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SKIN79 Bb Cream Samples Set


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Don’t bother

All of the colors were very similar and the amounts too much to use once,but not enough to use twice. There are different types of BB creams in the mix, but the packaging wasn’t quite clear, except for the one for acne. I would like to see more writing on each sample so you know what you’re sampling, and what effect to expect.

Margery Elgin, OR

I wanted to love this…

I did ALOT of research online about BB creams and have discovered that the US versions that have become so popular are not actually BB creams but rather glorified tinted moisturizers. Fans of the real Asian BB creams rave about them. So, after doin research on all the different brands available, I decided to go with SKIN79’s. They have so many, though, and it was hard to decide which would work best with my skin. I saw this sample pack available for a good price and it offered almost all of the ones I couldn’t decide between. I tried all of them and loved none of them. First, if you haven’t read about these creams, unless you have pale (ivory/porcelain) skin, this will not work for you. Second, it tends to be very thick. They claim to be lightweight, but it reminded me of a thick foundation. I couldn’t get them to blend well and seemed to look very cakey and chalky. Maybe my application was flawed, so I won’t blame the product, but it didn’t work for me. Could be because I don’t normally use any foundation and just spot correct with mineral powder so i’m not used to that all-over mask feeling. I will stick to tinted moisturizers because I like the consistency of those and prefer a light wash of corrective color over full coverage. Try this sample pack if you’re curious before you commit to a full size of anything.

Nannie Daggett, CA

Very helpful in choosing the right formula

This really made it easy to figure out which formula was right for me and for my daughter. Samples were enough for 2-3 uses each, enough to really consider how well the formula was working.The Pearl formula is great as a skin highlighter, by the way.

Joanna Oakdale, PA

I Love BB Creams

I’m a big fan of bb creams and these samples are great to figure out which is best for my skin. Keep in mind that bb creams can be wore by itself and it’s a great uv skin protector, which is very important for you skin. Some of the creams can be thick but a little goes a long way when you apply to you face and the product will last longer, even if their just samples. It does come with cleanser sample and it’s super awesome.

Zelda Avon By The Sea, NJ

Several varieties to try.

In my quest to learn more about BB Cream I ordered a few samples. I’m very light on my foundation so each packet gave me several wears, but when I placed the unused portion in a plastic bag any that leaked out turned grey very quickly in a few days. My sister borrowed one of the packets and used it in one application. What I loved about this set is discovering the BB Cream removal. That was worth it and I bought a large version of that.

Rosalie Cabot, AR


I was so glad I purchased this sample set from Skin79. It let me try out a bunch of different BB creams and find the ones that I liked the best. I also got about 3 to 4 uses out of each sample. I also received 2 samples of BB cream cleanser which I LOVED! It is a gel but then it bubbles up on your face which is really fun and different, it also made my skin feel nice and clean without the tight feeling. Great item to get if you want to try out a bunch of different BB creams to see if you like them 🙂

Mai Oxford, KS