see that. It smells kindof like baby powder, and its rather strong. The cream adapts to your skintone and makes it seem as if nothing is on your face, you just have wonderful skin. And I love that.

Marian Linton, ND

I love makeup and have tried many high end products out …

I love makeup and have tried many high end products out there! This is one of the best products and for the price you can’t go wrong! I’ve been recommending this to everyone! It has a natural look. It does go on a bit grey as others mentioned but fixes itself. Great product for the price!

Janelle Walnut Ridge, AR

Not bad but not for acne prone skin!

So I thought this would be good for my skin, just to try it out but it makes me break out :/ but its really great! I recommend it for anyone with dry skin, or good skin just wants a soft concealer

Ella Newton Falls, OH

The best!

I was given this as a Christmas present from a good friend who is a guru when it comes to makeup and all around great facial products. I fell in love with this and so did my Mother and sister. It is light, keeps the face looking moist (not greasy) and works great as an addition to concealer. Recently bought a second jar because we went through the first one so fast!

Octavia Milton, IN

Didn’t work for me, still a decent product

I have very fair Caucasian skin with slight yellow undertones, and unfortunately this didn’t match me. I needed to apply multiple layers to get the coverage I wanted, leading to a grey cast despite thoroughly patting it into my skin and allowing oxidation time. So even though it didn’t work for my face, I will still use it up on other areas that need a bit of SPF – it surprisingly matches my forearms very well! I do like that the product has no added fragrance since I am sensitive to many perfumes. The texture dries to a semi-matte, but unfortunately does not take setting powder very well and tends to make clumps on my makeup brushes, even when just patting the powder on. I like the look of the dispenser bottle, but it can get a bit messy and isn’t completely practical.In the end the best thing I’ve found is Revlon Colorstay cream foundation. That line does not contain SPF so a separate one must be used prior to application, but the coverage is very good and does not have the problems listed above.It was worth a try, just didn’t work for me.

Doreen Sherburn, MN

Took FOREVER to get here.

So long I forgot I ordered it. Way late and the packaging was crushed. Also not the right color. I am very fair but this is made for Asian women and has a "whitening" agent. Simply ghastly on my skin. Now I know what I will look like dead.

Lucia Eureka, WI

BB cream

This is my first time using a BB cream, and I felt it would be great for summer days when you don’t want to use heavy foundation and feel like you have to much on your face. I really like it but can’t give a true comparison because I have not tried a different brand to actually give feedback as to how they compare.

Minerva Grubville, MO

I’m So glad I tried this!

I’ll start with a little about myself. I’m half Japanese, half Caucasian with large pores and a oily T-zone. I have med olive toned skin with a small amount of wrinkles. I am 50 years old. I’ve been using mineral powder from Everyday minerals forever. They have a wonderful olive tone foundation that is not easy to find and it’s cheap. I usually mix my own color using both the light olive and dark olive to help match my "winter" and "summer" tones. It’s worked out great but since turning the big 50 it seems that the mineral powder makes my face texture rough and tends to show all the little lines and pores. So since hearing about BB creams, I thought I’d try some out. The biggest difference that I noticed with the "American" BB creams and the "Asian" creams is that the Asian ones tend to have more coverage and are more thicker. Not cakey, just thicker with better coverage. Also matching can be easier since some of the Asian ones (like the pink skin79 I’m reviewing) oxidize and can match better. This stuff really smoothed out my face and covers the few acne scars I have on my chin. It spreads out grey and shiny but darkens and mattes out as time passes. It doesn’t make my pores stand out at all. It is a bit light in color and it will not match my summer tone, so I ordered the bronze Skin79 for darker skin tones to mix with it as I darken. Just as a note, I did try Missha because it came in a darker tone, but it was sticky to the touch and didn’t blend out as well to me. Also tried NYX. It was way too thin and felt sticky as well. Glad Amazon carries this stuff! I got mine at our local H-Mart and it’s alot more price wise than here on Amazon.

Magdalena Fair Play, SC

Exceeded expectations…

It seems when I put this product on, my entire face glows. It goes on a funny greyish color at first, but blends right into your skin in a few seconds…it is very thick, but blends to perfection. With summer coming, I wasn’t sure about ordering this product, I thought it would be a lot like a foundation…and I live in the South so humidity is very high and foundations tend to smear, run, and disappear! But, so far, this BB cream has stayed in place and not ran or sweated off! Unbelievable! I ordered from Seoulglamour and was told my product would not be here for almost 6 weeks…but it arrived in 2 weeks and with tons of samples included! I will order this product again and I will order it from the same company for sure. You will be sent a quality product, ahead of schedule, and it will be genuine. There are a lot of companies out there sending fake BB creams, but no worries with this one! If you are on the fence about which product to get, this would be the one!

Casey Peel, AR