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Skin79 BB Cream Miniature Mini Set

SKIN79 BB Cream Miniature Set is an excellent choice if you want to try it before purchase the regular size of SKIN79 BB Cream. This set includes 4 different SKIN79 best seller BB Cream, each at their unique features: Super+ Beblesh Balm Triple Functions SPF 25 PA++ 5g – It is 3 effects functional beblesh balm. By Adenosine and Arbutin ingredients which are effective in whitening, wrinkles improvement cultivate more bright and elastic skin. Intercept ultraviolet rays UV A and B at the same time and protect your skin exposed from the sun more thoroughly. OSMOPUR ingredient of new concept which are mixed sunflower, rice bran, ivy extracts protect skin from various harmful conditions. Phyto Complex ingredient which is good for skin moisturizing and soothing makes your skin always moist and healthy. Diamond Collection The Prestige Beblesh Balm SPF 25 PA++ 5g – By Adenosine and Arbutin ingredients which are effective in whitening, wrinkles improvement cultivates more bright and elastic skin. Intercept UVA and UVB at the same time and protect your skin exposed from the sun more thoroughly. Diamond Powder and Jewel Complex Powder of Ruby, Amethyst and Pearl make skin all the more radiant. A patent ingredient containing Natural Complex extract ingredients help improvement and care of skin trouble. VIP Gold Collection Super+ Beblesh Balm SPF 25 PA++ 5g – It is 3 effects functional beblesh balm. Abundant nutrition of Gold and Caviar extract cares skin intensively to make shiny, healthy skin. Diamond Collection Pearl Luminous Beblesh Balm 5g – It is a trendy pearl BB cream which has a light, moist use feeling and quite brilliant pearl to make a bright revitalizing skin. The built-in brush enhances adhesion, making the skin more clean and glowing through thin and even application.

Key features

  • Brand New. Ships from NY, USA.

Honest reviews


A good offering to find the right match

This is exactly what I needed it to be. I wanted an easy way to test out BB Creams without committing to tons of some product I didn’t end up liking.It is four different BB Creams from Skin79 packaged in a box. None of the tubes are all that full, so really it is enough product just to get an idea of what you like or dislike about each of the different creams.I have pretty fair skin (caucasian) and normally buy if not the palest foundation the next shade up (when I bought that stuff, which is almost never). They all blended into my skin tone with no problem, and judging from the tint of the cream, they would work on people with darker toned skin as well.What appealed to me about the idea of BB Cream was that it had SPF in it (all four in this set are SPF 25) and from other reviews I read it was a good by itself bit of makeup. I am pretty lazy when it comes to a beauty routine (that is possibly the first time I have typed that phrase).I found I could wear most of these without anything else and feel pretty comfortable, and washing my face at night, I could tell from the wash cloth that it stayed on pretty well during the day. It felt light and unlike when I’ve worn liquid foundation it didn’t feel like some painted on mask. It really felt like I had just put on some light cream.1)Gold (VIP Gold Collection)– I read was better for older skin. It is the thickest of the creams and is meant to cover more fine wrinkles. It was probably my second favorite of the batch, I actually almost bought it before I saw this tester pack, because from reading online it seemed like the best match.2)Hot Pink (Super Beblish Balm Triple Function) — My favorite of the four. It covered really well and I was the most comfortable wearing it by itself. I liked it not being as thick as Gold.3)Light Pink (Diamond The Prestige)– still less thick thank Hot Pink. I found this one worked best when I put a powder on top of it. It really held the powder in place during the day.4) Pearl (Pearl Diamond Collection)– the least useful of the four. It is best probably if you only use it on say your cheeks. It has a shimmer to it, so putting it on say, your made me look greasy. However, it would be great as something to put on your cheeks or under your eyes from some fun going out make up.I put all of these on by themselves and also with a layer of powder (Sephora) and blush to test them as stand alone makes ups and foundations. All of them held the other make up in place really well and helped that make up have a really finished look. None of them gave me the cake face I associate with foundation. Overall a worthwhile buy to find the right cream for me.

Deann Le Roy, WV

Great set to find your match!

I had read a lot about Skin79’s BB Creams and other BB Creams and decided to go with this brand because of the good reviews and the fact that American versions sound like knock offs that don’t work as well. I’m really happy I went with Skin79.I’m giving this set 5 stars, for the price, ability to compare multiple products in their line, and the fact that I LOVE the hot pink Super+ BB Cream.I wasn’t that thrilled with the other three. The two from the Diamond Collection don’t offer good coverage and are very shiny. One has the “pearl” glitter look and the other doesn’t. I can’t imagine anyone wearing either of the Diamond Collection creams as foundation. They wear like a highlighter/moisturizer.The Gold Super+ looked heavy, like concealer. Ironically, it doesn’t cover as well as the hot pink Super+ one.Because I loved the hot pink Super+, I’m going to describe that one in more detail. I’m not fair skinned. I usually wear “medium beige” “tan” type colors of foundation. The hot pink Super+ goes on grey, oxidizes to a more normal color, and is lighter than I would normally wear, however, it looks very natural. I have bad skin and the coverage with this stuff is great. I dusted on powder (Nars in Mountain) and my skin looks flawless. So if you have a darker complexion, give this stuff a try to establish an even base and dust on powder to add darker color.Compared to mineral makeup: Starting with nothing on the skin, this cream offers much better coverage than mineral makeup (I’ve used many different brands of mineral makeup and can say this with confidence). I’ve avoided liquid makeup for years, ever since finding mineral makeup, but this BB cream feels light, isn’t oily or shiny and seems to look the most natural of any makeup I’ve used. In essence, it’s better than any mineral or liquid makeup I’ve used. Literally the only drawback is that I can feel it on my skin where mineral feels like nothing. BUT, I use a lot of powder throughout the day with mineral makeup, and it ends up not looking natural, so I’m happy to trade for a more natural matte look even if it has a slightly heavier feel.Last note: I have tried many combinations of products; liquid/mineral/cream foundations with primer, with moisturizer, with mattifying lotion.. This BB Cream alone works as well as any combination of those things I’ve tried. Plus, since you’re only applying one product, it looks more natural.Get this kit. It’s so worth the money.

Tabitha Wainscott, NY

Too light.

Great idea of a product, but it comes in very light colors. Now it’s summer, I’m tan and I look like a ghost.It evens out skin tone and coverage is medium to full.Out of the 4 tubes I liked light pink the most (half empty though), dark pink and gold are all right too.The weirdest thing is that I can not find a full ingredient list-on the package and online. Maybe is in Korean, but if they sell it online in English the ingredient list would be nice.I received a free sample with the purchase, the only thing in English was the name of the brand Missha, and it is even more light than Skin 79 BB creams, I threw it away.

Greta Provo, SD

Great products I’m

In love with skin 79 bb creams. The hot pink is my favorite. These would not work on darker skin tones. I have VERY sensitive skin and this does not break me out out irritate my super sensitive eyes which is surprising since it does contain fragrance. But I do apply an emollient cream before to protect. All 4 off my samples contained the same amount of product so maybe they fixed the problem with the emptier tube

Grace Grand Marais, MN

Great way to test out bb creams!

I had never tried bb creams before purchasing this, but this really helped me get an idea of what worked best on my skin. The sizes are quite small, but you do get enough to try each bb cream more than once or twice. I definitely recommend this to anyone interested in trying out bb creams! It’s much better than purchasing a full sized bb cream, only to discover that you don’t like it. Loved this!

Lynn Tinian, MP

Skin food

These are too dark for me (I’m a shade darker than albino), but overall, I really like this product. It feels more like putting on a moisturizer than makeup, but it blurs imperfections and gives a sheer to medium coverage. It does have a grey hue to it, but it doesn’t set that way on the skin. The lightest shade is the Hot pink, and the darkest is the gold. The pearl is VERY sparkly, but I’d use it to put a bit of shine on the tops of cheeks.

Myrna Grafton, MA

Awesome way to sample BB cream

I wanted to see if I liked these (I do!) and which ones matched my skin so this was perfect! I liked them all expect the silver one.. It’s a little shimmery and I don’t like how it makes my skin look. This helped me decide to buy the hot pink one to use every day! I still have some left in my samples and will use them up soon. It’s a decent amount – enough to try each at least a few days, if not for a whole week.

Reva Dyer, AR

Skin79 BB Mini Set

Really nice little set. A very good way to see the color differences you read about online. Of this set, the VIP Gold is best for dry skin. I, however, ended up ordering the Oriential Gold because it was the one shown as being the best for dry/aging skin. None of these broke me out, and even with my very very dry skin, none of them migrated into dry patches (even the Pink, which is for younger skin). I am currently using the Oriental alone in a pinch, and as a primer when I get up early enough. One pump for my face and a second for my neck and chest (for protection and covering redness). I added all of the Pearl from the set into my Oriental for a bit more of a dew finish. Very nice product.

Rosemarie Bradley, CA

Not as great as reviews implied

After purchasing this product, I had high hopes for the product. After using the dark pink one) it helped prevent some shine on my forehead but it didn’t last long. It had minimal coverage and only made my eyeliner smudge even with setting powder. The gold tube was thicker and did a good job of hiding my dark circles. However, this one along with the dark pink tube was too greasy for me and made me break out. I gave the gold tube to mom, however it made her fine lines around her eyes stand out more.The light pink and silver tube are shimmery and good for highlighting but will only make oily areas worse. It’s not recommended for an all over look, unless you want to look like you dipped your head in oil.I’m only 20 but a majority of the products didn’t do well in hiding or covering anything. Of course, it’s not a foundation so if you’re looking for full coverage, look elsewhere. As for my mother’s skin (late 40s) it made fine lines more obvious.While reading the reviews, i found no size comparison, so each tube is the length of a credit card and half its width. Enough to figure out if you like the product.

Maureen Millerstown, PA

most of them are good!

If your no sure which to get, i would do this. I liked some more then others and my favorite one the one with the pink top and silver body i couldnt find on amazon, so i ordered another which i didnt like. I enjoyed trying the different bb creams depending on the coverage i needed, some are lighter etc. good price.

Marisol Jay, OK

The Simplest Coverage a Girl Could Ask For

I have already left a review here a few months ago. In summary, it was a Thank you for the fast shipment and quality of care regarding the packaging. I had the chance to use all the samples. I have a simple, very-quick-to-none skin regimen. I just want clean, moisturized, & even-toned skin. Not too much to ask for but takes research and time.I have olive-toned skin and I was worried that these would not be the right shade or healthy. I know that having clear skin in the far East is crucial. Sometimes, skin whitening is even more important. I love my olive-toned skin and I love the glow that appears when I have done the right thing with diet and product usage.Only 2 out of the 4 samples really worked well for me. The BB VIP Gold Collection and the BB Pink Label. They blended well with my skin, protected, and required little makeup –IF I EVER USED MAKE-UP. I do have to put some moisturizer on before applying, but only on occasion. The consistency makes it easy to massage around the face, i find it best to use my fingers. Once it is on, I have not had to do touch-ups, check to see if my face is runny or the color has bled on my collar. Quick note though, along with these samples, I also use the SKIN79 BB Cleanser with Skin Detox. Together, the products work great for me.As far as the The Prestige Blemish Balm (lavender tube) the consistency is slightly thicker, but still greatly manageable. If do use it, its only for spots around light acne before putting on either of my 2 favorite BB creams.The Luminous Pearl Blemish Balm (silver tube) is too bright for my skin tone for full coverage so i use is on occasion, when I go out at night, under my eyelids, but just a dab of it.These products are worth your purchase. Since using them (July 2012), my skin tone appears more even (even w/o it), and has saved me money. A little goes a long way with them.

Tisha Pelham, NY


Shipping was a little longer than I expected. This doesnt work for me but I like being able to try 4 different ones to see what would work for me.

Darlene Stella, NE

nice sample kit

You can try all four products to see which you like best. I find that they all seem to be the same thing and I like them however I do not think I will purchase a full size version. The four little ones seem like they will last me a really long time. I only use them occasionally,

Melisa Encino, TX

I really wish this had worked out for me.

This product is awesome on so many levels: it goes on smoothly, it lasts, and it’s actually light enough (I have red hair, blue eyes, pale skin and freckles – almost *nothing* is the right shade for me).Almost everything about this product (all four bottles) is perfect. What’s not awesome is that they broke me out pretty badly. So if you don’t have acne-prone skin, definitely get this, but if you do have acne-prone skin, maybe think twice.(Then again, it’s so cheap, why not try it?)

Janine Donalsonville, GA

No better than in stores

These creams are okay, but I don’t feel like they’re any better than what I can buy in Target. Not really worth ordering from so far away, in my opinion.

Rosalinda Loda, IL

Arrived fast, works well

Should have a bit more coverage; I may as well be using nothing, lol. I can’t cover red spots with this, plus I find it irksome that it’s "whitening" because I’m a blonde who likes to have a tan!! I like that it has sunscreen, though.

Lizzie Roderfield, WV

never received

looks like a good product and I love other skin79 products, but this one never made it to me. oh well.

Jackie Anderson, TX

Love the samples!

I’ve been hearing great things about Korean BB Creams. BB Cream in the US is basically tinted moisturizer. Skin 79 is much thicker and less slippery. I ordered the samples so I could figure out which one would look best with my skin because the full size products are spendy.The diamond BB Cream (All the way on the left in the picture, with the hot-pink package) works best for me. The pearl is very shimmery so I might use it for some occasion when I am going out at night or something, maybe as an eye highlighter? The other two shades are a little too dark for me, but I spend a lot of time outside int he summer so I might get to use them yet!Anyway, so the ability to sample different shades, this product was great. The cream itself is much thicker than the Maybelline I had been using. It gives much better coverage and it stuck it out on my oily, oily skin, even while I was running errands all day and it was HOT in my car.I added some powder on top and after a while I looked a little cakey, so I think I will try it without powder. It didn’t make my skin look shiny at all once it set, I am just in the habit of adding powder to my face. I would recommend this to anyone who hasn’t tried a BB cream or has only tried a US brand.

Martina Elmendorf Afb, AK

They’re Okay

My skin: I’m Caucasian, quite pale, acne prone with yellow undertones, and it’s dry.I ordered this because I’ve only ever tried Missha Perfect Cover BB cream. I LOVE Perfect Cover, but wanted to experiment. My experience with American BB cream is like comparing a house cat (American BB) with a leopard (Korean BB); it just doesn’t cut it. Anyways, I tried each of the Skin79 BBs and found them lacking in comparison to Perfect Cover. If I recall correctly, they seem to have rosier undertones. However, I found that the gold bottle (V.I.P Gold Collection) and the hot pink one (Triple Functions) worked better than the other two in covering imperfections. The other two didn’t last very well throughout the day either.

Emily Oelwein, IA

Excellent price and arrived from Korea within a week

I am thrilled to have found Skin79 samples for such a great price!!! Their BB creams get RAVE on many beauty websites but I hated to spend $$$ on a full size not knowing which one I should get so being able to get these nice sized samples at such a great price was awesome!! Shipping said would take a month coming from Korea but they were here within a week and did actually come from Korea…great service. I haven’t been able to try them enough yet to rate them but if you are wanting to try them definitely order these and you will not be disappointed…it includes all the ones I have heard great things about.

Emma Harwood, ND

My newest addiction–Korean BB Creams!!!

The 4 bb creams in this sampler are amazing!!! There isn’t a bad one in the bunch.Another reviewer gave an amazing description so I’ll keep mine brief. My fave is the gold…it’s a bit more moisturizing and sheer I think. Hot pink is my second fave. The diamond one is just a luminizer, so you just highlight with it and it looks totally natural, not shiny or sparkly.These tubes are sample sized…I don’t know what people don’t understand about that…You’re not getting full-sized prods for $11. But the sample sizes are really pretty good sized…I’m sure you can get several applications out of each one.There are tons of videos on YouTube so you can see how to apply the creams too. It isn’t like regular foundation…I found watching the video helped me alot. I love love love how my skin looks in the BB cream!!! Soft, dewy and natural–not mask-like or fake. You an apply it in multiple layers to build coverage, and it works *really* well as an eye area concealer…And I have horribly dark circles, but this really covered them nicely…In fact, I don’t want to use regular concealer anymore because it seems very drying and cakey compared to the BB cream.I can see why everyone’s addicted to these things because they are phenomenal!!

Tessa Arlington, GA

I didn’t like any of them.

I found all four BBs oily. There was something wrong with each formula. They were too thin, too shiny, or too light. If I’d not tried other brands I liked a lot better (Heynature, Holika Holika, Dr. Jart) I probably would have been more impressed. They’re definitely better than all the western BBs I’ve tried. However, they’re just not that good which was disappointing considering all the good things I’d heard about Skin79.I do appreciate the sample pack. Trying 4 different ones from the same company does tell me that I just don’t like the brand. I’ve had the experience of hating the black label of a brand but then trying the silver label and loving it. If they’d not done the mini set, I’d probably have wasted money on a couple different varieties to find out the same thing.

Sharlene Smithland, KY

it ok

it was not what i was expecting. i have a combinated skin and i makes me very oily. does not make whats its says.

Aurora Brandon, FL

Inexpensive Set for BB Cream Beginners

When I first started getting into BB creams I was really overwhelmed. This set was a great way for me to try out a four different styles at a very cheap price. The sparkly one is VERY sparkly so be careful!

Lorrie Spearfish, SD

Did not like these at all

Each one had a problem but all shared a displeasing smell. One was too shimmery, one was too cakey, one the color was awful and the other was too glittery/shimmery.

Loraine Michie, TN

Enjoyable purchase

All of them cover differently, thank goodness it meets my skin tone.I would buy this a as gift for someone who’s before 30.

Rosemarie Ouray, CO

Nice to sample them.

I’m pale (clear), cool undertones. Two of these were OK and two were not. I’m finding that the shimmer ones look grey and weird. The hot pink one was the best for my skin.

Lorena Wickliffe, KY

Good trial set

This is a good trial set for the price. I tried everything already and it was good. I like the pink,hot pink and gold. The pearl is too shimmery. I use that for highlight instead .

Meagan Ebro, FL

Makes for a good gift

Small sample sizes are cute and all. They’re sample sizes, so I can’t comment on the amount. Makes for a good gift!

Dale Soldiers Grove, WI

Absolutely Love It

I’ve tried American-branded BB creams, and they don’t even come close to the quality of these. Each tube has enough in it to get at least 2-3 full uses out of them. They’re moisturizing, so if you have oily skin I advise you to set it with a powder after applying. The only thing I wish was different was the packaging – only the front of the box it came in was written in English. The back is in Korean…Shipping was fast, which was great because I was anxious to try these out. I’m so glad I did. I’ll definitely be ordering a full size BB cream in the near future!

Cleo Pinola, MS